Top 10 Sustainable Products To Sell

Top 10 Sustainable Products To Sell

The words eco-friendly or sustainable are not taken lightly anymore. In fact, it has become such a niche market and has great impacts on marketing numbers over the globe. A research conducted by Nielsen revealed that only 22% of people were willing to pay extra for an eco-friendly product, in 2011. That number quickly shot to 50% or more in 2015. Now, over 75% of people in the Asia Pacific disclosed they would choose environmentally friendly products.

If there is one thing that millennials love to do, it is to shop. But despite that, they are more aware of the impact it creates on the environment. How do you cater to them? By building a sustainable and long-lasting product that builds brand loyalty. Here are a few products which are most sought after.


Ethical Beauty Products

    A lot of people are trying to go back to roots by opting out of harmful parabens, SLS, and SLES containing beauty products. They prefer sustainably sourced, plant-driven, organic ingredients that are safe for their skin. They naturally nourish the skin, even the most sensitive ones without causing any allergies. Customers also would love to see who is behind developing the products. Bonus points are voicing against animal testing and harmful chemicals dumped in the land and water sources.


    Cloth Diapers and Napkins

      Did you know that a single disposable diaper takes 300 years to decompose? Yet every day there are millions of them, dumped on the ground. Even the baby wipes are not entirely decomposable. The solution? Cloth diapers! The cloth diapers need an initial investment, unlike disposable ones, to reduce the carbon print. It also does not contain harmful toxins, which can cause a rash. The cloth diapers, when maintained well, can be used for multiple kids. These sell among the mothers who are not only looking for sustainable ways but also want to save cash. 


      Reusable Straws 

        Every day over 100 million people use a single-use straw in America. They find their way to the oceans harming sea animals. A lot of places like restaurants have started banning plastic straws. But it is still seen as an important element of day to day life. There are so many alternatives to it. Some of them are bamboo, paper, glass, and metal. Each of them has its own drawbacks and advantages but extremely eco-friendly. With good setup and marketing, these are hot selling products.


        Bamboo Toothbrushes 

          People change toothbrushes every 3 months for dental hygiene. But the downside to that, is all the plastic toothbrushes are non-recyclable. As an alternative, you can create toothbrushes made out of bamboo. It is 100% biodegradable and has animal hair bristles instead of plastic. It does not cost much and is a healthy choice as well. These bamboo brushes are aesthetically pleasing. You can also create toothbrushes out of wood.


          Phone Cases and Protectors

            It is hard to find someone without a phone these days. And, most of the phones are expensive and have touch screens which need an extra layer of protection. And, the first thing people look for is plastic sturdy phone case or silicone ones. But you can work out a plastic-free solution and reduce the waste one case at a time. You can create cases using recycled fabrics like denim, "flaxstic" made of flax straws, or even wooden ones. These are not just easy to source but also durable.


            Custom Shipping Boxes 

              In 2018, Amazon sold over 100 million products on Prime Day. And, a lot of e-commerce packaging has plastic which ends up in the ocean. A report states that there will be more plastic in the sea than fishes in 2050. Not everything traces back to online shopping, but it can contribute a chunk. But all it takes is a bit of research to find the perfect solution without damaging the environment. At Arka, we provide custom shipping boxes at any size. We are extremely particular about sourcing recyclable material to manufacture our boxes. We also ensure that our facilities are certified for clean practices. You can also check our custom mailer boxes and retail boxes.


              Cloth Bags 

                From the grocery store visit, school drop-off, to a beach visit, there is always something to be carried. Most often these are plastic bags. But the cloth tote bags are durable, versatile, and replaces the need for ones. Cloth tote bags are easy to create. It can be made from recyclable fabrics, scrap materials, etc. Also, printed tote bags are the season’s hot-selling and make an excellent gift.


                Wooden/Recycled Material Toys for Kids

                  Toys are another popular kids' products, predominantly made of plastic. Naturally dyed wooden toys are fun, engaging, and recyclable. Apart from just being safe on the environment, it is also safe for the kids as it is non-toxic and does not retain any bacteria. It also does not have any sharp or possess choking hazards. They last longer and can be a potential heirloom toy. It can be a little difficult to source materials, resources, and ideas for this product, but it has better benefits.


                  Water Bottle 

                    A whopping 38 million plastic bottles go to the landfill every year. It takes about 700 years to completely dissolve. As a solution, everyone needs a handy and sturdy water bottle which lasts longer. There are many materials you can look at including glass, ceramic, stainless steel, a plant-based plastic, and copper. Some of these materials are prone to break, but any day these are better than plastic and the demand for it will never reduce.


                    Rechargeable Batteries

                      A lot of products come with the need for using batteries. But the single-use batteries are very harmful to the environment. In a study, it says rechargeable batteries have a 28% less impact on global warming and 12% less impact on polluting water. It is also cost-friendly for the users and has good performance.

                      Building a sustainable brand gives you the satisfaction of doing business without harming the environment.

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