Packaging 101: The Definitive Guide in 2024

Chapter 4: Packaging Costs

Did you know that packaging design influences the purchasing decision of more than 70% of US consumers? Only that fact confirms that the decision on this move can benefit your business. But let's see in detail why packaging customization is important!

Improvement of Brand Awareness

Customized packages have the capacity to boost brand awareness. In addition, they can increase the product's value, which guarantees a better profit. As we said, the purpose of the packaging is to send the right message to your target audience. With this "tool," you can evoke people's emotions and put your brand into their subconsciousness.

When people become emotionally connected with your brand, they will start talking about you. That way, you will get word-of-mouth marketing which impacts the success of businesses. Remember that recommendations strongly influence the purchasing decisions of nearly 75% of US consumers. Why would you waste such an opportunity?

Better Product Protection

20% of all product returns appeared due to damaged products. Product returns can cost you a lot in many ways. First, you must ensure free shipping and a reasonable return policy. That way, people will continue buying stuff from you even if they had a bad experience.
As we said when explaining what custom packaging is, the purpose of customization is to ensure good protection of your product. Beautiful design won't mean anything if you deal with many returns.

So, what can you do? You can choose from different types of boxes for packaging to find the most practical ones. Also, their shape and size should suit the product's shape and size. Ultimately, the custom boxes you use can be made of different materials. Logically, you should focus on the strongest and most durable ones.

Amazing Unboxing Experience

More than 50% of US buyers will get back to a brand if the items they ordered come in a premium package. Unboxing experience matters a lot! The customized package will make them feel special! As we stated above, it is crucial to put your brand in the subconsciousness of the buyers. They will want to experience the same feeling once again. More importantly, they would want to share the same sense with those they love. That raises your chances to become a number one choice for gifts!

In the end, we need to return to word-of-mouth promotion. In today's era, people often want to share their emotions on social media. Be sure they will record themselves or people they want to surprise on social media and streaming platforms. You may want to check out some of the most popular unboxing videos on YouTube to see how that looks.

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Opportunity To Use Eco-Friendly Materials

Latest surveys confirm that 81% of people in the USA require sustainable packages. People seem to have become aware of the issues that regular packaging is causing. Eco-friendly materials are easily customizable. You can create packages in different shapes and sizes with durable and non-harmful materials.

But, in this case, reputation should not be your only focus. You will do something good for the planet Earth. The sense of pride will be priceless. Your example may inspire others to do the same. The future generations deserve to get a greener planet!

Factors To Consider When Customizing Packages

After giving answers on what custom packaging is and which benefits you can get, we must cover another topic. Entrepreneurs must put into consideration a few factors when customizing packages. They are:

  • Determine the message you want to send: Everything starts with a message you plan to send. Based on your goals, you will manage to customize the packaging in the best possible way.
  • Packaging price: Custom packaging does come with certain fees. However, they are not as high as you think. You should research different manufacturing companies to find the most affordable options.
  • Packaging materials: No one says you have to always stick to the same type of material. There are different types of boxes for packaging out there that can be suitable for your product. However, we also invite you to carefully analyze the benefits of each material used for this purpose. Currently, cardboard and kraft are the most popular options. You may want to start your journey with these two until you figure out which types of packaging materials suit your product the most.
  • Packaging Colors: Each color wakes up a specific emotion in people's subconsciousness. You should put that into consideration when choosing the color of your customized boxes. However, the packaging colors also must be connected with your brand and logo. For example, if your logo is blue, that color should be dominant on the package. If you have other plans, ensure the packaging color is matchable with the logo's color.
  • Size and shape: If you truly understand what custom packaging is, then you understand how the shape and size of your boxes are important. Smaller packages will allow you to transport more products at once. Properly shaped custom boxes will ensure better protection of the product. Plus, it will make the product more interesting.
Together we can minimize our carbon footprint