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What's The Difference Between Vector Files and Raster Files?

Vector Files vs Raster Files: Key Differences


A vector graphic file is a type of art file. Images in vector format use formulas to create scalable and high quality images. They are different than raster graphics. A raster file is a graphics or bitmap image in a dot matrix data structure. Here are the differences between the two.


  • Used for logos, charts or any hard-edged graphics

  • They are the source files that printers need to ensure a high quality print

  • File types include .svg, .eps, .pdf, .ai


  • Used for web graphics displayed on the monitors or screens

  • Printed in Hi-RES at 300 DPI

  • File types include .jpg, .gif, .tiff

Printers use vector files when producing art to ensure the graphics don't turn out pixelated or blurry. With vector files, you can scale your logos to print it on t-shirts, business cards, invoices, and anything your heart desires. However, when putting a logo online, switch it to a raster file like .png to ensure it appears crisp the website.

It's also important to provide high-quality logo and images to your packaging manufacturers (all files should at least be 300 DPI). This will help create premium packaging for your brand.

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