Packaging 101: The Complete Guide

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Creative Eyelash Packaging Ideas to Wow Customers

Take a look at these beautiful and creative eyelash packaging ideas that will amaze and impress your customers and help boost sales for your beauty business.

Eco-Friendly Lash Packaging Ideas

Make your lash packaging sustainable by using sustainable packaging materials. Examples include molded sugarcane pulp (known as bagasse, which uses less energy to produce and doesn’t have any impact on our forests) and recycled paperboard. Also, consider using environmentally-friendly algae ink and biodegradable cartridges for colors on the packaging.

eco-friendly lash packaging ideas

eco-friendly lash packaging idea

sustainable lash packaging ideas

Custom Lash Boxes

By choosing custom lash boxes for your creative lash packaging designs, you can create an attractive and professional package that will entice and attract customers and boost your business sales. Sustainable and eco-friendly custom lash boxes are durable, making your brand eye-catching, adding value to your eyelash product and strengthening your brand’s image in the beauty industry.

custom lash boxes

At Arka, we create premium custom packaging for businesses; check out our top-quality custom mailer boxes and shipping boxes that enhance the customer unboxing experience and level up brand image.

custom lash boxes

Vibrant and Colorful Lash Packaging Ideas

Customers love boldness and color, so make a statement by adding vibrant and colorful tones to your lash packaging. Mix and match with monochromatic tones, apply pastel colors for a chic look or showcase your brand’s daring side with fluorescent, metallic and glitter shades.

vibrant lash packaging ideas

Luxury Eyelash Packaging Ideas

Make your customers feel lavish with luxury eyelash packaging ideas. Apply swanky fonts, printed ribbon closures, smooth and metallic colors, elegant icons, a matte or glossy finish to the package and gold foiling inside for a luxurious unboxing experience.

luxury lash packaging ideas

Themed Lash Packaging Ideas

If your customers are planning on purchasing false eyelashes for special themes and occasions (e.g. Halloween or Christmas), then apply fonts, colors, symbols and icons that represent the event. For example, you could apply pumpkin and cobweb icons, dark shades and a glossy finish for Halloween to give the package the right touch.

themed lash packaging ideas

themed lash packaging idea

Vintage Eyelash Lash Packaging Ideas

Take your customers back in time with vintage eyelash packaging ideas. Add retro patterns, old-fashioned symbols and classic-style fonts for a touch of nostalgia.

vintage lash packaging ideas

Minimalist Lash Packaging Ideas

Alternatively, keep your lash packaging simple but sleek with minimalist designs that ooze sophistication and represent quiet luxury. Use clean and smooth packaging colors and fonts to make your lash package high-end and appealing to any customer.

minimalist lash packaging ideas

Personalized Lash Packaging Ideas

Some customers prefer a special touch, especially if they plan on gifting lashes to someone they know. You can tailor each eyelash package to each individual by offering the option to add names, change colors, apply extras such as glitter and ribbons and select matte or glossy finishes.

personalized lash packaging ideas

Interactive Lash Packaging Ideas

Interactive lash packaging is a great way to engage and connect with your customer, as well as enhance the unveiling experience and make it memorable. Interactive lash packaging directly informs your customers when they receive the product and adds value to your brand.

interactive lash packaging

You can make your lash packaging smart and interactive by adding augmented reality or QR codes to provide essential information to the customer and enhance digital communication.

interactive lash packaging idea

Artistic Lash Packaging Ideas

Add art to your lash packaging using fancy illustrations, pops of color and imaginative fonts, symbols and icons that will add character to your lash packaging.

artistic lash packaging ideas

Transparent Eyelash Packaging Ideas

Sometimes, some customers want to be able to preview false lashes before buying. This is particularly important if you sell different types and styles of lashes. Every customer’s lash preference will vary so they’ll want to be able to see what each set of lashes looks like before buying. Design eyelash packaging with translucent film, eco-friendly plastic or see-through pouches.

transparent lash packaging

Lash Packaging with Creative Shapes

Typically, lash packaging comes available in a rectangular box, but you can switch things up. Opt for diamond-shaped, pyramid-shaped, circular or polygon-structured box packaging instead.

creative shaped lash packaging ideas

Bottle Packaging for Eyelashes

Alternatively, try bottle packaging for eyelashes! This unique design will make your lashes stand out, and you can use different colors. Best of all, bottle packaging can be reused and repurposed repeatedly – reducing landfill waste.

bottle lash packaging ideas

Lash Packaging Ideas with Mirror

Give your customers extra value and useful packaging by designing lash packaging with a mirror. Think of the lash packaging with a mirror as a two-in-one product for the customer. Create a compact packaging (round or square-shaped) that a customer can use on the go to ensure their lashes are on point.

mirror lash packaging ideas

Magnetic Lash Packaging Ideas

Magnetic lash packaging has a drawing mechanism that easily closes the package. This helps keep the lashes safe and secure and protects the lashes from potential damage.

magnetic lash packaging idea

magnetic lash packaging ideas

3 Tips for Eye-Catching Lash Packaging Design Ideas

To achieve the best results using lash packaging ideas, here are some of our top tips and helpful hints for eye-catching designs that will encourage your customers to buy and boost sales for your business.

Bold and Elegant Visuals

Customers are drawn in by the visuals of product packaging, so consider incorporating high-resolution images of lashes on the packaging to showcase the product’s quality. Bold and elegant visuals – with the right colors, icons, packaging typography and symbols – are attractive and can help influence a customer into making a decision to buy the lashes.

Unique Structural Design

Make your lash packaging stand out from the crowd. Experiment with unique structural designs that set your lash packaging apart and impress your customers. For example, many eyelash packaging designs come in a rectangular-shaped box, so why not try a pyramid box instead or an intricately designed box?

transparent lash packagings

Compelling Brand Story

Your packaging is a marketing tool, so utilize this and strategically find a way to craft a compelling brand story that resonates with your target audience via the packaging. You can do this by using interactive packaging or by including:

• Your company’s social media handles so that your customers can follow your brand

Important values that are essential to your brand, such as a cruelty-free and vegan status

A QR code so your customers can scan and access your company’s website and special offers.

Final Thoughts

Get creative by trying out different lash packaging ideas and designs to help attract beauty lovers, increase sales and boost your eyelash business. Experiment with different styles, shapes, visuals and unique structural designs for your eyelash packaging, and don’t forget to incorporate your brand story and values.

FAQs on Eyelashes Packaging Ideas

Here are some frequently asked questions about lashes packaging ideas.

What elements should I include in my lash packaging design ideas?

As well as including your brand logo, colors, fonts and values in your lashes packaging ideas, you should include bold and elegant visuals, unique structural design and a compelling brand story.

What printing and finishing options can I consider for lash packaging ideas?

You can try 3D printing technology, where packaging is printed with logos, colors, information, product names, instructions and fonts using computer control to create a 3D object, then fused together, layer by layer. Custom lash box printing is another option, where you select your unique packaging styles and branding and then place the order.

How can I effectively convey lash care instructions on the packaging?

You can effectively convey lash care instructions on the packaging by including aftercare cards within the packaging. Aftercare cards communicate with your customers and provide simple instructions to help them care for their lashes after application.

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