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7 Benefits of Corrugated Packaging

As we said, the popularity of corrugated packaging is at a high level due to the diversity of benefits it can bring. We would like to highlight the seven most meaningful ones that will change your approach toward them.

They are Strong and Durable

Corrugated box packaging can provide maximum protection for various products. They are stronger compared to typical cardboard boxes. Thanks to their structure, they can be a perfect protection against moisture and different sorts of bacteria.


These packages can be made in different sizes and shapes. Apart from that, they can be made either with one, two, or three layers of protection. That makes them pretty versatile and usable for different types of products (and purposes).


Corrugated packages are made of strong yet cheap materials. That makes them cost-effective. Businesses can ensure better profit margins if they pack the items they are selling this way.

corrugated packaging

Credits: CURVD®


The packaging design directly influences the purchasing decision of people. That’s why eCommerce businesses tend to experiment with designs. Fortunately, corrugated packaging boxes are easily printable. With Arka, you will manage to convert all your design ideas into reality!


Corrugated boxes are made out of eco-friendly materials. Using them ensures you reduce your carbon footprint and harm the planet much less. Despite doing a good thing for everyone, you also gain trust and boost your reputation this way.

sustainable packaging boxes and custom tape by Arka

Easily Customizable

As we said, corrugated boxes can be easily customizable. They can be made in different shapes and sizes. Reducing the size of the package will ensure better protection for the product. Also, you will manage to reduce costs that way. Smaller boxes require smaller amounts of materials. In addition, you can transport more of them than once, significantly reducing shipping fees.

Customer Satisfaction

All the mentioned benefits result in improved customer satisfaction. They will have to pay less for the products and get a customized package that guarantees a better unboxing experience. Sustainable packaging will also ensure that people trust you more and appreciate your effort to do something good for the planet.

The Process of Manufacturing Corrugated Packaging

The procedure of developing corrugated packages is actually quite simple to understand. Everything starts from paper preparation and ends up with printing and finishing. Yet, a few more important steps in the meantime need to be highlighted. The entire procedure looks like this:

• Paper Preparation

Corrugating (with adequate equipment)

Adhesive application

Cutting and slitting

Printing and finishing.

corrugated box


9 Types of Corrugated Packaging

After we explained “what is corrugated packaging” and which benefits you get, there is something else we need to say. The reason why corrugated boxes are so flexible is because they come in different forms. Believe it or not, entrepreneurs can use 10 different types of packaging. Each one comes with specific benefits, so let’s find them out!

Regular Slotted Containers

There are two reasons why entrepreneurs often decide on regular slotted containers. First, they are very easy to maintain and create. That ensures lower production costs which result in better prices for entrepreneurs. Apart from that, they are completely sustainable.

rsc corrugated packaging

Credits: WebstaurantStore

Die-Cut Boxes

The machine used for the creation of this type of packaging is a die cutter. That is the reason why they got this name. Because of the die process procedure, they are more customizable than regular slotted containers.

Die Cut corrugated Boxes

Credits: Mark Alan

Corrugated Trays

This type of corrugated packaging is an excellent choice for small items. However, that doesn’t mean they are lightweight themselves. They offer very great protection for the product. Apart from that, they are biodegradable, recyclable and reusable. That makes them the perfect choice for businesses wanting to promote sustainability.

corrugated tray

Credits: Amazon

Display Packaging

The main purpose of display packaging is to grab customers’ attention and promote the product/brand. Customizing and designing them in the right way can significantly increase sales of the product and boost brand awareness. Apart from that, it provides perfect protection, especially for longer transportation.

display packaging


Telescope Boxes

No, these boxes are not just made for telescopes. They can be used for products like clothes, books, and shoes. Their main benefit is versatility, which is the reason why they are perfect for different industries. You can also check Arka’s premium custom shoe boxes that enhance the customer unboxing experience!

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are an extremely durable type of corrugated packaging. Despite the strength, losing the quality of their look takes time. That’s why they are often the main choice of brands wanting to add elegance to their products.

rigid boxes

Folding Boxes

These corrugated packages are extremely customizable, which is good for branding. Custom folding carton boxes are also a great “reputation booster” because of their sustainable features. Ultimately, they are pretty durable; it will be unnecessary to replace them frequently.

custom folding carton boxes

Tuck Top Auto Bottom Boxes

Of all the mentioned types of corrugated packaging, this one may be the most durable and strongest. It comes with a double-sided wall which is why they are a perfect product protection tool.

Tuck Top Auto Bottom Boxes


Double-Cover Corrugated Boxes

As the name suggests, these boxes are covered on two sides. More precisely, they come with a cap at the bottom and top. It is a perfect option for heavy products. For example, you can see them used for heavy parts of cars, motorcycles, and different vehicles.


Common Uses of Corrugated Packaging

As we said, the flexibility and versatility of corrugated packages allow people to use them in different industries. However, at the same time, they also have similar or identical uses. Here are some industries where corrugated packages are very popular:

• Ecommerce: the eCommerce world has never been more competitive. That is the reason why entrepreneurs use every possible option to promote their brands. One of the ways to achieve goals is by investing in high-quality ecommerce packaging. Due to all the benefits of corrugated packaging, it is the number one choice of many ecommerce stores.

Electronics: different electronic gadgets can easily be damaged during transportation. Each part usually has a bit higher price, which is another reason why a high level of protection must be ensured. Corrugated packaging is strong and durable, which is why many businesses from the electronic industry use them.

Office Supply and Stationary: office supplies are also easily damaged just like electronics. For the same reason, many office supply companies will use this box type for protection.

Healthcare: it is probably well-known how expensive medical instruments are. Unfortunately, they are also sensitive. Treating them with care during the transportation procedure isn’t easy. That’s why most people use rigid corrugated boxes to protect them. They have the capacity to protect these instruments from bacteria and contamination.

Military: working with military items isn’t easy in many ways. Transporting them from one place to another comes with many requirements. The good news is that some of the corrugated boxes can be used for storing these items. They can withstand humidity and wet environment. Also, they will are capable enough to protect the heaviest items. Yet, each box must pass the “tests” that confirm they are strong enough to protect these products.

Final Thoughts

We are glad you now know the answer to the questions like “What is corrugated packaging” or “what is corrugated packaging’s meaning” and all its benefits. Choose one of the options that are the most adequate for your items. They will ensure good protection for your products and help you boost brand awareness.

At Arka, we offer prime-quality custom packaging for any niche; you can check our custom mailer boxes and shipping boxes too. Let’s create your top-notch packaging today!

FAQs on Corrugated Packaging

Is corrugated packaging suitable for fragile items?

Yes, corrugated packages are a perfect match for fragile items. Their structure ensures good protection and durability.

What are some alternatives to corrugated packaging?

Some of the alternatives you should consider are seaweed packages, mushroom packaging, biodegradable packaging peanuts, and so on. You should focus on sustainable alternatives that provide the same benefits as corrugated packaging.

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