Packaging 101: The Complete Guide

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Unique DIY Packaging Ideas: Unleash Your Brand’s Potential

All the ideas from our list are great in one way or another. The obligation brands have is to define their business values and goals. Based on those two, you will manage to figure out on your own which packaging idea is the best. In some cases, you may manage to combine 2 or more ideas. Anyway, let’s go!

Custom Stickers and Labels

Custom stickers and labels are accessories that are pretty easy to customization. Their purpose is to ensure a memorable unboxing experience. If people feel special after opening the packaging, be sure your brand will remain in their subconsciousness. That’s why we consider DIY packaging ideas like this one a powerful marketing tool.

There are some specific rules brands must follow when customizing stickers and labels. Their color must be matchable with the packaging colors of your brand. Also, it should contain a logo of the company making DIY products. Stickers can be used inside or outside the box. It is up to you to determine which option is better.

custom stickers labels for diy packaging

stickers labels for diy packaging

Reusable Fabric Bags for DIY Packaging

Kraft paper is one of the materials used to implement many DIY packaging ideas. We will talk about it later. Yet, some brands want to get out of the box and experiment with other options. Fabric bags are a great alternative for multiple reasons. They are unique and easily customizable. Apart from that, they are reusable, which is essential for brands supporting sustainability. Ultimately, they ensure a stronger protection of the products compared to typical paper.

To make the packaging look unique, put your logo on it. Also, adding a label or sticker explaining how they can reuse fabric bags would be great. That way, you will boost your brand’s reputation!

reusable fabric bags for diy packaging ideas

Nature-Inspired Materials

Do you want to associate your DIY product with nature? In that case, you should use natural materials for packaging. First and foremost, we recommend the usage of hemp, bamboo, or recycled paper. Also, the package should be colored in natural colors such as yellow and green.

Of course, do that only if these colors match your brand’s color scheme. Using natural textures and finishes is another way to evoke the beauty of nature. On the surface of the packaging, there should be illustrations of plants, trees, mountains and similar things. That’s an amazing method to achieve great results.

nature inspired materials for diy packaging

Transparent Window Boxes

Do you want to make your DIY products visible? In that case, using some of the transparent DIY packaging ideas is the right choice. There should be windows big enough to entirely or partly expose the product. Yet, if you decide on this move, you must invest more energy in ensuring complete safety. That’s why you must create secure closures to protect the packaging during shipping. You can add your logo or some other design elements on the window for better visual appeal.

transparent window boxes for diy packaging ideas

Personalized Wrapping Paper

Personalized wrapping papers will make your DIY products a favorite among people trying to surprise someone. The color and design of the paper must match the brand’s aesthetics. Also, they should contain personalized elements like names, handwritten notes, quotes and messages. Also, don’t neglect the practicality of this sort of packaging. The unwrapping must be easy if you want to ensure the best unboxing experience.

personalized diy packaging ideas

DIY Packaging Box Ideas

There are many solutions if you decide to use DIY packaging box ideas. You can customize their shape and size for starters. After that, you can customize the prints and tell a story about your brand or product itself. Some people decide on adding artwork, while others decide on pure illustrations. Boxes should be made of sustainable and strong materials. Cardboard is, by our opinion, the best option.

diy packaging box

At Arka, we create custom boxes that enhance brand identity! Check out our custom mailer boxes and shipping boxes.

Custom Tapes and Stamps

People usually can’t determine whether custom stickers or tapes/stamps are a better option. Each idea comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. Custom tapes and stamps are a bit more expensive. However, they can provide a much stronger unboxing experience.

Your design method should be similar to the one we highlighted for stickers. You should add your brand’s logo (and slogan, if possible). Add a personal touch to the tapes and stamps by adding patterns that are relatable to your brand. For example, if you make DIY jewelry, the tape's color should be gold or silver. Those two colors are usually associated with luxury.

custom tapes and stamps for diy

Custom Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers have been a popular choice for packaging in the DIY industry for a while. They are strong and durable enough to protect the product from any type of damage. The good news is that customizing bubble mailers isn’t difficult at all. You can create them in different sizes, suitable for various DIY products.

Also, you can add various design elements such as tapes, stickers, labels, and so on. You can promote your brand by adding a logo or message directly on the bubble mailer. We suggest you once again read the best ways to customize the labels and tapes for the best results. That’s a perfect way to achieve a high level of uniqueness.

custom bubble mailers

Vibrant Tissue Papers

Do you want to make your packages look vibrant and playful? The DIY packaging ideas that include custom tissue paper can help you achieve that. The design requirements are clear - paper and brand colors should be matchable. However, we recommend you use multiple of them for better protection. Don’t wrap multiple products inside because they may be damaged during transportation.

vibrant tissue papers for diy packaging

Personalized Thank-You Notes

You don’t have to personalize the entire packaging. People will connect with you more deeply if you prepare a Thank-you note inside the packaging. There are multiple ways you can do that. The best results will come if you handwrite the message. You don’t have to write just “Thank you”. You can write something like “Thanks for the support” or something like that. Also, the personalized thank-you note can be in the form of a discount or coupon. That way, you can reward the buyers for their loyalty.

thank you note diy packaging ideas

Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

We want to ensure people don’t mix nature-inspired and eco-friendly packaging ideas. With this option, you don’t have to add any natural design elements to the packaging. It is enough to use sustainable materials. The sustainable materials are durable and easily customizable. You can choose between corrugated bubble wraps, recycled air pillows, mushroom packaging, seaweed packaging, etc. If you must use plastic (avoid it), you should focus on biodegradable and recycled ones.

Yet, your obligations do not end here. It would be perfect to add clear labeling on the packaging. The labels should contain a note highlighting the sustainability of the packaging. Also, use illustrations or textual content to educate people on responsibly recycling the packaging. With these methods, you will attract millions of people REQUIRING sustainable packages. They will always choose you before direct competitors, not investing in promoting sustainability.

eco friendly diy packaging materials

eco-friendly diy packaging materials

Retro Tin Boxes for DIY Packaging Ideas

Some DIY products have been more popular 30-50 years ago. Although their popularity isn’t the same as today, many people are willing to buy them. Good examples of retro products that are making a comeback are Pressure Cookers, Caboodles, Witch Hazel, and so on.

For such (and many other) products, it would be best to focus on retro DIY packaging ideas. Retro tin boxes can be an amazing choice. Despite their nostalgic design, they also come with functional closure. That means you will manage to ensure amazing designs and proper protection at the same time.

You don’t have to design all your packages this way. Instead, it would be wise to release a limited-edition packaging. These packages are collectible and can awaken the memories and emotions of older people.

retro tin boxes for diy packaging ideas

retro tin box for diy packaging ideas

Classic Brown Paper and Twine

Classic brown paper is the type of timeless packaging that can be used for various DIY products. Yet, it does require customization if you want to achieve a high level of uniqueness. That’s why we recommend adding branding tags to boost your brand awareness. Also, these tags can slightly personalize the product. Brown paper and twine are both recyclable and biodegradable. Because of that, you may want to use labels to highlight their eco-friendly features. We already explained why this is a powerful marketing method!

classic brown paper and twine

Velvet Finishes and Glitters

Some brands want to make their products look luxurious and sophisticated. Velvet finishes and glitters are great for such a purpose. A luxurious look will help you boost the price of the product. Plus, both options are cheap, ensuring better profit margins. Still, try to make a balance. Overusing both design options will make your product look ridiculous.

velvet finishes glitters for diy packaging

Vintage Newspaper Wraps

Another retro DIY packaging idea perfect for vintage brands is newspaper wraps. These wraps are authentic. We recommend you print some storylines in the newspapers related to your brand. It is a great way to explain to people who you are and why you are special. Keep in mind that newspaper wraps don’t provide long-term protection. We recommend you use ribbon or twine for wrapping. That way, the product will remain completely safe.

vintage newspaper wraps for diy packaging

vintage newspaper wrap for diy packaging

Foil Stamping for DIY Packaging Ideas

Foil stampings are perfect for brands that want to make themselves look elegant. Also, they are really eye-catching, which will boost your brand awareness. That’s why we recommend putting your logo in the most visible place on the box. You can also add your brand name or slogan next to it. This packaging type can be found in different colors. Choose those that match your brand’s personality.

foil stamping for diy packaging

6 Best Tips for Crafting Eye-Catching DIY Packaging Ideas

We are pretty sure that our list of DIY packaging ideas will help most of the readers. We tried to provide you with hints on how things should be done. As you can see, many things depend on your brand’s personality, color patterns, etc. However, we would not want to stop there. Here are 6 useful tips on how to craft eye-catching DIY packaging ideas. They can additionally help you complete the job successfully.

Personalize Your Packaging Design

DIY products themselves deserve respect because of the effort of brands to create them. Fortunately, there is a way to connect with customers on an emotional level even more. Use every possible design element to personalize the packaging. Textual personalized messages and quotes will certainly work. Illustrations and artwork can be used for the same purpose. With this method, each recipient will feel special!

Embrace Unconventional Shapes

Square and rectangular packages are the most present on the market of DIY products. If you want to differentiate yourself from others, don’t hesitate to embrace unconventional shapes. Our recommendation is to imitate the silhouette of your product. Despite the eye-catching effect, you will also ensure better protection for the product inside.

Add Surprise Inserts and Gifts

Unboxing experience plays a key role in improving a brand’s value. Use notes, inserts and gifts to surprise people after they open the box. Surprise can come in the form of small samples of other products, discount coupons, or anything else.

Prioritize Product Safety and Protection

Experimenting with different DIY packaging ideas is great. However, you can’t neglect the importance of safety. Nice packaging won’t mean anything if your products are damaged during transportation. Materials like foam, cardboard, and bubble wrap are visually appealing and durable. We recommend you stick to these options!

Utilize Typography as a Design Element

Unusual illustrations, different shapes, and engaging artwork can really make packaging eye-catching. Still, there is no reason not to use packaging typography as a design element. Choose wisely the typography for the personalized messages and quotes on the packaging. Apart from that, the size of the letters must not be small. Ensure that textual content keeps a high readability level. If people can’t see what you want to say, they won’t even receive the messages you want to send.

Use Eco-Friendly Materials

Sustainability has become a requirement! Use eco-friendly materials for all the DIY packaging ideas from our list. Choose between recycled cardboard and paper or biodegradable plastics. Visit Arka’s website to see which materials we use for the packages. You can get in touch with us and share your DIY packaging ideas. We will try to find the best possible way to turn your ideas into reality!

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best DIY packaging ideas isn’t an easy task. Entrepreneurs must define their brand’s values and goals before deciding on one. All the design elements must be matchable with your brand’s personality. Don’t hesitate to mix two or more ideas if they can bring the best results. Also, analyze the characteristics of your target audience to get insights on which designs they would appreciate the most.

FAQs on DIY Packaging Ideas

What are some budget-friendly DIY packaging ideas?

Businesses that can afford to invest in packaging should not try to save money. They can increase the brand’s value and ensure better profit margins. Yet, if budget is the problem, then you should focus on a few options. Brown kraft paper is the cheapest solution from our list. You can also customize the stickers and labels for better brand identity. Ultimately, vintage newspaper wraps are also pretty affordable.

Which DIY packaging ideas are right for fragile items?

If you sell fragile DIY items, we recommend the usage of foam inserts, cardboard dividers, and bubble wraps. All these packaging types are strong enough to ensure complete safety during transportation.

Are DIY Packaging Ideas Suitable for All Occasions?

All the DIY packaging ideas can be good for a particular occasion. Yet, some of them may work better in different situations. For instance, if you want to make your products suitable for birthdays, you should use custom stickers and wrapping paper. If you want to make your product perfect for sustainable events, you should focus on using eco-friendly materials. Define precisely who your target audience is before deciding on one of the DIY packaging ideas.

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