Packaging 101: The Complete Guide

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Creative Sunglass Packaging Ideas

We once again need to repeat the same thing from the intro. All the sunglass packaging ideas from our list are amazing! However, brands must define their values and goals before choosing one. The designs must match your brand’s background and send the right message. Let’s get started!

Sustainable Sunglass Packaging Ideas

Sustainability has become one of the trends in the eCommerce business. People appreciate eco-friendly brands that use sustainable packaging for their products. Despite a better reputation, most sustainable materials are considered premium. That’s something that can ensure you better profit margins.

Based on our experience, recycled cardboard and bamboo are the best options. The packaging should be smaller, requiring less use of materials. At the same time, you should reduce the design elements on the packaging. That way, you will use less ink. If you can’t achieve that, use sustainable ink as an alternative!

sustainable sunglass packaging ideas

We strongly recommend you use labels and stickers to promote sustainability. Primarily, highlight the packaging materials your brand is using. Also, explain to people the benefits of eco-friendly packaging. Ultimately, invite people to recycle or reuse things. These are the best ways to implement sustainable sunglass packaging ideas.

sustainable sunglass packaging idea

Sunglass Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes represent good protection for sunglasses. They are gondola-shaped, which allows them to curve around your products. You can find them in all sizes, which is great for different types of sunglasses. Of course, there is also an option to customize them yourself (they are suitable for that). That way, they can fit most of the bags, making your packaging reusable and practical.

pillow boxes sunglass packaging

Regarding design, we do not recommend you experiment with some crazy illustrations here. Instead, you should only add your company’s name and logo (and eventually slogan). The background of the pillow boxes should match your brand’s color palette.

pillow boxes sunglass packagings

Foldable Sunglass Cases

Brands can benefit from sunglass packaging ideas like this in two ways. They are space-saving and convenient. The foldable feature lets people easily carry their sunglasses inside the packaging wherever they go. That ensures a high level of protection. Adding magnetic snaps or any other secure closure mechanism would ensure an even higher level of protection.

foldable sunglass cases

foldable sunglass case packaging

Custom Sunglass Boxes

As we said, one of the goals you should have is to make your brand unique. Customizing the sunglass boxes can help you achieve that goal. Best of all, you can choose between a wide range of options. You should primarily customize the size and shape of the packaging. Our suggestion is to keep boxes as small as possible.

Other design elements can also be customized. For instance, the colors of the packaging should be matchable with your brand’s color palette. On the other hand, the colors you chose must not make the logo unnoticeable. Also, the readability level of packaging typography must be extremely high. If so, people won’t easily see the message you want to share through the packaging.

custom sunglass boxes

In our opinion, rigid cardboard and faux leather are great options for custom sunglass boxes. These two packages are easily customizable. Most of the modern buyers consider them premium as well. At the same time, you will make your packaging unique and boost profit margins due to its luxurious look.

At Arka, we offer the best custom packaging for your brand! Check out our custom mailer boxes and shipping boxes; let’s create your brand’s perfect packaging together!

Sunglass Packaging with Magnetic Closure

We have already mentioned that a security closure mechanism should be on the sunglass packaging. In this case, you should not focus too much on packaging design. Instead, you should focus on making powerful, luxurious, and practical packaging. One of the options we like the most is magnetic closure. Simply add your logo on the packaging. Also, we recommend that packages with such a security closure mechanism be single-colored. The packaging colors should match the color of your logo.

magnetic closure sunglass packaging

magnetic closure sunglass packagings

Transparent Sunglass Packaging Ideas

Sunglass packaging ideas with a high level of transparency can help you create a stronger emotional bond with customers. More precisely, people appreciate seeing the sunglasses before purchasing them. That way, they can determine if their design will match their overall style.

transparent sunglass packaging idea

We recommend blister packs and clear biodegradable plastic boxes for such a purpose. However, don’t underestimate the importance of packaging durability!

transparent sunglass packaging ideas

Wooden Sunglass Cases

As we said, sustainability has become a requirement in the modern era of the eCommerce world. Despite biodegradable and recycled materials, you can also try to impress people with wooden packages. Wood is powerful enough to protect sunglasses from any potential damage. Unfortunately, you are a bit limited regarding design.

wooden sunglass packaging idea

Our recommendation is to engrave your logo on the wooden surface. Additionally, you can add personalized messages and ensure a better unboxing experience. Some of the best types of wood for this purpose are oak, cedar, birch, and pine.

wooden sunglass packaging ideas

Artistic Sunglass Packaging Ideas

Do you want to make your sunglasses stand out with unusual and artistic packaging designs? In that case, you will have to get out of the box. Adding irrelevant illustrations to your packaging would be a waste of time. Add pieces of art that are strong enough to tell a story about your brand. We recommend experimenting with different illustrations for different sunglasses types. Despite differentiating your products, you will also make your packages collectible. That’s one of the marketing tools that many successful brands use.

artistic sunglass packaging idea

Occasionally, you can even release limited-edition packages with new illustrations and artwork pieces. Ensure that new packages are somehow related to a holiday, event, or occasion. Logically, your logo must be present on any packing version you decide on.

artistic sunglass packaging ideas

Vintage Sunglass Packaging Ideas

Are you selling sunglasses that were most popular during the 60s, 70s or 80s? Their popularity may not be as high as it was many years ago. However, you can still find people wearing them with joy. Those people would admire your effort to turn vintage sunglass packaging ideas into reality. You would allow them to return to the good old days when they were young and full of energy.

vintage sunglass packaging idea

To make things easier for yourself, check out the sunglass packing designs popular in that period. You will notice that they all have some common design elements. Generally speaking, the usage of retro illustrations and images would be great. Also, check out the vintage typography used for textual content on the packages during that time. Milkman is, for example, one of the popular fonts during the 70s.

retro sunglass packaging idea

Luxurious Sunglass Packaging Ideas

Many things around sunglasses are associated with luxury and style. As we said at the beginning, some people don’t have a problem with sunlight. Instead, they are wearing sunglasses to showcase their style and the values they support. Those people would rather buy products that come with luxurious packages.

luxurious sunglass packaging idea

Simplicity and minimalism are something you should focus on. Most luxurious packages are single-colored and do not contain illustrations or graphics. One of the ways to implement this sunglass packaging idea is by using velvet pouches. They look premium and luxurious. Also, they are strong enough to protect sunglasses from scratches.

Luxurious packaging materials require larger investments. At the same time, they ensure higher profit margins. That means these investments will pay off on a long basis.

luxurious sunglass packaging ideas

Custom Inserts

In some cases, you may not manage to customize the packaging from the outside. As an alternative, you should focus on customizing inserts. Sunglass packaging ideas regarding custom inserts are mostly focused on protection. Still, there are some elements of surprise that you can add to ensure a better unboxing experience. Inside the packaging, a personalized “Thank You” message can be provided with the warranty or discount for the next purchase. Analyze your target audience to determine what would surprise them the most.

custom inserts for sunglass

Interactive Sunglass Packaging Ideas

Integrating sunglasses packaging ideas with advanced technology like QR codes can enhance the interactive experience. By strategically placing a QR code on the packaging, customers can be prompted to scan it, gaining access to a virtual try-on experience. This feature enables them to determine the suitability of the sunglasses for their needs.

Furthermore, the QR code can direct them to informative product videos, offering valuable insights about the brand or the sunglasses they intend to purchase. These innovative practices, incorporating sunglasses packaging ideas, are widely embraced by modern sunglass brands today.

interactive sunglass packaging idea

Custom Stickers and Labels

Despite inserts, entrepreneurs can also focus on customizing labels and custom stickers. The purpose of both packaging accessories is to inform people more about the product. If you sell UV sunglasses, we recommend the usage of UV protection messaging. It will be clear immediately which benefits your products provide.

labels sunglass packaging idea

stickers for sunglass packaging

3 Tips for Effective Sunglass Packaging Designs

We are pretty sure you will like at least one of our sunglass packaging ideas. Yet, turning them into reality is much tougher than you think. If you get stuck at any moment, you can always contact us. With our experience and equipment, we can help you ensure amazing packaging and a memorable unboxing experience.

Yet, before you do that, we would like to share 3 tips with you for effective sunglass packaging designs. Have all three of them in mind when you decide to start with packaging changes. They are:

• Have Sustainability in Mind: sustainability is one of the values many people in the USA share. People have realized the damage harmful materials have been causing. That’s why they would rather focus on brands that promote sustainability. Try to use eco-friendly materials and promote sustainability standards whenever possible. Use labels and stickers for educational purposes!

Focus More on Protection: the appropriate sunglass packaging design will grab the attention of the buyers. Yet, the product inside must stay untouched until it reaches the final destination. A lot of damaged products will reduce your profit. You must offer a free replacement, which will only bring additional expenses. Use packaging materials that are strong or customized inserts that can ensure an additional layer of protection.

Packaging Must Match Your Brand: the first obligation entrepreneurs have is to define their brand and what they want to achieve with packaging. Without knowing in which direction they go, they will not succeed in making an appropriate selection of sunglass packaging ideas. All the design elements (colors, closure mechanisms, illustrations, typography) must match the brand’s identity. It is fine to check out the designs of your direct competitors. Yet, find something that makes you different from all of them and use that when trying to find the best idea.

Final Thoughts

Determining the best sunglass packaging ideas for your brand may be hard. That’s why we tried simplifying the process by providing clear tips. Define what you want to achieve and what your target audience expects before selecting. Focus on sustainability materials. Other design elements depend on the results of your research. Are you ready to start?

FAQs on Sunglass Packaging Ideas

What materials are best for eco-friendly sunglass packaging?

Wooden packages are probably the most common option we can see on the market. You can also find sunglass packages made of bamboo, recycled cardboard, and plant-based plastics.

Are transparent sunglass boxes a good choice for all types of sunglasses?

There is no precise answer to that question. It depends on whether you want to showcase the quality/design of your product or you want to focus more on branding. These packages will make your brand look trustworthy. With transparent boxes, you will confirm there is nothing you want to hide!

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