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How to Package Dog Treats: Enhance Your Dog’s Joy

Again, read explanations and examples of each dog treat packaging idea carefully! That’s the only way to make the right choice.

Custom Boxes for Dog Treats

Customization of the packaging will ensure the complete uniqueness of your brand. You will also create a memorable unboxing experience for every dog owner. The method of customization must match the brand’s needs.

First and foremost, you should experiment with different sizes and shapes. Dog treats should not be stored in huge boxes. Try to make them as small as possible, ensuring full protection. Also, you will manage to ship more of them at once, which will reduce the transportation costs.

dog treat packaging box

Credits: curious goat

Customization of design also requires a lot of creativity. You can, for example, focus on themes or illustrations associated with your brand. Even better, you can use imaginary characters for your packaging that no one else is using. People will associate that character with your brand.

dog treat custom box packaging idea

Credits: joanna-draws

Windowed Dog Treat Packaging Ideas

Some consumers require transparency in every possible way. They don’t only want to know the background of your brand. These individuals would also want to see the treats before buying them. If you know there are a lot of consumers with that characteristic, you should focus on windowed dog food packaging ideas!

windowed dog treats packaging idea

Credits: Amazon

windowed dog treat packaging idea


These packages do not have some tough requirements. If you use bags for dog treats, they must be clear. On the other hand, if you use boxes, they should come with windows. To make things interesting, the window should be either paw- or bone-shaped. That way, you can prove easily that all treats are completely fresh. Dog owners won’t hesitate to buy something good for their best friends at home.

Pouch Packaging for Dog Treats

Pouches are the most flexible and versatile type on this list. It is a perfect choice for brands that sell treats that need to be resealed to maintain freshness. Check out which packaging elements can make pouches even more practical. You can choose between zippers, easy-to-open seals and handles. Put your brand’s logo visible so people can easily see and recognize it on the shelves.

pouch packaging idea dog treat

Credits: Chupavi

dog treats pouch package

Credits: Filip Narancic

Eco-Friendly Dog Treat Packaging Ideas

People who love dogs often love all the animals and nature. Using sustainable packages will ensure you an appreciation from people who value eco-friendly practices. Your brand’s value will automatically increase in their eyes. You should focus on biodegradable and recycled materials. Our recommendations are compostable bags and kraft paper (if possible). Additionally, all your design ideas should be printed with plant-based ink.

eco friendly dog treat packaging

Credits: Filip Narancic

If this seems like one of the best dog treat packaging ideas, you may want to contact us. All the packages we create are made of eco-friendly materials. You only need to share your customization ideas with us, and we will handle everything. Go ahead and check out our premium custom mailer boxes and shipping boxes!

sustainable dog treat packaging


DIY Dog Treat Packaging Ideas

Sometimes, you can afford to allow people to think of the best dog treat packaging ideas independently. Usually, brands allow people to design the packaging on their websites. It will be enough to provide a couple of templates and let people add their dog’s name to the packaging. The templates should contain colors and other design elements related to your brand. Each one should contain your logo and the company’s name.

personalized dog treat packaging idea

Credits: Etsy

Frozen Dog Food Packaging Ideas

Frozen dog food has specific requirements. Instead of focusing on visual appeal, you should focus more on the structure of the packaging. The packaging must be strong enough to keep the dog food frozen.

Some of the best options are portion-controlled pouches and containers. Pack each piece of food in the portions/containers individually and add your logo. Additionally, you can use illustrations to guide people in preparing or storing the food at home.

frozen dog food packaging

Credits: Leoxgfx

Nature-Inspired Dog Treat Packaging Ideas

Brands selling organic dog food should focus on this packaging idea. Their packaging should have rustic textures, earthy tones, and outdoor landscape images. These images can be illustrations or real (recorded with a professional camera). It would be great to put different dog breeds on each packaging so people can differentiate your products.

If you need a precise tip, there is one we prepared for you. Make images of a dog that stands on a huge, lush green field. You can add the images of other farm animals as well. These design elements tell clearly that the treats inside are organic.

dog treat packaging idea nature inspired

Credits: Pdot, 99 Designs

Tin Packaging for Dog Food

Tin dog food packaging is amazing for brands that want to keep a retro charm. Also, tins are extremely durable and can keep the threats fresh for a long time. You should check out how tins were decorated many years ago if you want to remain retro. They were usually colorful with some dog-themed illustrations.

Why would someone research old designs in the modern era of packaging? Well, some people miss that period a lot! They were young and healthy back then. You will allow older dog owners to return to the good old days! It is a perfect way to make a strong emotional bond with customers!

dog treat packaging tin

Credits: House Beautiful

dog treat packaging tin

Credits: Adam Rogers

Mason Jar Dog Treat Packaging Ideas

Do you want to be a suitable type of brand? In that case, you should consider mason jar dog treat packaging ideas! Mason jars are a reusable option. People can use them to store different stuff in it. For which purpose they will use it depends on the packaging size. However, in most cases, they use it to refill the jars with new treats.

Reusability of the packaging comes with specific design requests. Your brand’s logo and name should be in the most visible place. These are packages that people don’t throw away easily. They will get a reminder to return to your products whenever they see your logo. Also, people who visit their homes will see it, which boosts brand awareness. If dogs gladly eat them all the time, you will also get a free recommendation.

dog treats jar packaging

Credits: Mason Jar Crafts

There are two more things you should add to this sort of packaging. First, don’t forget to customize labels. They should be dog-related! Also, don’t hesitate to add twine or ribbon to the packaging to ensure a rustic touch.

dog treat packaging idea jar


Custom Bags for Dog Treats

Dog treat bags are a practical and versatile branding tool. You should design them in different sizes where you can store different quantities of treats. Our recommendation is to strive to remain sustainable. Materials like reusable canvas and kraft paper are an excellent choice.

dog treat packaging bags

Credits: Not On The High Street

dog treat packaging bag

Credits: Remodelista

Cup Packaging for Dog Food

Cup packaging won’t be appropriate for all sorts of dog treats. It is an excellent choice if you sell single-serving portions or semi-moist dog food. Consider adding easy-peel lids to your packaging for extra convenience. The labels on the packaging should be colorful and contain all the relevant information about the product. Use them to reveal the ingredients that dog treats contain.

cup dog treat packaging idea

Credits: Three Dog Bakery

cup dog treats packaging idea

Credits: Three Dog Bakery

Themed-Dog Treat Packaging Ideas

Dog treat packaging can be related to specific holidays or seasons. Yet, wouldn’t that mean you must change your packaging more often? That could bring extra costs! Because of that, you should release a limited number of packages with these specific designs.

birthday dog treat packaging idea

Credits: Avery

These packages should contain motifs associated with seasons of holidays. For instance, a puppy next to a Christmas tree or a dog next to a pumpkin (Halloween) would be good. People may get the desire to collect these packages, which will make purchases of your products engaging.

christmas dog treat packaging idea

Credits: Avery

6 Tips for Dog Treat Packaging

You could read in the previous part of the article that all the dog treat packaging ideas are good for different purposes. Yet, before we say goodbye to each other, we want to be 100% sure you make the right choice. That’s why we have prepared 6 additional tips for you. Read them carefully!

Mind the Size: Portion-Controlled Packs

As we said, customizing the size of dog treat packaging is a wise move. You will ensure better protection and quicker transportation of products. Yet, you must be careful here! The size must match the portion of the treats. Matching sizes of portion and package will also avoid excessive air inside the packaging. Each treat inside the box will remain fresh and keep its quality!

Sealing Techniques

If you want to ensure your treats are fresh, it is recommended to invest in heat-sealed packaging. It is a perfect solution for keeping the mixture and air out. Treats will not become dry and spoiled, and you will prevent them from tampering. Every puppy would be happy to taste something like that!

Transparency Matters

With transparent dog treat packaging, you will get the trust of customers! They will get the chance to see the freshness of the treats before spending money. Adding windows or using clear bags would be a great option for such a purpose.

Label Clarity

The labels on the packaging should be customized. Yet, the more important thing is to provide all the necessary information there. That includes facts such as nutritional value, ingredients and storage instructions.

Resealable Packaging

Design should be your main concern. Yet, you also need to ensure that packaging remains safe even after the owners open it. You should add a zip-lock seal or a resealable strip on the packaging. These elements will make your packaging practical.

Protect from Light

Most dog treats are sensitive to light exposure. Over time, their quality reduces because of that. You should focus on packages that are UV-resistant. For instance, paper boxes and bags would be great protectors.

Final Thoughts

Choose one of the dog treat packaging ideas wisely and apply the tips we have prepared for you. The point is to reach a level of uniqueness and become recognizable among people. Define your brand’s goals and determine your target audience's expectations. With all these things in mind, you will easily boost your brand’s value and become successful.

FAQs on Dog Treat Packaging Ideas

Are these packaging ideas suitable for all types of dog treats?

We recommend you carefully read analyses of each idea mentioned on this page. They are suitable for different types of dog treats. Yet, some of them may be more suitable for treats made of specific ingredients.

Are compostable packages a good choice for dog treats

Yes, they are a great choice for many reasons. First, your brand will support sustainability that way and get appreciation from people. Also, these packages are easily customizable, and you can experiment with different shapes and designs. Ultimately, you do a great thing for the planet Earth.

Are the dog treat packaging ideas and options for dogs with allergies?

You must prioritize clarity and transparency in this case. Labels should contain all the information about why your packaging is a good option for dogs with allergies. Customized boxes are probably the best option. You can also implement QR codes on the package and lead people to a website where they can read more details about this topic.

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