Shipping Company for Subscription Business

Choosing The Right Shipping Company for Subscription Business

At some point in the development process of your new ecommerce business you’ll begin scouting for a shipping company - one that will have your needs as best interest.

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It may not be an initial priority but at some point, it will come up. Be sure to address it soon as neglect or delay in this area can backfire and leave your customers far from delighted.

Shipping Companies Instead of Individual Carriers

Instead of dealing directly with specific carriers, try a shipping company that gives you multiple options. Let us be the ones to tell you that gone are the days of limited choices and restrictions!

With a good shipping partner, you can literally have all the cakes in the bakery and eat them too! Here by ‘cakes’, we mean the top carriers in the US and Canada.

Most shipping companies do offer the services of a variety of carriers so there’s no real differentiating factors here. But one way to know which shippers to use is to check if their list of carriers caters to your needs.

So, how will you know which carrier(s) suit you?

Here’s some information about a few of the top carriers before we move on to the other points…

1) FedEx – Quick and Easy to Track

Everyone has heard of FedEx but now as a company, you need to know them in depth. This famous Next-Day carrier brand secured its reputation due to impeccable service which still stands strong. It’s also known for its accurate tracking dashboard that’s pretty stress-free and straightforward.

Works for lighter packages. If your business deals with bulky yet low weight packages and a customer base that prefers deliveries at home, look for FedEx in your shipping companies’ carrier list. Another advantage is that FedEx also delivers to APO, DPO and FPO addresses.

2) USPS – Reliable and Affordable

Speaking of USPS, the trusted US Postal Service is still the most responsible and secure carrier that can be tracked via a package number through Google. It’s simple!

Good rates for small packages. If your packages are likely to be under 2 pounds or up to 20 pounds even, USPS will give you a good deal. They deliver to residents, APO, DPO and FPO addresses.

Clean and no damage. USPS has the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. You can be guaranteed of least damage to packages. This is an important factor for anyone’s business.

3) DHL – Good Global Network

DHL grabs our attention owing to the vast list of 12,000 destinations worldwide in which this carrier giant has its presence. If you wish to export your products, DHL needs to be on your shippers list.

Good Pricing. They offer the right rates for their service. Needless to say, this is a valued advantage for an international carrier.

DHL eCommerce DHL has its own eCommerce division designed especially for e-commerce companies. They take into account typical ecommerce related needs such as more economical options or highly reliable transit time including assistance with custom clearance.

In fact, DHL eCommerce has the most comprehensive offering for all types of online businesses, complete with domestic or international shipping and fulfillment services.

As you may have realized, most of your shipping company decisions will depend on the carriers they have in their baskets!

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Let’s now look at some other factors that lie with the shipping company and their qualities to help you choose one that works best for you:

Are the pickups convenient?

In order to keep up with your hectic daily schedules, we suggest that you find a shipping company that can pick up your packages directly from the warehouse, offices or wherever they are stored. This will cut back on unnecessary additional costs, effort and time for you.

Are the tracking systems accurate?

Though all carriers have their own tracking systems, shipping companies as well, develop their own. These track packages even before and after the carrier is done with them. Another feature that will take away your sleepless nights, believe us!

How quick are the pickups?

The carrier may show rapid TAT but what about the shipping company? Quick deliveries are key to customer delight so ensure your shipping company is in tune with this reality and assists you to maintain an efficient image.

How expensive are they?

If your free shipping plans are going to be thrown out the window due to high shipping company costs, these are not the ones for you. The solution is to choose a mix of carriers that result in a win-win situation for all.

Are your packages insured during transit?

Check with the shipping companies that you are short-listing if insurance is available for your deliveries. Most carriers provide one but is there additional protection from the pick-up point to the drop off at the carrier?

eShipper – Your Shipping Hub

They have a single multi-carrier platform for all domestic and international courier and freight services. Eshipper offers full order management including warehousing and shipping. Eshipper works in association with the world’s elite carriers to give you top service at the best rates.

Our expertise in customs, strong relationships with major airlines, powerful shipping platform and in-house operations take care of all your air freight needs. SmartePost is an eshipper exclusive trackable mail service for domestic and international shipping.

No matter what you sell and where you wish to ship to, eShipper can help! Contact them today for customized e-commerce shipping solutions for your business. Their team is waiting to assist you!

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