4 Mistakes Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Make on Instagram

4 Mistakes Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Make On Instagram

Instagram, a social media network with more than 300 million active monthly users, is still rapidly growing. Today, it is used both for social and business purposes. Businesses use Instagram to promote their products or services, and it has now become an essential element of social media marketing.


How Instagram Helps Businesses?

Instagram is easy to use and allows businesses to connect with their consumers in a visually appealing way. It allows you to stay connected with your customers through photo sharing and at the same time, builds a customer base and generates brand recognition. It provides the potential to do business with millions of people across the globe. It encourages customer participation and enables them to connect with you personally.

Instagram is useful for businesses only if it engages the customers. Your success doesn’t depend on your Instagram account alone but rather depends on how you utilize the platform to market your e-commerce business online.


Four Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make


Posting pictures or videos on Instagram can get you more followers and also a potential business. They give your followers exposure to your business and also to people on other social networking sites. In this article, we will discuss some of the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make in using Instagram for a business that may lead to a decline in sales and profit.

  • Dull Looking Pictures take away the Attention of Your Followers.

Instagram is a visual platform, so the image or video you share needs to grab people’s attention. Research proves well-lit images are more liked than dark ones. Interesting pictures and videos with great clarity and resolution can only instill an interest in potential customers to visit your website.

Pictures can be a lot more worth than a thousand words. Research shows that out of 1 million Instagram users and a total of 1.5 million photos from across their accounts, the bright and colorful photos had 592 percent more likes than dark and dull photos. If your account gets filled up with posts featuring dull pictures, it prompts your followers to stop checking your account for updates. Remember what counts is quality, not quantity as dark and dull pictures give off the impression that you’re a dull person. 

People love looking at filtered clear pictures as they add an artistic touch to life and offer a different personal experience. Creating your own photos with easy filters means you can post an interesting picture as opposed to a random stock image which is more personal and creative. The Instagram app has got its own filters to enhance your photos which adds an aura of cool and makes them look more engaging.

  • Delay in Response and No Communication puts you down in the eCommerce Market.

Having people who engage with your content is great but growing a community of people who love what you share in your account to like and comment on your posts doesn’t happen just like that. You should not wait for people to find you and engage with your content. Instant messages are a great way to connect with your customers through Instagram. Send messages frequently that show you are interested in talking with them and getting to know of their suggestions, likes, and reviews of your products or services. Respond quickly for any query that is posted or comments on your post to show that you listen and are there for your customers.

You could make an image and overlay text on it to ask a question or you could ask the customers for their opinions in your image’s caption. If you start a conversation with your followers, be sure to interact with them in the comments. Direct your replies to them by mentioning their usernames to connect with a personal touch.

  • Not Posting at key times and Inconsistent Posts lead you Nowhere.

Post during those times when your audience is most active considering the global time differences. There is no point in posting when no followers are active. Your posts may get carried away from the numerous posts on their feed. Do posts a day at their individual convenient time to reach out to different global customers.

Always ensure that the pictures you post are relevant to your content. Write down a few words about the picture and choose images from your videos and daily life that reflect those words. You will get more likes if you have posted content that is consistent at all times. Use your hashtags effectively so that your descriptions stand out to be interesting and relevant to your content.

  • Heavy Discounts and Inappropriate Advertisements make you look Cheap.

Announcing heavy discounts or highly slashed prices for your products and services very often may not be a good idea. Your customers can presume that you are not having enough confidence in selling your products at standard price. The customers keep expecting discounted rates in the future too, which may bring down your profits. 

If you are getting lots of bad feedback because of certain advertisements on your account, and you notice your followers leaving, do not proceed further with the same thing. Make sure your advertisements are appropriate and won’t be flagged or reported by users. Don’t leave out caption shout outs for too long or your followers may think of your page as one that spam advertisements. 

Now that you know the damaging habits that can affect your marketing on Instagram, stay away from these and use the Instagram features effectively to promote your products or services and to stay connected with your customers.

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