Custom Folding Cartons

Custom Folding Cartons

Drive attention to your product with custom folding cartons. These lightweight folding cartons give a luxurious feel with sharp digitally printed colors. Experience durability and secure packaging, elevating your brand presenta...

Drive attention to your product with custom folding cartons. These lightweight folding cartons give a luxurious feel with sharp digitally printed colors. Experience durability and secure packaging, elevating your brand presentation.

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Quick FAQ's
  • Estimated Production time? 4-5 weeks after proof approval.
  • Ecofriendly? Yes, curbside recyclable.
  • Full color printing? Yes, without any additional charges too!
  • Design help? Design online with instant proofing or upload your artwork with instructions to receive a digital proof.


Environmentally friendly materials. 100% Made in the USA!

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More Details
  • Popular Standard Sizes Available
  • Free Dieline Design Help Available
  • Carbon neutral fulfillment available

need design help?

Upload your artwork along with any instructions and our expert team of designers will send you a proof of your personalized packaging design within 48 hours — on the house!

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Custom Folding Cartons




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Custom Folding Cartons




Get Your Custom Folding Cartons in 3 Simple Steps

Creating custom packaging couldn't be easier


Select The Type

Choose from one of our five standard sizes to create custom folding cartons that fit your product perfectly.


Create Your Design

Make your folding cartons your own by uploading existing artwork or creating a custom design using our 3D Design Studio.


Get Your Folding Carton

Standard production time is 4 to 5 weeks after you approve your proof.

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Material Description

Create in 2D & 3D Online

Using our 3D Design Studio, you can fully customize your folding cartons inside and out. Customize your color, text, and logo of choice.

Upload Your Own Design

Skip the design process and upload your own unique design using our 3D Design Studio. Move images around and crop as needed.

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We Print in CMYK

Don’t limit your design by being stuck to just one color. With full digital CMYK printing, you can choose as many colors as your design needs, without worrying about extra costs.

NO Hidden Costs

Never worry about any hidden costs. No setup costs. No extra color costs. It’s as easy as choosing your customized design, proofing it, and sending it to print when you’re ready.

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We'll Check for You

You’ll start by designing your custom carton box order. Within 2 business days, our team of design professionals will send you a proof of your box.

But You Get The Final Sign off

Don’t worry, we don’t move forward with your order without your approval. Your custom folding cartons won’t go into production until you have approved the proof yourself.

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Robust and Flexible Material

Arka's custom folding cartons are crafted from high-quality cardstock, a robust and flexible material ideal for product packaging. This cardstock provides strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight profile, ensuring both protection and ease of handling.

Vibrant Designs for Printing

The material is well-suited for vivid, sharp digital printing, allowing for vibrant and detailed branding or design customization on the folding cartons.

custom folding cartons materials

Custom Folding Cartons Advantages


Our branded custom folding cartons are compostable, giving you and your brand peace of mind. You can also offset your carbon footprint through our partners.

Digital CMYK Printing

Digital printing is more sustainable than traditional printing methods and offers a way forward toward clean, efficient, profitable manufacturing.

Full Color Printing

Don’t limit your design by being stuck to just one color. With full digital CMYK printing, you can choose as many colors as your design needs without the extra costs.


Custom folding cartons are a cost-effective packaging solution. They are lightweight and can be shipped flat, which saves on shipping costs. Additionally, they are made from recyclable materials, which makes them an environmentally friendly choice.


Custom folding cartons can be printed with your brand logo and messaging, which helps to promote your brand and increase brand recognition. This is particularly important in today's competitive market, where it's essential to differentiate your brand from competitors.


Custom folding cartons are suitable for a wide range of products, including cosmetics, electronics and more, making them versatile for various industries.

Easy Accessibility

Folding cartons often come with easy-to-open features like tuck flaps or hinged lids, making it convenient for customers to access the product.


Our custom folding cartons are recyclable. They are crafted from materials that can be easily recycled, contributing to sustainable and responsible packaging practices.

Superbly Sustainable

At Arka, we are making it a part of our mission to make sustainable packaging accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Our Mission
Tiny but mighty

Our mission at Arka is simple. We aim to enable businesses of all sizes to have the access to beautiful, sustainable packaging. We thrive on premium quality products that don’t break the bank or the environment.

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Here at Arka, we believe that good things come in small packages. Take, for example, our operations team. Our small yet powerful team of professionals is working together to try to change the world one product at a time. We may not always get it right the first time, but we’re doing all that we can to get there. We hope you’ll join us in our journey to delivering superbly sustainable packaging products globally.

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We’ve got you covered. There's tons of inspiration to be found for your custom folding cartons.



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We have more than twelve standardized custom folding cartons. Check out our full customization for the custom folding carton size you need for your product.

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FAQs on Custom Folding Cartons

What is the minimum order quantity for custom folding cartons?

Minimum order quantity for custom folding cartons is 125 units.

What industries can benefit from using custom folding cartons?

Our custom folding cartons are perfect for a wide range of industries. This includes retail, e-commerce, subscription services, cosmetics, food and beverage, jewelry, apparel, and more. Our versatile cartons offer a luxurious feel with sharp, digitally printed colors, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to elevate their brand presentation.

Can custom folding cartons be recycled?

This product is curbside recyclable. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at Arka. Our custom folding cartons are designed with eco-friendliness in mind, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Can I add security features to my custom folding cartons?

While we at Arka cannot add extra security features directly to our custom folding cartons, there are several ways you can enhance the security of your packages using our products and some innovative methods:

  • Sealing with Branded Tape: One effective way to add a layer of security is by using our custom branded tape. Not only does it secure the package, but it also acts as a tamper-evident seal. If the tape is disturbed or broken, it’s immediately noticeable, which can deter tampering.
  • Utilizing Custom Stickers: Our custom stickers can be used as security seals. Place them over the edge of the carton flap so that opening the box would break the sticker. This provides a clear indication if the box has been opened after it was sealed.
  • Custom Graphics and Warnings: Printing custom graphics or warnings directly on the cartons about tampering can also be a deterrent. This can include messages that indicate the package should be intact upon delivery, or instructions for customers to inspect the package upon receipt.
  • Sequential Numbering or Barcoding: Adding unique sequential numbering or barcoding to the boxes can help in tracking and ensures that each box can be individually accounted for. This doesn't prevent tampering, but it helps in tracking and verifying packages.
Can I use custom folding cartons for subscription box services?

Absolutely! Our custom folding cartons are an excellent choice for subscription box services. Their durability, customizability, and aesthetic appeal make them ideal for creating a unique unboxing experience that can enhance your brand and delight your subscribers.