how to sell subscription boxes on cratejoy

How To Sell Subscription Boxes on Cratejoy

Cratejoy is undoubtedly one of the best marketplaces to sell a wide range of stuff. People that work with subscription boxes should definitely put into consideration this platform. However, a good marketplace will not mean much if you do not have the right selling strategy. That’s why we decided to share some tips on how to sell subscription boxes on Cratejoy and make things easier for you! Let’s go!


What are Subscription Boxes? 


We believe most people already know what subscription boxes are. But, in case you haven’t heard about them, it is worth explaining it. 

Subscription boxes are typical boxes you receive at your home address regularly. In exchange, you will have to cover a monthly subscription fee for such a service. These boxes contain different types of gift items. Some can be books, cosmetics, candles, or anything else. Being surprised puts us in a good mood which is why people like services of this type!


What is Cratejoy and How Does it Work? 


Before we share tips on how to sell subscription boxes on Cratejoy, it is essential to understand how Cratejoy work. Cratejoy marketplace is similar to eBay and other platforms where people sell/buy subscription boxes. The platform itself is more focused more on the satisfaction of the sellers. It comes with software and design service that can significantly make things easier for entrepreneurs. They can easily develop a website and launch boxes with unique, engaging designs. 

However, we want to highlight some main points for sellers and buyers. That way, both “parties” will know how to use it properly. 


Important Details for Sellers 

  • Primarily, you must determine what type of subscription box you want to offer. Also, you need to determine the right price for each box you plan to sell. 
  • Create an account on Cratejoy and subscribe to the all-in-one package.
  • Use the software developed by Cratejoy to create an interesting and engaging store.
  • Customize the store with all the available web builders and templates. The good news is that you do not have to possess web design skills to complete this part of the work. 
  • After your store is ready and your products are launched, find the best way to sell the subscription boxes. Also, properly analyze your target audience and determine what can convince them that you are the right choice for them. 


Important Details for Buyers 

  • Cratejoy allows you to filter the categories of products available in every store. Choose the one you are most interested in. 
  • Carefully analyze and research all the products until you find what you want.
  • After you find adequate listings, click on them to see more details about the offer. There you will see the price, reviews left by previous customers, etc. 
  • Connect your account with available payment methods and subscribe to the service.
  • Every month, you will get a gift box full of items you selected until you cancel your subscription. 


7 Ways To Improve Your Sales on Cratejoy


As you see, Cratejoy is a very simple tool for selling subscription boxes. Yet, the same benefits are available to thousands of people with the same idea. That’s why you must get out of the box to improve your sales on Cratejoy. In the next part of the text, we will highlight some useful tips and explain how to sell subscription boxes on Cratejoy as a pro. Let’s go! 


Define Your Brand

The first task you have is to define your brand. In other words, you must determine your brand's genre, tone, and personality. Doing that is possible in several different ways. You will primarily need to determine your target audience. After you do that, it will be much easier to determine which products you will work with and their price. In the end, your obligation is to focus on the design of the packaging, which will make the customers even more satisfied. 


Determine How You Will Source and Pack Your Products

We want to share 3 practical tips to make things easier for you. There are three ways to construct products, and they are:

  • Analyze the market and get the products from different suppliers
  • Start your own product production and sell the products in your own packages.
  • Collaborate with packaging manufacturers that will take care of boxes. The boxes should usually be big enough for at least 2 or more items.


Build Pre-Launch Hype

In the online world era, you must create pre-launch hype to grab the attention of potential customers. It is essential to take some good photos of the product packaging and the items themselves. Also, don’t hesitate to record videos where you will demonstrate the unpacking procedure. 

Cratejoy has a separate pre-launch page where you can publish all these things. That allows you to start discussing the subscription boxes you plan to offer before finalizing them.

So, why is this beneficial for sellers? You will start sending messages highlighting your brand's main attributes. That way, you will see whether the concept of your brand is working. If you see the results aren’t as good as you imagine, you can easily fix the gaps and offer something that people will appreciate. If you get stuck, you can always subscribe to Cratejoy Subscription School. There, you can get some useful pieces of advice on how to sell subscription boxes on Cratejoy.


Have a Unique Selling Point 

People won’t subscribe to your service just because your boxes look nice. On the contrary, people are looking to buy from brands that support specific values. The selling points must be defined immediately. First, you need to explain why your subscription boxes are valuable for the consumers. Despite defining practical reasons to buy them, you should also strive to wake up the emotions of the people. 

We strongly recommend your selling points do not be too aggressive. For instance, don’t say, “Our subscription packages are best” or “Items inside the box are extraordinary”. Let people give comments like that. Your duty is to convince them that your subscription boxes have the value of being helpful for potential consumers. 

In the end, there is a reason why we said unique selling points. You can check out how other businesses on Cratejoy are doing it. But don’t copy them. Use their selling points as an inspiration and adapt them to your brand. 


Create Your Website and Sign Up To Cratejoy

We already explained that creating a website and signing up for Cratejoy are easy processes. But if you really want to understand how to sell subscription boxes on Cratejoy as a pro, read the tips below. There are 4 steps you will have to pass through:

  1. Photos of product listings must be high-quality. Do not hesitate to hire a photographer or designer to take care of this. After that, don’t hesitate to hire a copywriter to handle the product description.
  2. Pick an adequate payment processor. Most subscribed users use Stripe, but that’s not your only option. You can also use PayPal, credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, etc.
  3. Be a good negotiator and try to work out the best monthly shipping deals with Cratejoy. If you make a good deal, you will ensure yourself better profit margins. 
  4. After you complete the previous three steps, go live! 


Add Videos To Listing

Having high-quality images and a powerful copy is mandatory. But video content can also significantly improve your sales on Cratejoy. Nearly 80% of marketing experts claim video content helped their clients boost sales. 

So, which videos can you record? They can, for example, be educational, where you can explain to people the main values of your brand. Also, our recommendation is to record videos of unboxing experiences of people. These videos are very effective marketing tools and can increase your brand identity and sales. 


Start with Promotion

How you will promote your subscription boxes is up to you. We suggest taking advantage of social media platforms and paid ads. You can also use other effective marketing tools such as email marketing, SEO (boost your rankings on Google), or anything else. 


Bonus: Ask Arka for Help

Don’t forget the importance of box designs for the purpose of marketing. You can always get in touch with Arka and ask for help! Unique custom packaging can significantly boost the value of your brand. We are branding and packaging experts aware of the latest trends. Your subscription boxes made by us can be sustainable, attractive, and strong. We accept small orders of at least 10 boxes for an affordable price. The delivery will usually be accomplished within 10 days (usually less). 

You can check out the long product catalog to find which option suits you best! We have eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options for every niche: whether you need custom shoe boxes or custom folding cartons, we have you covered!


Alternatives To Cratejoy

After giving tips on how to sell subscription boxes on Cratejoy, we would like to provide you with additional tips. Cratejoy is undoubtedly a great option. Yet, it is not the only one. You can find a bunch of similar marketplaces with amazing features. Some of the best alternatives are: 

  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Subbly
  • Braintree
  • Chargebee
  • Zuora, etc. 


Final Thoughts


We are glad you finally understand how to sell subscription boxes on Cratejoy. All the tips shared on this page can help you increase your sales. You primarily need to analyze your target audience to understand what they expect. After that, your task is to prepare high-quality photos and use the best promotional tools to increase sales. Are you ready to take action?

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