Pizza Box Designs Based on Shape and Size

If you want to create a perfect pizza box for your brand, you should consider the following factors:

• Material and Durability: using eco-friendly and sturdy materials will keep your pizza intact during transit, preventing damage and preserving its taste and overall presentation.

 Branding and Logo Placement: using your logo on the pizza box will help boost brand identity and awareness. It enhances your restaurant's image in the minds of customers.

 Visual Appeal and Color Palette: unique pizza box designs and a great color palette will help your pizza box stand out!

Now that you know all the main factors for crafting an amazing pizza box design, let’s explore some of the most creative ideas based on shape and size.

Hexagon Pizza Packaging

Hexagonal custom pizza boxes have a delightful look and are an innovative, modern choice. This pizza box packaging design enhances the visual appeal and gives an easy way to slice the pizza into equal portions.

Hexagon Pizza Packaging

 Credits: Dribble, Omar Hegazy

Octagonal Pizza Boxes

Octagonal pizza boxes look stylish and add a modern touch! The eight-sided design enhances heat retention and ensures the box remains stable, making it excellent for delivery.

Octagonal Pizza Boxes


pizza packaging

 Credits: Arkan

Heart-Shaped Pizza Boxes

This shape is ideal for special occasions like Valentine's Day or anniversaries. This creative pizza box design can make your day even more romantic!

Heart-Shaped Pizza Boxes


Slice-Shaped Pizza Packaging

Individual slice-shaped containers are perfect for takeaways and events. Customers can enjoy a quick slice of pizza without the hassle of carrying a whole box.  

slice shaped pizza box design

 Credits: Behance, Mariam Mahmood

Slice-Shaped Pizza Packaging

 Credits: Pinterest, Envato Elements

Slice-Shaped Pizza Packaging box

 Credits: Behance, Md Shuaib Hasan

pizza slice box

 Credits: Lollipop Press and Adgift

 slice pizza box packaging

 Credits: Lea Heshme

pizza slice box koe


pizza box design slice

Credits: Arkan

slice box container package for pizza

Credits: Amazon

Mini Pizza Packaging

This unique shape for a pizza box design is a cute and convenient option. Customers will be able to enjoy different flavors in smaller portions.

mini pizza packaging

Credits: Romeo Castillo

pizza shout

Credits: Marcus Vinícius Goulart Matos

Pyramid Pizza Packaging

Go ahead and make your pizza box design an attention-grabber with just one key move - craft it in a pyramid shape! This pizza packaging design is ideal for promotional offers and limited-edition pizzas.

Pyramid Pizza Packaging

Credits: Khaled Elnems

Large Treat Pizza Boxes

Large treat pizza boxes are perfect for big gatherings and fun parties. These creative pizza packaging ideas will impress your customers.

pizza hut large box

Credits: Pizza Hut

9 Pizza Box Design Ideas for Extra Inspiration

Now that we've explored shape-based designs, let's dive into more creative inspirations for your pizza boxes:  

Pizza Boxes with Minimalist Elegance

The minimalist approach says - less is more. Sleek and simple designs bring more elegance. This creative pizza box design idea will help make your packaging visually appealing.

Pizza Box with Minimalist Elegance

Credits: Maria GR

Minimalist Elegance pizza box design

Credits: Maneka

Pizza Boxes with elegant elemets

Credits: Pinterest

elegant pizza box design

Credits: Derrick Lin 

Pizza Box Packaging with Retro Vibes

People love embracing nostalgia and want to return to their sweet memories. Make their heartfelt memories even more enjoyable with retro-inspired pizza box designs.

retro pizza packaging

Credits: Graphasel Design Studio

Interactive Designs for Pizza Boxes

Entertaining pizza packaging can make your customers even happier to enjoy your delicious pizza! Turn your pizza boxes into fun games or even augmented reality experiences.

Pizza Hut projector pizza packaging

Credits: Derrick Lin

pizza packaging basketball

Credits: Pinterest

Pizza Packaging with Artistic Illustrations

It's always a good idea to turn your pizza boxes into canvases for creativity. You can collaborate with local artists and craft eye-catching, striking illustrations that reflect your brand's values.

 Pizza Packaging with Artistic Illustrations

Credits: bo_rad

pizza packaging idea sacha

Credits: Sergei Savelev

pizza packaging

Credits: ERosner

dodo pizza packaging idea

Credits: Vadim Polyakov, Pavel Korkunov, Pic-o-Matic Studio, Catmint Agency

Pizza Boxes with Local Landmarks

You can showcase your love for your community by creating pizza box designs with local landmarks and iconic spots. You can also use custom stickers! Your customers will appreciate this idea as it will make them feel a strong sense of belonging.

petra pizza box

Credits: y fkoric

italian pizza box packaging

Credits: ANGRYCAT™

venice pizza packaging box idea

Credits: Marjan Khajavi

Rome pizza box packaging

Credits: John Oates

Takeaway Pizza Box Designs

People love ordering pizzas for a cozy evening or a huge party. It's better to create a pizza box design with a takeaway focus. You can add compartments for dips, utensils, or even a pocket for coupons. This way, you'll impress customers with your considerate pizza box design idea!

 delivery box for pizza


pizza in bed packaging for delivery

Credits: john st.

delivery pizza box

Credits: Derrick Lin

pizza box for delivery

Credits: Rhamely

Frozen Pizza Packaging

If you offer frozen pizzas, investing in packaging that retains the quality and taste of your pizzas should be your number one priority. Consider using insulated pizza boxes with freezer-safe features to keep your pizzas in perfect condition and satisfy customers.

frozen pizza packaging

Credits: Andy Kryza for Thrillist

frozen pizza box


frozen pizza packaging

Credits: Derick Linn

Movie and Pop Culture-Themed Pizza Boxes

Creating a pizza box design with popular movies or pop culture trends is an excellent idea. You'll make lots of buzz and attract customers who resonate with the theme. The unique pizza box design is a great way to boost social media engagement and go viral!

pizza affair packaging idea

Credits: Derick Linn

portnoy's pizza

Credits: Gene Portnoy

Pizza Box Designs for Special Occasions 

Make special moments even more memorable with creative pizza boxes. For example, a wedding-themed pizza box design will add a personal touch and fun to the event!

halloween pizza packaging idea

Credits: Dmytro Kostenko
 wedding pizza packaging


 pizza packaging for special occasions

Credits: Derrick Lin

3 Design Tips for an Effective Pizza Box

Now that you got all the creative pizza box design ideas and feel inspired,  here are three essential pizza box decorating idea tips for having a maximum impact:

Reflect Your Brand Identity

Originality and authenticity are essential values. Your pizza box design should stay true to your brand's identity. Create pizza packaging with your brand's tone, logo, and aesthetics for a recognizable presence.

Incorporate Clear Typography

Create your pizza box design with the customer on your mind and question whether the text on the box is easy to read; attractive typography will easily make you stand out and leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Social Media-Worthy Pizza Boxes

Social media plays a big part in our lives nowadays. Create unique pizza box designs; we're sure your customers would love to share your fantastic idea on social media platforms; this will help your restaurant become more recognizable!

Final Thoughts

At Arka, we know that the pizza box design is an art; it's more than just aesthetics - it's a fantastic strategy to get ahead of your competitors and elevate your brand. Use the pizza box design ideas presented here to boost your business and make your restaurant a successful example for other brands! 


FAQs on Pizza Box Design Ideas 

How can I use color psychology to enhance my pizza box design?

Colors evoke emotions; use warm colors like red and yellow in your pizza box design to stimulate appetite and excitement or calming blues and greens for a relaxed dining experience.

What is the little table for in pizza boxes?

The little table, commonly found in pizza boxes, prevents the box lid from touching the pizza's surface. It helps toppings remain intact and preserves the pizza's presentation during delivery.

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