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How to Package Wax Melts: Creative Ideas for Inspiration

Each of the ideas from our list requires two things - adaptation to the brand’s needs and creativity. We will try to simplify the entire process with some clear tips and examples. Yet, it is up to you to research the expectations and requirements of your target audience. Meeting their preferences will help you boost your brand identity and product’s value to the fullest. Let’s analyze one by one idea.

Eco-Friendly Wax Melt Packaging Ideas

Using sustainable materials is one of the wax melt packaging ideas that will certainly work. An average consumer in 2023 understands the importance of eco-friendly packaging. Even if they are unfamiliar with these packages' benefits, you should divide your time to educate them.

There are two valuable tips we have for this idea. First, we strongly recommend you use biodegradable and recycled materials for packaging. Some examples are reusable glass containers, kraft paper boxes, and cellophane bags. All these materials are cheap and completely safe for the environment. People who share sustainable values will also appreciate your effort to protect the environment. Your reputation will increase, and your company will become recognized as a sustainable wax melt brand.

eco-friendly wax melt packaging ideas

Wax Melt Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging has some specific features. These are actually plastic containers that people can open the same way they would open a clamshell. In most cases, these packages come with two identical sides. On both sides, there will be tabs that have the capacity to keep the lid shut. The biggest advantage of this type of wax melt packaging idea is affordability. Plus, they represent a perfect protection for the product.

Apart from that, you will be surprised by the fact how many clamshell types are available. Some of the most popular variants are clamshells with rectangular bar styles, star- and heart-shaped and round deli pots. One more thing - focus on sustainable alternatives. Most clamshells are made of single-use plastics. Yet, there are alternatives that you can use and remain recognized as an eco-friendly brand.

clamshell wax melt packaging idea

Luxury Wax Melt Packaging Ideas

If your target audience is full of people who love branded stuff, making your packaging luxurious would be smart. There are multiple choices in front of you. Some of the best choices are velvet-lined boxes, satin ribbons, and metallic foil accents. The colors should be luxurious as well. We recommend focusing on black, white, gold, silver, or grey. Remember that the typography must also be clear and written with some luxurious fonts. Sans Serifs font is a common one used by the majority of luxurious brands.

Indeed, all the mentioned requirements will cost entrepreneurs slightly more. The good news is that all the mentioned design elements will automatically increase the product’s value. That guarantees better profit margins.

luxury wax melt packaging ideas

Custom Boxes for Wax Melts

The packaging customization can be combined with all wax melt packaging ideas mentioned on this page. We invite brands to experiment with different shapes and sizes. A higher level of uniqueness will ensure that people easily notice their product on the shelves.

Also, there are certain standards people must follow. The customized packages must feature colors related to the brand and logo. In addition, you can add a piece of artwork to the boxes to make the packaging more attractive.

custom boxes for wax melts

Tin Packaging for Wax Melts

So-called tin containers are beneficial for wax melt brands in multiple ways. Their structure ensures a high level of durability. Also, people can reuse them for other purposes. You can find them in different styles, shapes, and sizes. That means you won’t have to customize them in some cases. The most popular variants are hinged lids and slide-top tins. Entrepreneurs can try to impress buyers with round tins that feature windows on the lid. That way, consumers can see the wax melts before spending money on the product.

There is another thing you must have in mind. As we said, tin containers can be reused for different purposes. Packages will remain at the home of the buyer. You should put the logo in a visible place on the packaging surface and boost your brand awareness that way. Buyers will see your logo from time to time, which will remind them to return to your brand. Also, people who come to their homes and see the logo would potentially want to know more about you.

tin wax melt packaging ideas

Mini Wax Melt Packaging Ideas

The mini packages may be a good option if you are looking for practical wax melt packaging ideas. The miniature boxes can be perfect for small quantities or sampler sets. It is a cute wax melt packaging idea that can easily convince people to buy it. Also, it allows people to buy only a few products before spending money on larger quantities. Store different scents in these boxes and promote your complete offering that way!

mini wax melt packaging ideas

Glassine Envelopes Wax Melt Packaging Ideas

A glassine envelope is the simplest and most sustainable packaging for your wax melts. At the same time, the envelopes showcase the product and protect it properly from any potential damage. We strongly recommend you add a custom sticker with your logo on the packaging to make things even better.

glassine wax melt packaging ideas

Pouches for Wax Melt Packaging

Wax melt brands can customize pouches to make their packaging look great. Some of the materials they should use are jute, cotton, or organza. All these options will ensure a rustic feel. You can enhance the pouch with a custom-printed label to break the monotony. You can add your logo or some motifs related to your brand there.

pouch wax melt packaging ideas

Transparent Wax Melt Packaging Ideas

Sometimes, people want to see the product before they spend money on it. As we said, one of the wax melt packaging ideas that can ensure a high level of transparency is the usage of glassine envelopes. Yet, you are not limited to that packaging type only. You can also try out alternatives like glass containers, clear boxes, or bags.

transparent wax melt packaging ideas

Custom Shaped Wax Melts Packaging Ideas

The shape of the packaging can be identical to the shape of the wax melts themselves. Also, the motifs on the packaging should tell more about the scents of the product. Let’s say you plan to sell flower-shaped melts. In that case, there should be floral motifs on the packaging. You can use different designs for each of the scents you offer to the buyers. Also, customizing the shape of the packaging will ensure better protection during transportation.

custom shaped wax melt packaging ideas

Themed Wax Melt Packaging Ideas

Sticking to one theme or color scheme will fully differentiate your product. Consumers will easily recognize and associate your brand with the product if they see a unique mix of colors and fonts. The packaging aims to boost the brand identity, which is how you can achieve that goal.

There are no precise tips we will give for this packaging idea. Instead, you should research the market, check competitors' packages for inspiration, and find a unique theme. Logically, the theme must be connected with your brand’s value, vision, or background. Define those things before everything!

themed wax melt packaging ideas

Gift Wax Melt Packaging Ideas

As we said at the beginning of this article, wax melts are often chosen as a gift. That’s why you design it in a way that will be perfect for gifting. Wrap the boxes or use decorative accents to make them appropriate for such a purpose. Also, have personalization in mind. Add names, motivational tips, quotes, and similar stuff.

gift wax melt packaging ideas

Jar Wax Melt Packaging Ideas

There are two types of jars you can use - reusable and those made of glass. Both wax melt packaging ideas are the perfect choice. You can seal them with metal screw caps or cork lids to make them even more eye-catching. Use labels to implement QR codes to educate people on how to reuse the jars and why that’s a good thing.

jar wax melt packaging ideas

DIY Wax Melt Packaging Ideas

Some people simply can’t find the suitable packaging. That’s why they would not hesitate to design it themselves. Allow them to decorate and design the packaging themselves on your company’s website. You can support them by providing adjustable templates. Also, allow them to include decorative elements like paint, markers, and stickers.

diy wax melt packaging ideas

Gel Wax Melt Packaging Ideas

The uniqueness of gel wax melts is obvious, so their packaging must reflect that. This packaging idea does not require a lot of work. Using clear tubes or containers to display the translucent gel wax will be enough. In addition, you can add some decorative elements like glitter or embedded flowers to make the packaging visually appealing.

gel wax melt packaging ideas

Personalized Wax Melt Packaging Ideas

Personalizing the wax melt packaging will help you connect deeply with consumers. Your packaging will make each potential buyer feel special. It will seem that you are dedicated to your product just to them. There are multiple strategies you can use. For instance, you can add names, personal messages, and similar stuff. Another option is to allow them to customize the packaging and other design elements themselves. Combining personalized and DIY wax melt packaging ideas would be a great choice!

personalized wax melt packaging ideas

Polypropylene Bags for Wax Melts

Polypropylene bags are a versatile and cost-effective packaging option for wax melts. They are transparent, which allows customers to view the product and protect it against moisture and contaminants.

polypropylene bags wax melts
polypropylene bags for wax melts

Wax Melt Packaging Bags

Specialized wax melt packaging bags come in various sizes and designs, offering convenience and flexibility for retailers and consumers. They can be sealed for freshness and often feature eye-catching designs to attract attention.

packaging bags for wax melts
wax melt packaging bags

Wax Melt Boxes with Inserts

Custom boxes with inserts provide a secure and organized way to package wax melts. Inserts can hold individual melts in place, preventing them from shifting during transit.

wax melt boxes with inserts

Biodegradable Packaging for Wax Melts

Biodegradable clamshells for wax melts are a convenient way to store and display your products. Biodegradable packaging options from cornstarch or sugarcane provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic clamshells.

biodegradable packaging for wax melts

Compostable Wax Melt Packaging Ideas 

Compostable packaging breaks down into organic matter, reducing environmental impact and waste. Compostable options for wax mel packaging include materials like PLA (polylactic acid) derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugarcane.

compostable wax melt packaging ideas

Wax Sachet Packaging Ideas

Sachet packaging adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to wax melts. These small pouches, filled with scented wax, can be placed in drawers, closets, or other small spaces to impart fragrance.

wax sachet packaging ideas

Wax Melt Sample Packaging Ideas

Samples are a perfect way to introduce customers to new scents and products. Sample packaging can range from small envelopes to mini tins, providing a taste of what the full-size product offers. 

Wax melt sample box packaging can be customized with branding and information about each scent, making them an attractive option for gift sets or sampler packs.

wax melt sample packaging
wax melt sample packaging ideas

Wax Melt Cellophane Packaging Ideas

Cellophane packaging adds a layer of protection to wax melts. Clear cellophane bags or wraps allow the product to be visible while keeping it fresh and secure.

wax melt cellophane packaging
wax melt cellophane packaging ideas

4 Tips for Wax Melt Packaging: Enhance Your Aromatic Delights

We strongly believe our wax melt packaging ideas inspire you to change something. However, we also believe some people still ask themselves, “How to pack wax melts in the best possible way?”. To make things easier for you, we have prepared four valuable tips. Read them carefully!

Sealed for Freshness

What is the main reason why people purchase wax melts? The simplest answer is “their scent”. You must ensure that your wax melts and keeps its strong smell. You must pick packages that can prevent the fragrance from dissipating. Some of the perfect options could be boxes with heat-sealed edges, airtight containers, and ziplock bags. The packaging must be locked completely until the consumer opens it. Otherwise, they may experience disappointment and never return to your brand.

Custom Labels and Stickers

People must know which product they are buying. One of the ways is to add illustrations on the packaging. Yet, a more effective way is to customize labels and stickers for that purpose. In one place, you can tell everything about your brand, how people can use the products, and the scent itself. Despite informal purpose, customized labels will improve the overall aesthetical look of the packaging.

Transparent Sections

Give consumers a chance to see the product before they spend their money. You don’t have to make the product completely visible. Instead, you should use the sneak peek method to design the box. That way, you will wake up the curiosity of people. They will see one part of the packaging and be ready to buy it to check out other parts (and scent). A good choice will be transparent bags or a see-through lid on a tin.

Consider Product Size

Wax melts can come in different sizes; the same rule counts for the packaging. There is no reason to leave much empty space inside the box. You should customize its size and ensure better protection for the product. It won’t move around the box during transportation! Plus, you will manage to ship more products at once, ensuring you lower transportation fees (and better profit margins).

Final Thoughts

You probably figured out that the wax melt packaging ideas we recommend are fantastic. Yet, don’t pick either of them before you research your target audience and define your brand. Don’t hesitate to follow the latest trends and remain competitive that way. Ultimately, apply the pieces of advice we highlighted and make the entire process much easier.

FAQs on Wax Melt Packaging Ideas

How do I ensure the fragrance of the wax melts lasts during storage?

The only way to ensure the fragrance of wax melts is to use sealed and airtight packages. Some of the packages we recommend for that purpose are clamshell containers with the right seals, heat-sealed bags, and glass jars.

What’s the most environmentally friendly wax melt packaging idea?

Best sustainable packaging materials are those that are reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. For instance, recycled paper, cardboard, and biodegradable envelopes and bags are a perfect choice. You can also use soy-based ink for sustainable printing.

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