The Future of Packaging

We're working on something brilliant!

We’ve created an exciting way for companies to source and customize their product packaging and fulfillment online! Our software empowers all e-commerce or direct-to-consumer businesses looking for packaging at competitive rates, premium quality, and reliable service. We've helped over 2,000 clients in 950 cities worldwide with their packaging, sourced from our well maintained network of the worlds BEST designers and manufacturers. But that's just the beginning! Our focus on software and networking will continue to redefine the packaging landscape as part of the ever-advancing tech industry.

How we’re Unique

We’re a silicon valley startup with big ambitions! We’ve quickly grown into a space to alleviate companies from the headache of packaging. Most companies will attempt to reach out to independent designers and manufacturers, collect quotes, negotiate terms and timelines, and maintain their entire supply chain info over phone calls, emails or faxes. This is 2018 for goodness sakes! Our solution is completely automated online, and automagically matches your location to the closest supplier from our network to expedite and localize the entire process - saving you time & money! We allow for businesses to easily obtain high-quality custom packaging at any scale thanks to our batch processing flow. On top of all that, our support team is comprised of the friendliest packaging experts you’ll ever know!

Our Technology and Solution

Custom packaging has been an antiquated industry for some time now. We’re bringing all of it online, giving clients an easy-to-use interface to customize, a dashboard to view and track their packaging evolution, while we plug the information into our massive network and show it to you - all in one place. We’re working to bring closer parallels between you and the manufacturing in an elegant solution. The rest is top secret, but we’ll be rolling it out as we grow!

Select Clients

The Team

Phillip Akhzar

CEO, Founder & Packaging Expert

I have a decade of experience in the packaging sourcing/ engineering field. I'm also a 2nd time founder and YC ALUM.

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Mike Handler

Projects & Manufacturing

I'm previously an emmy award-winning producer that has become Arka's network manager for clients and manufacturers!

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