Benefits of Packaging Stickers for Businesses

7 Benefits of Packaging Stickers for Businesses

Most entrepreneurs are not even aware of the benefits of packaging stickers for their businesses. It is usually the first thing potential customer notice when walking through a supermarket. In the competitive business world, you must use all the possible ways to promote your products. That’s why you must not neglect the influence stickers have. 

Packaging affects consumer buying choices, and custom stickers can be a powerful marketing tool! For a very low price, you can get a good promotion of products and grab the attention of customers. Yet, that’s not the only benefit you can get. 

In this article, we highlight why entrepreneurs should decide to use and customize packaging stickers. Also, we will explain to people how to do that. Let’s go!


Why are Stickers Important for Packaging? 7 Benefits


As we said, there are many benefits of packaging stickers for every small, medium, or large business. Each one from the list below is equally important, so we suggest you read them carefully. You will change your approach to this powerful marketing tool!


Create a Unique Brand Identity

Entrepreneurs need to understand that high-quality products won’t bring the best results always. Studies confirm that nearly 90% of consumers put into consideration the authenticity of the brand. As we said at the beginning of the article, stickers are eye-catchy. Your task would be to add the logo of your company on it that is easily noticeable to the customer. If they spot it, be sure they will get interested in it. If your product meets their expectations, be sure they will start talking about it, share videos of your custom boxes on social media, etc. 


Effective Marketing Strategy

Entrepreneurs won’t have the opportunity to discuss products with each individual. That’s why you need to find a way to invite all the potential customers to purchase your products. Custom stickers are an amazing replacement for a call-to-action. Despite their ability to grab people's attention, they can also send a strong message that will convince them to buy it. 

The obligation of every entrepreneur is to put all the information about discounts and promotions on the sticker. Also, you should explain which problems your product can solve and why it is valuable. All this information will grab the attention of people and convince people to contact you. That’s why it is recommendable that you put contact details there as well and use the most out of stickers in marketing. 


Suitable for Different Package Types

Packaging stickers are super easy to customize. That’s why you can choose from different designs and fonts. They are also flexible, and you can easily use them for different packaging types. That can be essential for businesses that store products in differently-shaped packages. 

Also, you will get the opportunity to test the marketing strategies we mentioned previously. Try putting your logo and essential information on different parts of the custom shipper boxes. Change their position from time to time until you reach the best results. That way, you will find a way to use the benefits of packaging stickers to the fullest.


Safety and Security

People do not only want to know whether your product will meet their expectations. They are also interested in the safety of your products. There are many pieces of information you can put there that prove the products' security. The information we recommend you put there are:

  • Presence of any allergens or harmful materials
  • More details about materials you used to develop products
  • Certificates issued by responsible authorities in the USA
  • Instructions on how to use the product safely
  • Expiration date, etc.

Of course, which information you should and have to put there depends on the type of product you are selling. Rules are different from one industry to another. 


Improved Delivery

Does the entire delivery procedure bother you? Indeed, the product often must pass through many departments until it reaches the buyer’s address. Fortunately, the benefits of packaging stickers can simplify the entire process!

All the information necessary for participants in the shipping procedure can be placed on the stickers. You can also share more details about how workers should handle the products to maintain quality and avoid damage. Around 30% of the sold products in the eCommerce world get returned because of damage that appeared during transportation. We are sure that you want to avoid that!


Colorful and Eye-Catching Design

As we said, the purpose of the stickers is to grab the customers' attention. Yet, the good news is that you can choose between different designs. You can choose between a different mix of colors, fonts, and images and ensure your product stands out. But, you will also make the information highlighted there more readable. No one will even start reading the message you want to send if, for instance, the font and design aren’t suitable. 


Luxurious Product Design

In addition to the previous benefit, you can customize and design the packages with stickers to look luxurious. If that’s not your goal, you can make your custom folding cartons look more valuable. Automatically, the price of your products will increase, which ensures a better prize margin and profit. 


3 Ways To Customize Packaging Stickers


After highlighting all the benefits of packaging stickers, we would like to provide you with some extra tips. People often get stuck with the customization of this powerful marketing tool. That’s why we would like to share 3 simple ways that will simplify the entire process. Let’s go!


Determine Your Message

As we stated above, the benefits of packaging stickers will allow you to send a message to every potential buyer. That’s why you primarily need to determine what type of message you want to send. You can show the world that your package is safe, a great solution for a certain problem, etc. That way, you are grabbing like-minded people's attention.

There are many options in front of you. First, you can send a thank-you message or specialized offers. With these two strategies, you will ensure a wonderful unboxing experience for buyers. Don’t forget that around 70% of brands working with packaged products focus on improving the unboxing experience. It is a trend you must follow, and packaging stickers can be one of the ways to do that! 


Use Unique Designs and Fonts

As we said, you must follow the latest trends in your business industry. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should copy/paste the packaging sticker designs from others. Your competitors should serve only as an inspiration. Your goal is to reach the level of uniqueness that your target audience will respect. 

The colors of the sticker should be suitable for the design of the packaging as well as the logo of your brand. You can choose from different shapes and sizes, but properly analyze which will bring the best results. Circular or square ones are standard in eCommerce, so focus on these two shapes. We believe it isn’t good to experiment with some crazy shapes always. 


Hire Packaging Experts To Help

The most practical thing to do is to hire the packaging experts like Arka. We can help you customize your stickers and ensure all the benefits of packaging stickers mentioned in this article. Our stickers come with full-color printing on white paper sheets. You only have to upload an image you want to use for the stickers. Their sizes can be anywhere from 2 x 3 to 5 x 5. You can always contact our customer service for suggestions and tips if you aren’t confident in your ideas. 


Final Thoughts


As you see, there are many benefits of packaging stickers that all entrepreneurs should consider. It is an amazing marketing channel, a good way to send a message and educate people. Custom stickers can easily boost the value of your product, make it look more luxurious, and ensure all buyers get a wonderful unboxing experience. 

You can also check out our eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options, like custom gift boxes and custom jewelry boxes. Entrepreneurs must think of the most creative ways to customize the packaging stickers. Best of all, Arka is there to help! Contact us, and we will prove that all your ideas can become reality.

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