Why is Uline So Expensive?

Why is Uline So Expensive? All Reasons Uncovered

Every entrepreneur working with different shipping materials will look for the best suppliers in the USA market. When business owners start their research, they often reach the main page of Uline. Yet, after they read the benefits of using the products and services of this brand, they usually come up with the same question - why is Uline so expensive?

We do not want to neglect that Uline has a diverse offer. The company supplies many businesses with different types of materials and warehouse equipment. Unfortunately, you won't keep the same opinion after checking the background of the company.

They have a lot of negative reviews posted by previous customers. Also, many entrepreneurs claim Uline strongly promotes certain religious and political agendas. There is no place for such a thing in the business world. That is one of the answers to the “why is Uline bad” question.

In this article, we will highlight 4 reasons why Uline is not your best option. Also, we will explain to people how to recognize a good supplier of materials. Let’s go!


4 Reasons Why Uline isn’t the Best Option


The reasons why Uline is so expensive mentioned below are not only our opinion. We made a list based on reviews of people who worked with them and professional opinions in the business world. Let’s go!


Their Unasked-for Catalog 

Just as we think Uline is expensive, many people consider it overrated. The first thing that bothers people the most is their unasked-for catalog. Some customers claimed that, after going through a 700-page-long article, they saw the company’s president's note. In his note, he tried to share some of his opinions on certain political issues. 

The United States of America is a free country. Everyone has the right to express an opinion. But is the product catalog the right place to do that? 

Also, many previous customers complained about receiving mailers from Uline about political propaganda. Most of them, logically, end up in the trash. Can you imagine the amount of paper used for such a purpose? Plus, Uline is spending a lot of money on its agenda instead of investing in the modernization of its business. Very strange, if you ask us! 


Poor Material Quality

We do not want to say all their materials are a disaster. There definitely is a reason why Uline is expensive. But, we have also noticed a lot of people complaining that the materials Uline delivers are not durable. 

A good example is a review from a consumer working in a hospitality management company. He confirmed that a set of grid walls and display baskets broke 2 months after he ordered them. When he required compensation, the company claimed the warranty lasted only 30 days. Very unprofessional!


High Shipping Costs  

One of the reasons why Uline is expensive is the high shipping costs. We have found a very negative review from a customer that was their loyal fan for many years. Even for shorter routes, shipping costs can be quite expensive, which can only reduce your potential to make a profit. 


Unprofessional Customer Service 

Our clients will always get the best service. It is irrelevant to us whether they are Democrats or Republicans. However, Uline’s customer service does not seem to have such an opinion. A customer from California complained that customer service was completely rude. After he got bubble wraps with popped bubbles, he contacted the support. The answer he got was that he was a Democrat from California who expected everything for free. Even if the customer wasn’t right, that answer is absurd. That’s another strong reason why Uline is bad. 


What To Consider in Packaging Material Suppliers 


After we highlighted the reasons why Uline is so expensive and not the best option, it is about time to give you some good tips. Looking for another supplier is not going to be easy. Yet, the process will be much easier if you consider certain features. Let’s find out which ones! 


Quick Turnaround Time 

The expectation of every customer is to get the packages and materials as quickly as possible. Logically, the order won’t come immediately. But professional companies will deliver the packages within 10 days. Uline does not have such a practice, so we believe it is not the best option. 


Fair and Reasonable Prices 

We provided clear answers on why Uline is so expensive. As you can see, every order can be much cheaper if you find the right partner. Plus, be sure you won’t be offended by anyone if something bad happens! You can check out Arka’s prices and easily see the difference! 


Quality of Materials  

Materials must be durable, while the return policy needs to be reasonable. The warranty will be much longer if the manufacturer knows the products are great (not only 10 days). But that’s not all! The packages and warehouse equipment must not be harmful to the environment. They should (read: must) be made of eco-friendly materials. Also, the packages you get must be easily recyclable and reusable. That way, you are helping the planet and improving your business's reputation. 


Design of Packaging 

There are two things you must put into consideration when designing the packages. First, you must ensure that the supplier company is an expert in branding. That way, they will know which designs will help you improve your brand awareness. Also the effect of packaging on consumer behavior is very significant, so you must consider choosing top-notch packaging options. 


Fair Minimum Orders  

Small and medium-sized businesses do not always need a bulk order. On the contrary, they will look for companies with fair minimum orders. The best suppliers will allow you to order the lowest possible packages (at least 10). That way, it shows the desire to meet the requirements of expectations of everyone! 


Good Online Reputation 

As we said, all the answers to the “why is Uline so expensive” question are highlighted here based on our research of online reviews. It is not just our opinion! The online reputation of Uline is terrible, which is why they are losing the most loyal customers. You should always check reviews yourself. Those reviews are written by people on the same path as you. If they were satisfied, there is a big chance you will also be. 


Willingness To Share Ideas 

Remember what we said about the design and branding expertise of the supplier? It is great if they know how to turn your design ideas into reality. But that doesn’t mean they should be ready to give suggestions and ideas. Entrepreneurs do not necessarily have to be talented in packaging designs. If you see that the company you plan to hire only accepts your ideas without any comment or tip, that’s a red flag! 


Professional Customer Service 

Mistakes can always happen. With the most professional companies, they are rare! Yet, even if they happen, there has to be a customer service that will handle your complaints quickly. Uline has very bad customer service, and we proved that. The task of the supplier is to provide you with the best possible service, not to offend you in any way. 


The Best Alternative To Uline


Arka is a successful packaging and branding manufacturing company that appreciates its customers. We offer great prices and fair minimum orders. Mistakes rarely happen, but even if they do appear, a wonderful customer support team will take care of everything. We are ready to share suggestions and help businesses follow the latest packaging trends. Who you are, where you live, or which political party you support is irrelevant to us. Contact us and get proof that everything we said is correct! 

We have top-quality eco-friendly packaging options that enhance brand image and boost sales! You can check our custom shipper boxes and custom mailer boxes that ensure an excellent unboxing experience. 


Final Thoughts  


We know the most common question people have is - why is Uline so expensive? We highlighted some of the reviews people left on Trustpilot. You can check out on your own and find more of them. You won’t have negative experiences like that with Arka. Just contact us and let us take care of everything.

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