Brand Packaging Statistics

Brand Packaging Statistics Entrepreneurs Should Know

Following the latest packaging trends in any industry is one of the keys to success. Statistics and studies can give you some guidelines. Although they do not always show everything, they can help you realize whether certain decisions you make are good or not. 


8 Surprising Stats on Brand Packaging


We decided to highlight some of the crucial brand packaging statistics. They can give you answers on how to improve your business even more. Let’s go!


Packaging Influences Purchasing Decisions for More Than 70% of Americans

The surveys suggest that around 72% of US consumers get influenced by the packaging of the product. The packaging does only serve as a good protection for the product. Instead, you should use it to grab consumers’ attention instantly. You will have to customize your packages uniquely to reach that goal. There is no precise answer on how to do that because the requirements of various target audiences differ. 


Packaging Influences Gift Purchasing Decisions for More Than 80% of Americans

An appropriately customized package will ensure all buyers get a memorable unboxing experience. If you ensure that, the buyers will feel special and happy when they open the ordered item. That mix of emotions they feel will remain in their subconsciousness. Whenever they want to feel the same way, they will remind you! That’s how you build loyalty to a brand. 

However, people often want to share the same experience and feelings with those they love. That is the reason why packaging directly influences gift purchasing decisions. More precisely, recent studies confirmed that 81% of American consumers claim the packaging influences their gift selection. That’s why using eye-catching custom gift boxes will help your business to increase sales. 


75% of Respondents Would Ban Single-Use Plastic 

We are glad that people have finally become aware of the issues typical packaging causes. The materials used to produce “traditional” packages are harmful and toxic to the environment. The consequences are especially large if one of the materials used for packaging is single-use plastic. Believe it or not, 75% of US respondents would strongly support the complete ban on single-use plastic. That confirms businesses should switch completely to eco-friendly packaging materials. 


81% of People Require Sustainable Packaging

This and previous facts are connected. The latest brand packaging statistics suggest that 81% of people require sustainable packaging. That means they will strictly avoid purchasing products packed in packages made of harmful materials. If you really want to become successful, you must respect the demand of people!  


Nearly 70% of Americans Prefer Cardboards and Paper Packaging

There are additional brand packaging statistics that confirm the importance of sustainable packaging. Recent studies confirm that nearly 70% of US consumers prefer paper and cardboard packaging. These two types of packages are biodegradable and reusable, which is why people like them. 

However, that’s not all! They also impress many people due to their appealing and attractive design. Consumers believe products get value in their eyes if they are packed in these two types of packages. That is one of the methods to get better and boost the profit of your business. 


More than 60% of US Consumers Would Re-Purchase Expensive Products with Sustainable Packaging

Price is one of the reasons that people often put into consideration. It is their complete right to organize their budget. Yet, how will you increase your sales if your packages are a bit more expensive? Well, the studies confirm more than 60% of US consumers would re-purchase products if their packaging is sustainable. That only confirms how influential is the effect of packaging on consumer behavior and purchasing decisions! 


More than 55% of Respondents Claim Unboxing Videos Influenced Their Purchasing Decision

As we said, the packaging aims to ensure a memorable unboxing experience. Consumers love to share beautiful moments on their social media. You have probably seen a lot of unboxing videos online. Well, those videos directly influence the purchasing decisions of consumers. Believe it or not, 55% of respondents agreed on that.  

Unboxing videos represent a digital word-of-mouth promotion. Your duty is to put your logo in a visible place when designing the packages; for this, you can also use custom stickers cause the benefits of packaging stickers are huge. That way, you will boost your brand awareness and increase the money you make from e-commerce. After that, people will research who you are and which products you have to offer. 


More Than 50% of US Buyers are Willing To Pay More for Eco-Friendly Packaging

We do understand the desire of people to earn more money. Yet, there is some sort of standard in every industry. You must research the market and see what price your direct competitors offer. They will easily decide on the alternative if your products are more expensive. 

So, how to keep them? Well, one of the options is to use eco-friendly packaging. Surveys suggest that more than 50% of people are willing to pay more if the company offers sustainable packages. The same rule counts when we talk about eco-friendly shipping. Are you willing to test this?


Sustainable Packaging Industry Will Continue to Grow


Expert analyses believe that sustainable packaging will grow by 8.5% until 2031. This is great news for packaging companies. However, it is also a message to any other business. Experts predict the demand for eco-friendly materials and packages will only grow in the next decade. That means most of your competitors will probably decide on this huge stage. Nothing is stopping you from doing the same! 


Labels are an Important Part of Packaging

Believe it or not, labels, as an important part of the packaging, also influence the purchasing decision of US consumers. Believe it or not, nearly 75% of people will trust more in brands that offer transparent and honest labels. That’s why you should not neglect labels during the packaging design procedure. 


Final Takeaways: Ask Arka for Help


All these brand packaging statistics confirm the importance of packaging for business success. We do understand that achieving the best results isn’t easy. That is the reason why you may want to get in touch with Arka

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