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Why Employee Welcome Kits Matter: 5 Key Benefits

For starters, we must explain what employee welcome kits are. New hire welcome kits (also known as employee welcome boxes) are a gift assortment that usually contains the logo and colors of the company. Their purpose is to make the newcomer happy and valued from the first moment he enters the team. 

In total, there are five benefits that entrepreneurs can get by designing employee welcome kits. They are:

• Boosting Employee Morale: it doesn’t matter how experienced a newcomer is. It is always uncomfortable to get connected with a completely new group of people. With the new employee welcome kit, his/her morale will improve from the first moment he meets his new teammates. That’s a perfect way to support someone who is starting a new journey!

 Fostering a Sense of Belonging: as we said, it is not easy to feel belonging when you find yourself in a group of completely unfamiliar people. That especially counts for shy people. Entrepreneurs can break that barrier by creating custom employee welcome boxes. They will make them feel like they have come to the right place and are already a part of the team! 

employee working on packaging design

Credits: ThisisEngineering

 Enhancing Productivity and Engagement: how often do people feel comfortable at their working place? The number is probably not that big. Yet, if you make the new employee feel welcome from the first day, he will want to show appreciation! That attitude will directly influence his productivity. Also, he would like to get involved in different business operations and improve the entire organization. 

 Increasing Employee Retention: the good feelings caused by the welcome kit for new employees are not short-term. On the contrary, it will remain in the employee’s subconsciousness. He would barely wait to come to his office because he knows he belongs there. Later, when an employee potentially gets a better job offer, he would less likely accept it. He would want to stay because of the emotions he has while he spends time with the rest of the team (and superiors). 

 Improving Company Reputation: do you think people will not talk about the experience your company ensured for them? In the modern world, most of them will even post that on social media. That “word-of-mouth” marketing will improve the overall reputation of your business. People will want to come to work with you and experience the same emotions.

Creative New Employee Welcome Kit Ideas

After explaining what a new employee welcome kit is and which benefits it assures, let’s move to some ideas! Each type of new hire welcome kit is good for different purposes and different people. We are sure some of them will be great for you. Let’s go! 

1. Essential Items for Everyday Use 

Welcome kit for new employees does not only have to look aesthetically nice. It also needs to be practical. That’s why making a kit full of everyday items can be the right choice. For example, the most common choice is a water bottle with the company logo. Apart from that, some of the ideas you might like are: 

• Personalized notebook 

• Pen set

• Customize tote bag for office use

• Reusable coffee mugs for eco-conscious employees, etc.

All these items need to have a logo or at least have the same colors as the company’s logo. 

mugs for employee gift package


2. Personalized Items with a Special Touch

A personalized welcome pack for new employees will always be a good idea. For example, you can give a welcome letter from the CEO or the entire team. Also, you can design a personalized nameplate for the desk or create a customized name badge for special occasions. Ultimately, a hoodie or jacket with the company logo can surprise the new employee.

new employee welcome box kit


3. Tech Gadgets and Accessories  

You don’t have to be an electronics company to use tech accessories as part of the new employee welcome kit. These tools can be useful for everyone, especially those who spend a lot of time on their smartphone. Some of the ideas you may like are:

• Wireless charging pad for smartphones

• Noise-canceling headphones for focused work

• Ergonomic keyboard and mouse set, and

• Portable phone and table stand

All these tools can be useful for the workers. Of course, they can also use them outside of work. Yet, they can also help them improve their productivity by using them while working. 

gadgets for new employee welcome kit


4. Books to Inspire and Educate

Books are always an amazing gift, especially if they send a wise message. There is no need to customize the book itself. Customize the book packaging if you want to make the new employee welcome kit more eye-pleasing. Put a company logo on the package or simply write a short note from a CEO and other employees on the first page. Some of the books you should focus on are: 

• Best-selling business books related to the industry

• Inspirational and motivational books for personal growth

• Industry-specific guides and resources

• The history book of the company or biography of the founder

book gift for employee

Credits: Sincerely Media

5. Snacks and Treats for The Workplace

What do you offer your guests when they come to your home? How do you want to make them feel welcome? You probably offer them coffee, tea, or some treats and snacks. That’s exactly how your employee welcome box can look. Some of the treats and snacks you can put in the welcome kit box are: 

• Assorted health and energy bars

• Gourmet coffee and tea selection

• Welcome kit-themed cupcakes and cookies

• Personalized candy jar with the employee’s name

new employee welcome kit snacks


6. Wellness and Self-Care Essentials

Workers appreciate when their superiors care for their health. That is why different self-care essentials are a great idea for a new employee welcome kit. You can put different stress-relief toys, essential oils, and fidget gadgets there. Apart from that, meditation kits and desk exercise equipment are also legit choices. 

meditation kit for employees

Credits: Shashi Chaturvedula

7. Company Culture Swag and Apparel

Company culture swag and apparel are a great way to make a personal connection between the brand and new employees. Some of the ideas that you can apply are company-branded t-shirts and hoodies. Yet, these things are somehow casual. If you want to get out of the box, alternatives are: 

• Fun and quirky company-themed socks;

• Enamel pins, custom stickers highlighting company values;

• Trendy tote bags with motivational quotes.

company culture swag and apparel


8. Desk and Office Decor Ideas

Ensuring all employees have a comfortable and nice-looking workplace can significantly increase their motivation. That’s why decorative elements can also be part of employee welcome kits. Some of the options you can use are: 

• Desk organizers and storage solutions,

• Decorative desk calendar with company events

• Funky desk planters and succulents

• Inspirational posters and wall art

Desk and Office Decor Ideas for employees

Credits: Carl Heyerdahl

9. Fun and Games for Break Time

New employees will appreciate a lot if you strive to make their break time more relaxing and entertaining from the first moment. That is the reason why a welcome kit for new employees should contain entertaining games. Fortunately, there are a lot of excellent options in front of you. Some of them are: 

• Board games (amazing thing for team bonding)

• Mini-puzzles and brain teasers

• Tabletop mini golf set for a quick break

• Desk dartboard and magnetic darts

All these games can ensure the necessary relaxation and comfort. Employees do not have to use these games at home. You can also allow them (or even suggest) to enjoy them during break time. Bonding between team members will be much easier that way! 

Fun and Games for employees


10. Remote Work Welcome Kit Essentials

    This type of new employee welcome kit won’t be suitable for every business. It will only be a great choice for those companies that can afford remote work. These essentials are practical because they can ensure more comfortable working. Some of the gadgets you should put into consideration are: 

    • High-quality webcam and microphone

    • Ergonomic chair cushion for home office comfort

    • Customized laptop sleeve or case

    • Noise-canceling headphones with a microphone

    All these gadgets are a bit more expensive compared to most others we mention on this page. Yet, you should not regret spending money on them. The level of satisfaction they can cause will only motivate the employee to work harder. You can also use Arka’s top-notch custom shipping boxes to ensure your gifts are delivered safely. 

    remote work essentials employee welcome kit

    Credits: Logitech

    11. Green and Sustainable Gifts

      People appreciate sustainability because of all the benefits it ensures for the planet Earth. Sustainable gifts like eco-friendly bamboo desk accessories and plantable seed paper notepads will surprise new employees. Try to find items that are made of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging materials and useful at the same time. 

      sustainable gift for employee welcome kits

      Credits: Christos Zafeiriadis

      12. Diversity and Inclusion Welcome Items

        Diversity and inclusion are essential things for the good functioning of any business organization. Providing different books on these two topics can be a great onboarding kit. Research the market to find the best ones! 

        inclusion gift for employees

        Credits: Libby Koch Writes, Red Bubble

        13. Useful Apps and Software Licenses

          Ensuring paid versions of useful apps and software solutions for new employees will make their work easier. Also, you can subscribe to some apps they can use for entertainment. 

          useful apps and software licence for employees

          Credits: William Hook

          14. Travel and Commute Essentials

          Ensuring comfortable traveling for every employee can boost their level of satisfaction. Add different travel to the new employee welcome box. For instance, sunscreen, carpooling, a bag with a company’s logo, a charger, etc. 

          travel gifts for employee


          15. Professional Development Resources  

          Different guides and books that can make employees improve professionally are a perfect form of the new employee welcome kit. It is especially good for complete beginners in some professions. 

          guides and books for employee welcome kit

          Credits: Mike McAlister

          16. Hobby-Based Welcome Gifts 

          Supporting employees to enjoy some hobbies is a great idea, isn’t it? Gift them some small toys and convince them to continue collecting them or something like that.  

          hobby gift idea for employees

          Credits: Anastasia Zhenina

          17. Team Building Activities and Kits

          The purpose of the new employee welcome kit is to ensure a sense of belonging for the employee. Organize mini trips or typical dinners at the restaurant where the newcomers can meet the old workers. 

          Team Building Activities for employees

          Credits: Hannah Busing

          18. Coffee and Tea Lovers’ Must-Haves

          Cups and other coffee and tea equipment are a perfect choice! Customize them with the company’s logo to make them even more special! 

          coffee cup gift for employee


          19. Customized Desk Accessories

          Making duties that need to be done at the desk more interesting and comfortable is a duty of every entrepreneur. Customized laptop stands, bar storages, and similar items are a great choice. 

          Desk Accessories


          20. Employee Handbook and Guide

          People are confused when they start working in a new company. That’s why handbooks and guides with the company’s logo are a very useful welcome pack for new employees.

          Employee Handbook and Guide

          Credits: Claudio Schwarz

          21. Charity and Giving Back Initiatives  

          Charity initiatives will explain that your brand does take care of people that need help. It improves your reputation in the eyes of the new employee instantly. 

          Charity and Giving Back Initiatives

          Credits: Joel Muniz

          22. Stress-Relief and Relaxation Gifts  

          Every job causes stress. Stress relief sometimes needs to be instant. That’s why stress-relief toys or free passes to meditation sessions are a great choice. 

          Stress Relief and Relaxation Gifts for employees


          23. Desk Plants and Greenery

          Working in nature makes people more productive. Yet, ensuring those conditions within the town is impossible. That’s why a small desk plant or any sort of greenery is a great welcome kit for new employees. 

          Desk Plants for new employee welcome kit

          Credits: DESIGNECOLOGIST

          24. Subscription Boxes for Ongoing Delights 

          Subscription boxes for personal grooming, different types of food, and similar things will always make new employees feel special. 

          subscription boxes for employees

          Credits: Forner Studio

          25. Employee Recognition and Awards

          Receiving an award already at the beginning, is that possible? You can think of something that will make the employee feel special. For instance, the youngest employee in the company and similar awards are great.

          Employee Recognition and Awards


          26. Fun and Whimsical Welcome Surprises

          Humor will always improve the atmosphere in the office. Entrepreneurs can buy funny toys, food with fun packaging, items that look silly, etc. Adding the company’s logo to them would be a great addition. 

          fun welcome kits gifts for employees

          Credits: Fabricio Rauen

          27. Creative Office Art and Prints 

          Creating this new employee welcome kit will require a lot of creativity. You may need to hire someone to help you with this. 

          Creative Office Art and Prints for employee welcome kits


          28. Virtual Team-Building Tools 

          Online office games are an excellent way to engage the employees with the rest of the team. Some of them are video conferencing platforms, virtual escape rooms, etc. 

          video conferencing platforms

          Credits: Chris Montgomery

          29. Safety and Emergency Preparedness

          New employees will appreciate it if you prioritize their safety at the workplace. Gift them guides on evacuation procedures, more details about emergency contacts, and so on.

          evacuation plan guide for employees


          30. DIY and Craft Kits for Creativity 

          Allow new workers to improve their creativity with DIY kits. Some of the supplies they could contain are knitting, painting, origami, etc.

           diy kits for employees

          Credits: Gabriel

          31. Company History and Memorabilia

          Memorabilia is an excellent new hire welcome kit for showing the values of the company. The employee will realize that he has reached a place where certain big goals in the past were accomplished. He will automatically start feeling more valuable after joining the crew that is on the same mission. 

          Company History and Memorabilia

          Credits: Mari Potter

          32. Brain Teasers and Puzzles 

          Brain teasers are entertaining tools for personal improvement. Put sudoku or crossword puzzles in the welcome kit box!

          Brain Teasers and Puzzles for employee welcome kits

          Credits: Alvaro Reyes

          33. Seasonal Welcome Kits

          The look of this welcome kit for new employees depends on in which part of the year a new employee has joined the company. For example, if he/she joined in winter, gift them a blanket with the company’s logo on it. During the autumn, you can gift them a company-branded umbrella. 

          Seasonal Welcome Kits

          Credits: Samantha Woon

          34. A Taste of Local Delicacies

          If your employee is from another town or country, you should introduce him to the taste of local food. Put some specific beverages or snacks in the employee welcome box! You can also check Arka’s premium custom food boxes if you want to send your employees a delightful assortment of tasty treats.

          cake gift for new employees

          Credits: Yuexin Huo

          35. Corporate Social Responsibility

          Explain the effort your company is investing in social responsibility. Add materials that contain information about CSR initiatives, volunteering, and different sustainable practices. 

          employees learning company details

          Credits: John Schnobrich

          36. Desk Exercises and Ergonomic

          The promotion of health is something most employees will appreciate. Include desk exercise gifts in the employee welcome kits, such as adjustable laptop stands, guides to desk exercising, etc. 

          desk exercises for employees


          37. Celebration of Cultural Diversity

          Create a welcome kit that explains and celebrates the cultural difference within the company. You can add different cultural books, international snacks, and similar things. The new employee will understand that people within the company are all different and respect each other. That way, they will know that respect they deserve will be given by the rest of the people. Also, they do not have to pretend to be someone else. 

          cultural gift packages for employees

          Credits: Lung-Hao Chiang

          38. Outdoor Adventure Essentials

          If you organize outdoor adventure team buildings occasionally, then gift the essentials necessary for those events. Include hiking trail maps, water bottles with the company’s logo, and similar stuff in the new employee welcome kit box.

          hiking trail maps for employee welcome kits

          Credits: Annie Spratt

          39. Motivational Posters and Prints

          All employees need inspiration. It doesn’t have to be job-related. You can provide any sort of support (even related to personal life) to a new employee through posters and prints. Logically, these prints should also contain the name and logo of your company. 

          Motivational Posters and Prints for new employee welcome kits

          Credits: Jon Tyson

          40. Virtual Event and Webinar Goodies

          Virtual knowledge improvement is a practice that most businesses use today. It is an amazing source of knowledge, especially for new employees without any work experience. Support their improvement by adding high-quality headphones or branded notebooks they could use while learning. 

          Webinar equipment for new employee welcome kits

          Credits: Malte Helmhold

          41. Hobby Kits for After-Work Hours

          After employees leave the office, they need to relax and have fun. Hobbies do not take a lot of energy, and they can entertain people. Support new employees with a starter kit for a musical instrument or gardening supplies. 

          musical instrument gift

          Credits: Caught In Joy

          42. Financial Wellness and Planning Tools

          New employees should be financially educated. Even a higher salary won’t mean anything if they do not know how to organize their budget properly. Support them by giving them resources and access to different budgeting and investing tools.

          budgeting and investing tools

          Credits: Carlos Muza

          43. Company Social Media Kit

          The simplest onboarding kit you can think of is a social media kit. That includes branded graphics and hashtags they can share on social media. The new employees will participate in social media promotions, which will boost their sense of belonging. 

          Company Social Media Kit


          44. Artistic and Creative Welcome Gifts

          Sketchbooks, photography guides, and art supplies can be great choices for this new employee welcome kit. Allow your employees to show their creativity in arts!

          Sketchbooks for employee welcome kits

          Credits: Rachael Gorjestani

          45. Music and Audio Accessories

          Give new employee access to different music streaming platforms. Also, allow them to use it while working to improve their focus and joy while working. 

          Spotify subscription for new employee welcome kits

          Credits: sgcdesignco

          Final Thoughts

          All these new employee welcome kit ideas are fantastic! Your task is to find the most appropriate ones to fit your brand and surprise your newcomer. 

          If you want to make company-branded packages for these gifts, you can contact Arka. We are happy to support every entrepreneur who wants to welcome new workers in the best possible way and with the most exciting packaging ideas. We can create the perfect custom gift boxes, which will enhance the unboxing experience and make your employee welcome kit even more memorable!

          FAQs on New Employee Welcome Kits 

          How do I choose the right items for the employee welcome kit?

          The kit must someone relate to your brand. It should also be connected with new employees' professions and tasks they will work on. Also, it is essential to determine in advance which message you want to send. 

          Should employee welcome kits be given on the first workday?

          It is recommendable to do that immediately to ensure the best effect. Yet, you can do that a couple of days later as well. 

          Are there any cost considerations in preparing employee welcome kits?

          Expenses are always a consideration in the business world. We recommend you do not try to save a lot of new employee welcome kits. They will help you keep the same employee for a longer period. Plus, they will motivate them to work harder from the first moment they enter the office. 

          Is the welcome kit only for full-time employees, or do part-time employees also receive them? 

          There is no precise answer to this question. It is a matter of choice! If the part-time employee that comes will get involved in complex business operations, we do not see the reason not to welcome the employee this way as well.

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