Packaging 101: The Complete Guide

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Packaging Logo Design Ideas To Get Inspired

Take a look at these packaging logos to help inspire your designs, market your products, and boost your brand’s identity.

Minimalist Packaging Logo Design

A minimalist packaging logo design is all about simplicity while simultaneously being impactful and understated. Choosing to implement minimalist packaging design ideas means avoiding unnecessary embellishments and stripping away crazy, over-the-top colors.

adole minimalist packaging logo

Credits: Julia Yakovleva

minimalist packaging logo design

Credits: Taisiia K.

Vintage Charm: Nostalgia in Packaging Logo Design

Vintage charm and nostalgia in design evoke a sense of authenticity. This is particularly apt if you have a legacy business that’s been operating for decades. This type of packaging logo design incorporates retro aesthetics and distinctive creations to appeal to customers that have been loyal to the brand for a very long time.

vintage teddy's packaging logo

Credits: Brands by Sam

Fun Illustrations: Add Playful Elements

If you sell items aimed at children, consider using fun illustrations in your packaging logos. Add playful elements such as cartoons, drawings, and illustrations to stimulate a sense of entertainment and enjoyment.

fun packaging logo froot loops

Credits: goDutch

Futuristic Packaging Logo Design

For technology products opt for a futuristic packaging logo design. This type of logo packaging design uses graphic elements with a modern twist to showcase innovation.

futuristic packaging logo idea

Credits: dellfi ©, 99Designs

Luxurious Packaging Logo Design

Luxurious packaging logo design oozes class, sophistication, comfort, leisure, and elegance. Luxurious packaging logo design must be appealing to the senses, authentic, and aesthetically pleasing to the customer. This type of packaging design incorporates colors that represent affluence, such as black and gold, and uses high-quality and smooth finishes.

nature tea luxury packaging logo design

Credits: Agata Chmielewska

luxury packaging logo

Credits: Agata Chmielewska

Modern Packaging Logo Design Ideas

Modern packaging logo designs use modern-day concepts to appeal to the current generation of customers. Also, companies use up-to-date technology to create modern packaging logo designs to help boost a brand’s visual image.

Examples of brands that use modern packaging logo designs include Cafe Latte Alpina, EarthLite, X-mini Capsule Speakers, Aroma, and Eureka!

packaging logo for coffee latte alpina

Credits: JuanMa Prieto

modern packaging logo design

Credits: Dorija89

Bold Typography and Vibrant Colors

Using bold typography and vibrant colors in your packaging logo design is a fantastic and creative way to grab attention and stand out. When bold typography and vibrant packaging colors (e.g. vibrant reds, electrifying blues and joyful yellow shades) are used strategically in logo design, this creates a sense of energy and excitement and evokes strong emotions from the viewer. Also, it’s highly likely to entice them into buying your product.

colorful packaging logo Cocofloss

Credits: Cocofloss

Use Nature-Inspired Elements

You can create a packaging logo design that makes customers feel as though they are at one with nature. You can add nature-inspired elements, like

• Eco-colors and earth tones, such as brown, sunset yellow, green, and blue.

Natural materials such as wood, stone, cork, and natural fibers.

Graphics featuring natural elements like trees, plants, grass, and the sun.

nature inspired packaging logo bamboowho

Credits: Roxana.I

City-Inspired Packaging Logo with Urban Elements

If your products are aimed at city dwellers and people who lead a cosmopolitan and metropolitan area, then opt for a city-inspired packaging logo with urban elements. Add a sense of urban life to your packaging logo by using bright, metallic colors, symbols, and graphic elements that represent life in the city.

Szentendre packaging logo

Credits: Vica Versa

Abstract Expressions: Beyond the Ordinary

Take abstract art and translate it into a beautiful packaging logo design that tells your brand's story. You can use abstract expressions for different types of packaging (e.g. pouches and boxes) for different products (e.g., food, drinks, and beauty products.)

abstract packaging logo qandor

Credits: YUNGBLD studio

Elegant Logo Packaging Design

Add a touch of class to your product by creating an elegant logo packaging design that will make your customer feel like a person of leisure. Use colors that represent luxury and affluence, such as black, gold, and purple, emerald green and opt for calligraphy for formal and pretty packaging fonts. An elegant logo packaging design is best used for high-end jewelry brands and designer fashion items.

elegant packaging design

Credits: YUNGBLD studio

Themed Packaging Logo Design Ideas

Your logo designs have to match to keep your brand’s identity consistent. Create a standard color scheme, use similar symbols and patterns, and ensure the graphics and illustrations are similar across all packaging designs.

zombie themed packaging logo design

Credits: asarmiento

Dynamic Packaging Logo Design Ideas

More than ever, brands are incorporating dynamic packaging logo design ideas that will market their products in an eye-catching way. To do this, it’s best to take your current logo design and alter it in a special way, such as changing the colors to match special occasions or adding special edition drawings.

dynamic packaging logo design for aico

Credits: Meng Jiayang, Wang Zhiheng, Chen Wei Wang Zhihong, RedPeach

Geometric Packaging Logo Designs

Opt for a logo with geometric styles and patterns. Geometric logos contain complex patterns of interconnected circles and squares created with mathematical precision, so consider using geometric shapes to refresh your brand’s packaging logo design, and use matching colors as well for brand visibility.

moel geometric packaging logo

Credits: YUNGBLD studio

Storytelling Through Symbols

Like colors, symbols evoke emotions and tell the customer a story. Symbols convey the mood of a brand and tap into a brand’s key values and concepts while keeping the messaging symbol. For example, if you sell products for couples, you can use the heart symbol to convey messages about love, connection and harmony.

zaura packaging logo with yoga symbol

Credits: Ahmed Chaabani

How To Design The Perfect Packaging Logo

To design the perfect packaging logo, you must consider important and suitable elements.

Understand your brand’s personality and values: Your packaging logo needs to align with what your business stands for. Your logo communicates what your brand represents, which significantly impacts how customers perceive your brand.

Simplicity speaks volumes: When creating the perfect packaging logo, you don’t need to overdo it or go over the top. Keep it simple by using fewer colors (2-3 maximum) and symbols (1-2 maximum.) Avoid complicated designs that are hard to recognize or understand.

Packaging color psychology matters: Color psychology enhances product appeal and brand recognition and is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Therefore, you should select the correct colors that attract the attention of your target consumer, showcase your brand and evoke emotions that connect your ideal customer to your business.

Harlow skincare packaging idea

Credits: Alley Kurgan

Here are the elements of an effective packaging logo:

• Colors that resonate: The color scheme you use for your packaging logo needs to be relevant, grab attention and connect with your ideal customer.

Minimalistic designs with maximum impact: Less is more, so opt for a design that is minimalist instead of going overboard, but strategically create a smart and clever design that provides maximum impact for the customer.

Typography matters: Typography refers to the art, style, and technique of letters. Your logo’s typography should match the font that you use on your company’s branding and marketing collateral. High-quality packaging typography can impress customers and effect on their purchasing decisions.

Incorporating icons and symbols: Like colors, icons and symbols evoke emotion and represent a brand’s values, tones, and identity, as well as showcasing the product in an effective way.

Design a Logo That Can Be Displayed on Everywhere

A good logo design will reproduce well in color as well as in black and white, either large or small. Choose your logo design to show well on everything from web pages, vehicle signage, video screens, apparel, and anywhere else you choose to display it. Keep your logo to one or two colors as it will lower the cost. Whatever image you decide to settle on, make sure it is scalable. Don’t fix any logo design until you know that it will look good, large or small, and in color or black and white. Use the logo to illustrate the best aspects of your products or service. If you have fixed on your business logo and don’t want others to copy it, you can register it as a trademark.

Evaluate The Logo Design: Does It Fit Brand Requirements?

Put your logo design through a preliminary test to see if they incorporate the traits of most good symbols. You can cross-check with the below pointers to ensure if your logo design fits all requirements of your brand.

• Do you think the logo makes a good impression for your business?

• Is it easy to see and remember?

• Does it work in single ink color and at a small size?

• Is it original?

Also, keep the following points in mind to avoid common pitfalls.

Think twice before undertaking the design task yourself. If you are not sure, hire an expert who specializes in logo design.

• Don’t let the design get too fuzzy.

• Avoid clip art or ready-made images.

• Don’t be a copycat and use other logos only for inspiration.

Your logo makes the difference between a strong and weak first impression of your brand. It also makes the difference between a brand of choice and a product purchased simply for its availability or price. People form a relationship with your brand and your logo is the visual link to the positive image they hold in their minds. The information in

Final Thoughts

Crafting a packaging logo that represents your brand perfectly is an art. Every detail matters; colors, symbols, and arrangements of unique elements. Now that you got all the inspiration, we are sure you can create the ideal packaging logo design!

At Arka, we also offer top-notch custom packaging for any niche; whether you need custom mailer boxes or shipping boxes, we can make the ideal packaging for your brand.

FAQs on Packaging Logo Design

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions about packaging logos.

Where do you put your logo on the packaging?

When you create your packaging logo design, you have to make sure that the logo is visible to your customers, so choose the right logo placement. You have to consider where you want your customers to see your logo and if your customers will see the logo easily in its designated spot. You can put your logo on outer product packaging, inner packaging, branded custom tissue paper or other fillers, branded custom stickers, and on personal notes and cards for customers.

How often can I change my packaging logo design in the future?

There comes a point in a business where it’s time for a refresh and rebrand to keep up with company changes and industry trends. Changing your logo is a great way to keep your business connected with existing customers and engage with new ones. On average, businesses rebrand and update their packaging logo design every 7-10 years.

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