Packaging 101: The Complete Guide

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Creative Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas: Beyond Production

All the lip gloss packaging ideas from our list have one thing in common. They are all super creative and cute! Yet, each one can be good for different target audiences. That’s why we suggest you read each one carefully.

Custom Lip Gloss Boxes

Based on our opinion, customized lip boxes are on the top lip gloss packaging ideas list. The purpose of custom boxes is to differentiate your product from other ones. Also, it has a strong power to grab the attention of potential buyers.

custom lip gloss box

So, how exactly do you customize lip gloss boxes in a unique way? We primarily recommend you use unusual shapes that people can’t see often. Also, the size of each box can be adjusted. Smaller packages and properly shaped can also ensure a better layer of protection for the product. Ultimately, we strongly recommend you use sustainable materials for customization. They are all flexible regarding customization and do not harm the environment in any way.

custom lip gloss boxes

Arka can help you turn all your lip gloss packaging ideas into reality. Our team is full of experts in the packaging and branding fields. Thanks to our knowledge and the equipment we use, you can customize your boxes in any way. In addition, it is worth mentioning that we only sell boxes made of eco-friendly materials. Get in touch with us directly from our website and share your ideas with us!

Clear Plastic Tubes

Clear plastic tubes will boost the level of transparency that most consumers expect. Allow people to see the structure of lip gloss before purchasing it. That way, they can decide on their own if your product is worth their attention or not. Add personalized labels to the package to make things even more interesting. They should contain the logo and short textual content that highlights the main information about the brand or product.

clear plastic lip gloss packaging idea

Whimsical Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas

Adding some fantasy and playful design elements to your packaging can be a good choice. You can add illustrations of unicorns, fairies, and similar characters. It is one of the lip gloss packaging ideas you should use if your customers require a magical vibe. Also, these illustrations will make you noticeable on the shelves!

whimsical lip gloss packaging idea

Cute Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas

This and previous lip gloss packaging ideas are connected. Yet, cute packages have a bit different request. Instead of adding fantasy elements, you should focus on motifs like kittens, puppies, cute emojis, etc. That way, people will feel like they are buying a piece of happiness, not an ordinary product. In other words, your product will get a sentimental value.

cute lip gloss packaging ideas

cute lip gloss packaging idea

Sustainable Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas

Sustainability has become a request in the business world. A modern consumer has become educated enough to understand the importance of eco-friendly materials. Materials like recycled cardboard for lip gloss products would be a great choice.

sustainable lip gloss packaging idea

Despite doing a good thing for the planet, you are also improving your reputation among people. It would be great to use labels to explain that all your packages are made of eco-friendly materials. People sometimes hardly notice the difference alone.

sustainable lip gloss packaging ideas

Vintage-Inspired Tins for Lip Gloss

What were the most popular lip glass packaging ideas during the 60s or 70s? It is something you should check, especially if your target audience is full of older people. That period of history is their favorite one. They were young, in love, and full of energy back then. Vintage-inspired tins will allow them to get back to their happiest period. Also, you will allow younger generations to travel through time and experience a little about how their parents or grandparents lived.

vintage lip gloss packaging ideas

The tin containers should contain floral patterns and nostalgic colors. In addition, you should check out which typography was the most popular for packaging. We recommend you try out the Cottage Sans font.

Personalized Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas

Personalization of lip gloss packaging will ensure a stronger emotional connection with customers. You will make the customer feel like you are dedicated to a product only to him.

personalized lip gloss packaging ideas

The lip gloss boxes can contain elements such as monograms, names, and custom messages. Despite that, you are making your products suitable for gifts. For instance, people can use your messages or quotes to express love or any other emotion to the person they want to surprise.

personalized lip gloss packaging idea

Holographic Finishes: Shifting Colors

One of the lip gloss packaging ideas that you will definitely like includes holographic finishes. These finishes will allow customers to recognize your brand easily. In other words, you will grab the attention of customers easily and boost your brand awareness.

holographic lip gloss packaging ideas

The packaging should contain a logo and colors that are matchable with your brand. For example, if your logo is purple, the holographic finishes should mainly focus on that color. You can use different shades of the same color as well.

holographic lip gloss packaging idea

Custom Packaging with Smooth Texture

As we said before, customization will make your packaging look unique and more interesting to consumers. We would like to add one more tip here. The customization should come with a smooth texture. That type of texture will ensure the tactile unboxing experience. If your brand stays in the subconsciousness of your consumers, they will probably re-order your products.

custom lip gloss packaging

Smooth texture is beneficial in another way. Your product will look for sophisticated and delightful. That way, you will boost its value and get the chance for better profit margins.

custom lip gloss packaging idea

Luxury Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas

Do you want to make your lip gloss products look luxurious? You can achieve that with bold and black packaging boxes. They should be embellished with silver or gold foilings. Use premium (and sustainable) packaging materials to boost your product’s value even more. Because of these design elements, people will feel indulgent when using your lip gloss.

luxury lip gloss packaging idea

Minimalist Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas

Minimalism has proven to be one of the most modern lip gloss packaging box ideas. You will not have to add a lot of elements to the box. Instead, you should strive to remain classic. The minimalistic packages have elegant typography, monochromatic color schemes and clean lines. The point of this type of packaging is to communicate purity and clarity. It is something that today’s consumers respect.

minimalist lip gloss packaging idea

Transparent Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas

Transparency in the business field is a tool that helps brands build mutual trust with consumers. Allowing people to see the insides of the packaging will bring that sense of transparency. You can use boxes with windows to allow people to see the insides before spending their money. It will be enough just to put your logo on the windows. That way, you will grab your attention with a unique design.

transparent lip gloss packaging idea

Custom Inserts, Dividers and Handles

You don’t have to design the entire packaging to make it look unique. Instead, you can customize some of its parts. For instance, one of the lip gloss packaging ideas we like suggests the customization of inserts and dividers. In addition, you can customize the handles and make them look stylish. Despite a better look, your packaging will become easier to carry.

divider lip gloss packaging idea

custom inserts for lip gloss packaging

Artistic Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas

Your packaging can look funky if you add some unique and bold artistic patterns. Each gloss box you put on the shelves would, in that case, be a piece of art for itself. Collecting all those pieces of artwork will be interesting to people. That’s why they won’t hesitate to return to your brand next time they need a lip gloss.

artistic lip gloss packaging idea

Stylish Packaging Typography

The previous lip gloss packaging ideas were mostly focused on the visual aspect. Yet, entrepreneurs must not neglect the importance of typography. Typography should be stylish; the only way to achieve that is to use appropriate fonts. You can try out fonts like Museo Slab, Seaside Resort, Pacifico, or Helvetica Neue (Bold variant). Use the typography to make your packaging look amazing and share the most important information regarding the brand.

stylish lip gloss packaging idea

stylish lip gloss packaging ideas

Storytelling Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas

It will not be enough for people to buy your products just because “your lip gloss is great”. Many other brands offer the same quality. People must be emotionally connected to your brand. Packaging has the power to tell the story about your brand. You should use a mix of illustrations and typography to talk about your brand's values, history, and overall background.

storytelling lip gloss packaging ideas

For instance, you use illustrations to highlight your dedication to making the planet Earth greener. People with the same values will emotionally connect with you!

storytelling lip gloss packaging idea

Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas for Gifting

Some brands want to make their products perfect for gifting occasions. That type of businesses must customize their packages for such a purpose. For instance, you can add gift tags or special motifs related to specific holidays. Your product won’t just be a number one choice for gifts. With these designs, you will also encourage people to re-purchase the products for special events.

gift lip gloss packaging ideas

gift lip gloss packaging idea

Harmonizing Packaging Colors

The packaging should contain shades of the lip gloss that is inside. That way, you are actually making the packaging more useful for the consumers. They will manage to identify the shade that suits them the most. At the same time, you will create a visually appealing product display that will easily grab their attention.

harmonizing lip gloss packaging idea

Modern Prints on Lip Gloss Packages

Modern prints can make your product stand out from the mass of others. Researching the market and seeing how your competitors are doing it will be necessary. Focus more on the competitors that have really reached certain successes.

modern lip gloss packaging idea

So, what exactly should you do? One of the options we support is focusing on unconventional and abstract shapes. You should also focus more on bright colors and interesting textures. Brighter colors are more noticeable compared to typical black tubes. Of course, decide on this lip glass packaging idea only if it is matchable with your brand’s color palette.

Themed Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas

Is your brand associated with a specific theme? You should use that connection for package design. That way, you will impress people who are interested in particular concepts and aesthetics. Some good examples are celestial motifs and retro-inspired designs.

themed lip gloss packaging ideas

3 Tips for an Effective Lip Gloss Packaging Design

After highlighting some of the best lip gloss packaging ideas, we would like to share some useful tips. These tips are some sort of summary of everything we said in the previous text. Read them carefully and apply them to get the best lip gloss packaging benefits.

Pay Attention to Colors

It is essential for every entrepreneur to take into consideration the principles of color psychology. Each color can be a trigger for a specific emotion. For example, if you decide on playful designs, you should focus on brighter colors. On the other hand, if your target audience is sophisticated individuals, you should focus more on elegant tones. As you see, truly understanding your target audience will be necessary before deciding on one color.

Don’t Neglect the Importance of Packaging Typography

Illustrations and other design elements grab the attention of potential buyers. Yet, textual content is the one that establishes a strong emotional bond. Use clear and elegant letters that will be matchable with other design elements. Ensure that the readability of the textual content remains good.

themed lip gloss packaging ideas

Experiment with Textures and Finishes

The selection of textures and finishes depends on the lip gloss packaging idea you decide on. For example, if you strive to respect minimalistic standards, you should use a matte finish. On the other hand, glossy finishes would be much more suitable if you want to be more trendy. Whichever decision you make, ensure it matches your brand’s values.

Final Thoughts

We are sure that some of the lip gloss packaging ideas will be suitable for your brand. Defining what you want to achieve with your packaging and which messages you want to send is crucial. Also, you must understand which designs impress your target audience. Get in touch with Arka if you get stuck, and we will find the best solutions for your brand!

FAQs on Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas

Can minimalistic packaging designs work for a range of lip gloss styles?

Minimalistic packaging designs are versatile. That’s why they can work for different styles of lip gloss. Clean lines, simple colors and elegant typography can be matchable with the needs of many lip gloss brands. Yet, minimalism will not be a good choice if your target audience expects whimsical or vibrant designs.

What should I include in my lip gloss packaging?

There are many elements your lip gloss packaging should contain. Some of the most important ones are typography, branding elements, product information, and appropriate visuals. You can also add more details about contact information or simply incorporate a QR code. Read our list of lip gloss packaging ideas to discover more details!

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