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Why is Packaging Important for Your Brand?

The quality of the product definitely does matter. Yet, every business tries to convince the potential buyers their product is the best solution to their problem. If that’s your only strategy, you will be exactly the same as many other businesses trying to improve sales. Instead, you should focus on the improvement of your brand value. One of the ways to do that is an improvement or complete change of your packaging. The question most of you probably have is - why is packaging important? 

Packaging won’t influence your business success if you do not customize it properly. The word “properly” means that you need to understand what your target audience expects. When you find answers to these questions, you will get the chance to enjoy the benefits of custom packaging to the fullest. 

More than 80% of people claim that packaging directly influences purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs do not take advantage of that fact. That’s why this article has the purpose of educating people. In the text below, you will discover the true importance of packaging and how to fully use custom packaging benefits. Let’s go! 


Importance of Packaging for Businesses


The importance of packaging will be much clearer if you understand the benefits you can get. Everyone will get seven crucial advantages after deciding on this move. Let’s find them out! 


Product Protection

Transport of the ordered packages is a complex and long process. It goes through different departments until it reaches the buyer's home address. The USA is not a small country, meaning trucks sometimes must pass hundreds of miles to deliver the product. Will the package remain untouched and undamaged during the entire process?

Believe it or not, one of the main reasons why buyers request returns is damaged products. To be precise, that happens in 20% of cases. Customized products will ensure that packaging and products are completely matchable. You can change the shape and size of the boxes and ensure better protection that way. Also, you can choose between different materials that are stronger and more durable. 

That benefit will ensure better profit. You won’t have to cover the shipping costs and send the same product again to an unsatisfied customer. An issue like that can easily ruin your reputation, which is the most important thing to avoid! 


Great Marketing Tool 

People across the USA can choose between a huge number of brands present in the online and offline world. You must find a way to grab their attention instantly. Customized packages have the purpose of grabbing the attention of customers. If the packaging looks interesting, there is a big chance they would want to find out more about it. Don’t forget the average human attention span lasts for around 8 seconds. You can take advantage of that challenging fact with engaging, unique packaging designs. 


Memorable Unboxing Experience 

Another reason why packaging is important for your brand is its ability to ensure a memorable unboxing experience. A lot of things in the eCommerce world are connected with emotions. People need to feel special whenever they open custom folding cartons. That sense of feeling special is something that will remain in their subconsciousness. If they want to feel the same way again, there is a big chance you will be their number one option! 

Yet, remember that people sometimes want to share the same experience with the people they love. That’s why your product may become a number-one choice as a gift. That’s a great way to improve your brand awareness and reputation. 


Improves Brand Identity

The benefits of custom packaging are strongly connected. When people positively talk about you, your brand identity starts to grow. The good news is that we live in the social media era, where people often publish good experiences. You have probably seen many unboxing videos on streaming platforms or social media networks. Well, your packaging may be part of that video. 

Your obligation is to design the package in a way to make the logo of your company visible. If people record themselves happy while opening your packages, people will want to know who you are. That way, you are actually getting a good word-of-mouth promotion. These videos can get millions of views which is a great way to inform people about your existence on the market!


Boosts Sales 

All the benefits of custom packaging we mentioned on this page will directly influence your sales. Improving brand awareness will boost your business's value and help you earn more money from an E-commerce business. On the other hand, the appropriate customization of packaging will boost the product's value. Despite sales, you will also improve the profit margins and manage to earn more! All these facts only show how important packaging is! 


Showcases Brand Values

The packaging always contains important information about the company and the product. People will get info on where your headquarter is or which materials you used to develop a product. But these are not the only things you should inform people about. Packaging showcases the values your brand share and support. 

As we said, instant attraction is one of the benefits of packaging you will get. Yet, who says everyone will buy your product? Your target audience comprises people with similar or identical interests and opinions. They want to know your values and see if you are one of them. Your obligation is to send the appropriate message and explain the values you support through packages. 

For example, a lot of consumers support sustainable packages. Packaging is the right place to share your story and explain to people why your products and packages are not harmful to the planet. That way, you won’t just grab the attention of potential consumers; you will also get their loyalty! They will see that you are trying to make a profit without any consequences! 


Helps Stand Out From Competitors 

Imagine the same product in one store developed by 5 competitive businesses having the same package. Why would people pick you when the products look identical? Customizing the boxes will make you different from others, which explains why packaging is important. All the businesses should strive to be unique because customers expect that. 

Customizing the packages will help you become different than others. We are pretty sure you will look for inspiration in your business field. But do not ever copy the designs and colors of your direct competitors. Stealing ideas can easily ruin your reputation! 


Maximize The Benefits of Custom Packaging


We tried to give you clear answers on why packaging is important and help you change your approach to this opportunity. Yet, the impact of these benefits will be much stronger if you know the right way to take advantage of them. That’s why we would like to provide tips on maximizing the benefits of custom packaging. Let’s go! 


Define Your Message

As we said, the packaging is a great way to send an appropriate message to your target audience. But you need to determine which message you want to send wisely. Designing the packaging and sending the message in the best way won’t mean a lot if the message isn’t valuable. 


Add a Personal Touch

Personalize all your packages and make the buyers feel special whenever they receive an order. Yet, don’t experiment with things too much. Sometimes, simple designs can bring the best possible results. But, as we said, discover what your customers expect and which methods wake up their emotions. You can make your packaging even more memorable with custom packaging stickers!


Use Eco-Friendly Materials

We previously explained that people appreciate brands that use eco-friendly packaging materials. By supporting sustainability, you are actually doing something good for future generations. That mission will impress a huge number of people. Cold leads can easily become loyal customers if you do things for the greater good! 

There are many types of boxes you can choose from. Some of them worth mentioning are:

  • recyclable boxes, 
  • kraft paper, 
  • cellulose packaging, 
  • corrugated packaging, etc. 

All the packaging categories come with different advantages and disadvantages. Also, they are suitable for different types of products. We suggest you analyze them properly to find the best solution.


Collaborate with Arka

Customizing the packages adequately and improving your brand aren’t easy tasks. You need to have custom packaging industry experience to reach the best results. If that’s not the case, you should contact Arka!

The team behind Arka has around 10 years of experience in the custom packaging industry. We customize different types of boxes in order to help companies improve their brand identity. We strongly believe that a personalized approach can bring the best results, so we offer custom packaging options for any niche; for example, you can check out our premium   custom folding cartons or custom retail boxes

We understand the needs of our customers. That’s why we offer fair rates, amazing quality, and reasonable minimum order options. All our packages are made of different sustainable materials. That means you won’t harm the planet in any way and will improve your reputation and value simultaneously. Turnaround time is around 10 days, but we usually strive to complete the order before that! 

Contact us, share your ideas with us, and enjoy the benefits of custom packaging to the fullest! 


Final Thoughts


We are glad that you have answers to the “why is packaging important” question. You will probably change your approach to this opportunity after reading this article. Use the methods we suggest to maximize the benefits of custom packaging and improve the overall effectiveness of your business. Good luck!

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