Packaging 101: The Complete Guide

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What is Canva? Benefits of Using Canva for Packaging Design

Canva is a graphic design tool that allows entrepreneurs to develop documents and designs very simply. The platform does not require any graphic design experience or talent. Canva packaging can be done by adding and dropping different patterns, shapes, images, and textual content. Best of all, Canva offers thousands of free templates suitable for a variety of packaging designs and other promotional materials.

We have already highlighted some of the main benefits of Canva packaging design. Yet, this platform can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. That’s why we want to put all the benefits in one place. The main advantages of Canva are:

• User-friendly interface: this allows non-designers to make handsome and beautiful designs.

It does not require technical knowledge: all the designs will be done in a few clicks. You get free templates that you can use for designing packages, social media posts, and other promotional materials.

The free version of Canva does exist: there is also an advanced version for a better Canva packaging design experience. You can subscribe to it for a relatively cheap price.

Wide range of templates: the free templates provided can easily be customizable. That allows you to adapt all the designs to the needs of your business.

Canva packaging design interface

How to Make Packaging Design in Canva?

As mentioned, creating a Canva package design can be done in a couple of clicks. More precisely, entrepreneurs will need to pass through 8 steps to reach the desired results. Read their explanation below!

Step 1: Choose Your Packaging Size

We believe you already know which box you plan to design. The next step is to pick the most appropriate size. To make things right, knowing the exact dimensions of the product you are selling will be essential. Pick the size that will be a bit bigger than your product. That way, you will ensure appropriate protection for the product. The entire procedure looks like this: Create a design > Custom Size > Create New Design.

Canva packaging design tutorial

Step 2: Upload Brand Assets

The second step of the Canva packaging design procedure is uploading all your brand assets. In other words, you will have to upload those elements to Canvas, choose Canvas color, and other similar stuff. Successfully accomplishing this step will ensure a more comfortable packaging design with the Canva platform.

Canva packaging design upload

Step 3: Typography and Text

It is not a secret that typography/textual content is an essential part of any packaging design. Canva allows you to test different fonts to make textual content on the packaging more professional and engaging. It is recommended to use this feature to share all the necessary information about the brand and the product itself. Add a slogan of your company, instructions, more details about ingredients, and other relevant information.

packaging typography gums

Credits: Mother Design, Nuud

Step 4: Add Visuals That Resonate with The Brand and Product

Packaging typography and text on the package play a key role. However, their purpose is to keep the attention of the consumer. If you want to grab their attention first, putting interesting visuals on the packaging is essential. The purpose of the visuals is to tell the story about the product and your brand. These could be art images, images of the product, or anything else. You can even use visuals to provide instructions to people on how to use the product. The choice is yours!

zombie coffee logo

Credits: asarmiento

Step 5: Color and Branding

Previous Canva package design steps were more focused on informing people about the product. This one is strictly focused on branding. First and foremost, brand colors must be applied to the package. Also, you should put the company’s logo in a visual place to improve your brand identity.

Remember that typography, other visual elements, and packaging colors must be compatible. The text on the packaging must keep the readability level high. Focus on finding perfect combinations that won’t harm the quality of Canva packaging.

Arka custom pizza box

Step 6: Finalize and Download The Design

After you have added all the Canva packaging design elements, it is about time to download the file. Fortunately, Canva allows you to download different types of files. You can download the JPG, PNG, and SVG files for images. For documents, you can download PDF standard, PDF Print (the best one for printing with 300 DPI resolution, color profile, and crop marks), and PPTX (for presentations).

canva packaging design download

Step 7: Upload Your Artwork in Arka’s Design Tool

Without any doubt, the Canva package design is fantastic and simple! Yet, the entire process continues after you leave the platform. With Arka’s design tool, you will manage to get the packages you want.

After you complete the design with Arka, click on the link we attached in the previous paragraph. Click on the Upload Artwork and upload the design you want. Our tool allows you to see how your package will look in 2D and 3D format. You can see how the box will look from the inside and from the outside.

That way, you will know even before making the order whether you did a good thing or not. If you are unsatisfied with what you see, return to Canva and repeat the process. Fix the details you didn’t like!

Arka design tool

Step 8: Complete Your Design and Order

After reaching the desired results, it is time to make an order. You can check out our website or contact us for more details about the price and other services. The larger quantities will ensure a better price. Plus, all our packages will be made of eco-friendly materials. That means you will get the properly designed and sustainable packages at the same time. Sustainable packaging is our top priority!

Arka packaging

Leveraging Canva’s Other Features for Packaging

Canva is a versatile tool. It can be used for designing different packaging options. That’s why Canva packaging design should be the only thing you should focus on. Here are three more things you can do with this incredible tool!

Creating Custom Stickers and Labels

Thanks to the features of Canva, entrepreneurs can also use the tool for customizing labels and stickers. You can design both promotional elements for different purposes. For example, you can design promotional custom stickers, branding labels, etc. Thanks to the pre-made templates that Canva offers, all your creative packaging ideas can become reality. Choose between a variety of icons, illustrations, images, and fonts. Also, Canva allows you to upload your own graphics if necessary.

Arka custom stickers

Designing Packaging Inserts

Fortunately, one of the available options for all entrepreneurs is also Canva packaging inserts. Custom inserts play a crucial role in ensuring the appropriate unboxing experience for consumers. Some materials you can design with Canva are discount vouchers, usage guides, thank-you cards, and many others. The drag-and-drop interface that Canva comes with will allow you to organize images easily, add design elements, and arrange text.

Arka custom inserts

Designing for Different Product Types

The good thing is that Canva can be used for different industries. It doesn’t really matter if you design packages for food, beverages, meds, electronics, or anything else. Thanks to all the available features, you can adjust all the design elements for different sorts of items/brands.

Arka packaging for toys

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, we hope that the Canva packaging design will look like an amazing solution. Follow our step-by-step guide to turn your packaging design ideas into reality easily. Use Canva for packaging inserts, stickers, and labels to ensure the best possible results. In the end, use Arka’s tool and order packages that will boost your brand awareness and help you progress. You can also check our top-notch custom mailer boxes and shipping boxes to make things even easier! Hasn’t technology made things smoother for entrepreneurs?

FAQs on Canva Packaging Design

Can I resize the packaging designs for different products in Canva?

Yes, Canva can be used for such a purpose. It offers the so-called Magic Resize feature, allowing you to pick from different preset dimensions suitable to the packaging requirements. Despite automatic adjustments, you can do the additional customizations manually.

Are there any limitations or file formats I should be aware of when using Canva for packaging?

Customizing the dimensions with a resolution of at least 300 DPI is recommended. That way, the quality of the printed output will remain the same. Also, be aware that file formats like EPS and AI are unavailable. That may not be a huge disadvantage, but these formats are required by some print service providers.

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