effect of packaging on consumer behavior

The Positive Effect of Packaging on Consumer Behavior

Do you know know how strong the effect of packaging on consumer behavior is? Certain surveys suggest that nearly 80% of people in the USA will not return to a brand if a product's packaging is poor. In other words, not paying enough attention to the product packages can expose you to a huge risk.

By investing in packaging, you will get many benefits. First, you will get good protection for the products, which will reduce the return rate. That will automatically boost your profit. On the other hand, people will admire your effort to ensure a wonderful unboxing experience for them. Both improvements are going to influence your reputation positively. Your target audience will start to consider you trustworthy!

In this article, we will answer two questions in detail. First, we will highlight all the design aspects that influence the quality and look of your package. Also, we will give answers to the "how does packaging affect consumer buying choices" question. We know those two are the common doubts entrepreneurs have. So, let's go!


6 Factors Influencing The Packaging Design


With the wrong design details, you won't manage to use the effect of packaging on consumer behavior to the fullest. That's why it is essential to determine which details you should focus on primarily. Of course, no one says you must take care of this alone. Not every entrepreneur has the talent for packaging designs. You can always contact Arka to help. But, before you do that, you must educate yourself, so let's analyze those factors!



The color of the packaging is the first thing that grabs people's attention. Did you know that nearly 85% of people in the USA claim that the color of the packages strongly influences their purchasing decision? 

So, how to determine the right color for your packages? Colors are always connected with the message that brands want to send. The decision also depends on the industry a brand is participating in. Good examples of that are everywhere. For example, the packages will usually be green if a company supports organic food or eco-friendly products. On the other hand, black can be used to make the product more elegant or luxurious. 

So, what's the conclusion of the previous paragraph? The effect of packaging on consumer behavior will be positive only if the colors of your packages are associated with your brand. Also, it has to send the right message and create adequate emotional associations. You can follow the trends in your industry, but you can also ask your target audience for direct feedback. That's the best way to get answers! 


Layout and Clarity of Typography

The effect of packaging on consumer behavior also depends on the layout and clarity of typography. After you grab the attention of people with colors, they will analyze your product. They will start to read the features of your product, how to use it, and which problems it can solve. If these essential pieces of information are not clearly presented on the package, potential customers will lose the desire to buy it. 

That's why you must ensure the font on the packaging is adequate while the entire layout must be eye-pleasing. 


Quality of Graphics

People are not only interested in the product's features; they want to know who is selling it. Do not underestimate the importance of finding the right spot to put your logo on the package. It should be dominant, not aggressive, and compatible with other content on the package surface. You can add different icons to make some sort of "navigation" on the package. That way, you will make your packaging even more interesting!


Shape and Size of the Packaging

There is no such thing as perfect packaging size or shape. The answer to that doubt depends on different factors. First, it depends on how big the product is. Also, it depends on who your target audience is. Kids will consider one type of shape more interesting, while grownups will have different expectations. You once again must explore the expectations of your target audience. 


Quality of Packaging Materials

The attribute "quality" has a different meaning for people. Some buyers will consider package quality if it is strong enough to protect the product. A certain part of your target audience will be interested only in designs and believe the packaging is great if it looks nice. Yet, in the last couple of years, most people seem interested in sustainable packages. Last year, more than 80% of people required that packages be made of eco-friendly materials. 


We do understand your desire to reduce the price of the packages. But, the quality of materials can significantly affect your product's value. It will also affect consumer behavior and purchase decisions. You can boost the price of the product when it looks more valuable. With quality packaging materials, you have the chance to do that! That's the best example of the effect of packaging on consumer behavior!


Unique and Innovative Details

Entrepreneurs must get out of the box and think of unique details that will make their brand different. There are many examples of unique packages that you can use as inspiration. But don't copy the ideas of others!

The innovative details aim to make the packaging exciting and more practical. For example, it can help buyers open it easily, carry it from one place to another without extra effort, etc. 


How Does Packaging Affect Consumer Buying Choices?


We mentioned multiple times that the effect of packaging on consumer behavior is strong. But, we also need to explain how it affects their purchasing choices. Let's go!


Grabs The Attention of Potential Buyers

It doesn't matter if you sell products online or in traditional stores. As we stated before, the packaging is the first thing the customers see. Remember, the competition is tough, especially in the eCommerce world where 2.5 million online stores do business online. You don't have much time to capture someone's attention, and studies confirm you only have 10 seconds for that. Is there a better way to reach your goal than designing your packaging correctly?


Leaves a Better First Impression

You won't just grab the potential buyer's attention; you will make him/her curious and leave a good first impression! All the factors that influence design will make the person ask - "what is this." If the first impression of your product (read: package) is good, then you can be sure they will start reading the content you put on the packaging. 


Form of Communication with The Customer

It is impossible to talk about the product with each potential buyer individually, isn't it? Packaging is there to send a message instead of you. First, with appropriate design, you will explain to people which problem it can solve. Also, it will explain to people the values and vision of your brand. That's why we always recommend people add certifications and labels on their packaging. You are proving your quality, trustworthiness, and value that way!


Ensures a Better Unboxing Experience

Unboxing videos people can find online have a strong effect on customer behavior. You can, for instance, just type iPhone unboxing on YouTube, and you will get more than 14 million results. That fact confirms you can get good marketing if people record themselves or anyone else whenever they open your products. 

The purpose of the unboxing experience is to cause an emotional reaction in the person that received a product. That person will certainly remember the sense of happiness next time they seek a product similar to yours. If the packaging does not show your desired message and looks poor, you will never manage to cause such a reaction. 


Improves The Reputation of Business

As we said, a high percentage of people prefer brands that use sustainable packages. People have become aware of the global issues that harmful materials can cause. That's why eco-friendly materials will make your business look trustworthy and improve your reputation! Apart from improving your reputation, eco-friendly materials are good for many reasons, such as:

  • Their structure is strong and quality;
  • They are easily customizable, which ensures that packages have an adequate design;
  • You will do something great for the planet Earth.


Get The Best Packaging Designs and Quality with Arka

Arka is a company that supports brands by manufacturing different types of eco-friendly packages. We understand the importance of packaging in affecting the consumer's decision to purchase and address every aspect of design from aesthetics and appeal to functionality and efficiency. 

Backed by a team of highly competent designers, Arka is capable of designing custom shipper boxes or custom mailer boxes that are sure to make the consumer experience more exciting. We know how to turn all your ideas in terms of design and quality of packages into reality. If you do not have any ideas, we are also here to help! Let’s chat!

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