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Innovative Tea Packaging Design Ideas

Each type of tea requires a different type of tea packaging design. We will discuss herbal tea packaging ideas, loose tea packaging ideas, etc. Let’s analyze them one by one. 

Embracing Sustainability: Eco-Friendly Tea Packaging Design

Businesses selling tea should do whatever it takes to embrace sustainability. Tea is a healthy product that inspires people to change their unhealthy habits. Thinking of a creative and sustainable tea packaging design will ensure better promotion of the product.

So, what does that involve? First, people should use biodegradable packaging and recycled materials to create packages. Cardboard boxes could, for instance, be the best option. Also, you should use plant-based ink for printing to make boxes unique. Keep in mind that tea packages can easily be reused. That’s why you need to develop a packaging shape that will also be suitable for other purposes. So, considering sustainable packaging ideas is a good start if you want to stand out in the competition.

stone grove tea packaging idea

Credits: Chimera Design

shi gu ping tea packaging

Credits: Tin Chan

freshleaf tea packaging design

Credits: Widarto Impact 

freshleaf eco friendly packaging

Credits: Widarto Impact 

Minimalistic Tea Packaging Ideas: Less is More

Minimalistic tea packaging ideas support the idea that less can be more. You do not have to “overdo’ it when thinking of the tea packaging design. Instead, design your tea boxes with simple color pallets and clean lines. Apart from that, use only materials that feature quality to add a sense of luxury and elegance. The textual content on the box should be written with simple yet bold fonts. Yet, avoid adding a lot of packaging typography and images if you truly want to respect the principles of minimalist packaging design

 brown sugar tea packaging

Credits: Fina

serail powder tea packaging

Credits: Ivan Venkov

minimalist tea packaging design idea

Credits: Pixel Ink Design Studio

Unique Tea Tins: A Collector’s Delight

Tea tins play a key role in tea packaging design. You can try to craft them with intricate embossed designs. That way, you can say more about the flavors of your tea, the brand's background, or the origins of the tea itself. If you decide to use different tins for each flavor, you can turn your buyers into collectors. They can collect each one, giving them another reason to buy your products. 

FongCha tea packaging by Hi Nio

Credits: Hi Nio

H tea packaging

Credits: minimalist

Vintage Charm: A Nostalgic Brew 

You would probably be surprised how many people would appreciate retro tea packaging design. Using retro colors and fonts would be a fantastic way to ensure a unique unboxing experience for your customers. Some of the colors you should put into consideration are apple green, teal blue, and tangerine oranges. You can also mix them with neutral packaging colors like yellow-brown, pale peach, and brownish-orange.

good day tea packaging design

Credits: Cheng Chieh Sung, Chih-Ting Lai

tea bag packaging design

Credits: Maria Milagros Rodriguez Bouroncle

tea time packaging design by cursor design studio

Credits: Cursor Design Studio

Storytelling Tea Packaging Design: Steeping in Tradition

As you know, tea is a type of product with a very long tradition. Each type of tea has an interesting background. Fortunately, the tea packaging design can be an amazing storytelling tool. You should use designs to discuss tea’s cultural significance, origins, and other things. Use different illustrations or anecdotes that will explain to your target audience why your product is special. That won’t only serve as a marketing tool. It will also allow customers to emotionally connect with the product (and your brand) on a deeper level. 

narra tea packaging

Credits: The Working Assembly (TWA) 

east west tea packaging by tds

Credits: tds

Custom Tea Boxes: Add a Personal Touch 

Customizing and personalizing your tea packaging design would be a great option. One of the most attractive tea packaging ideas is adding a personalized message to the custom tea boxes. On the other hand, personalized images appropriate for tea packaging can also be used for the same purpose. You will manage to make a stronger bond with consumers through a personalized unboxing experience. 

tea box packaging design

Credits: 7654321 DESIGN

lotus wedding tea packaging design

Credits: suzan(n/a)

At Arka, we create a memorable unboxing experience with our premium custom packaging options; whether you need custom mailer boxes or shipping boxes, we can help! 

tea packaging boxes

Credits: 7654321 DESIGN

Artistic Illustrations: Painting The Tea Story 

You probably heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In this case, artistic illustrations can have the same value. Collaborate with artists or branding and design experts to create unique packaging illustrations. These illustrations should be the central packaging design element. Tell the story you want to share with the rest of the world uniquely and entertainingly! 

bubble tea packaging design moody

Credits: Zhe Gu

Tea Bag Packaging Ideas  

Most people forget the importance of tea bag packaging. The good news is that you can choose from various tea bag packaging ideas. Yet, keep in mind that the design of tea bags and overall packaging must be in harmony. One of the ideas you may like is including perforated tear-off tags with quotes. These quotes should be related to tea. In addition, you can also personalize them to make the product more valuable in the eyes of the consumer. 

chay tea bag packaging design idea

Credits: Kevin Gutierrez

hanger tea packaging design

Credits: Yanko Design

Seasonal Tea Packaging Ideas: Embracing Festivities 

Following the main trends will always pay off in the business world. Across America, people celebrate different holidays during the year. As a business offering products to a multicultural society, you should get familiar with these holidays' current dates and meanings. Whenever those holidays come, change your packaging design. For example, before Christmas and New Year, you can add a Santa holding a teacup next to the Christmas Tree. Also, you can add snow and highlight your tea as the best beverage to warm up during cold days. 

Christmas tea packaging design

Credits: Kresimir Miloloza

Taiwan high mountain tea packaging

Credits: Victor Branding Design Corporation

Geometric Patterns: Bold and Striking

The tea packaging design can help you create a visually captivating box. One of the ways to do that is by using modern geometric patterns. For instance, you can use intricate shapes or contrasting colors. That way, you will reflect the character and energy of your product. If people connect with that energy, you will easily become their number 1 choice! 

passion tradition tea packaging design

Credits: Das Kreative Studio

fortunes tea packaging design idea

Credits: Julia Marquardt

Pop Culture References: Tea Packaging for the Fandom 

With these tea packaging ideas, you won’t manage to satisfy anyone’s taste. However, you have the chance to surprise and impress a lot of people. Add images or textual content related to popular books, shows, and movies. That way, you will directly dedicate your products to fans of the pop culture (or some of its parts). Yet, don’t forget to discover more details about copyrights. 

pop art inspired tea packaging ideas

Credits: Natalia Tybura

Lady Gaga tea packaging idea

Credits: Nathalie Hallman

famous people inspired tea packaging ideas

 Credits: Gordost Branding Agency

Metallic Finishes: Shimmering Elegance 

Do you plan to add a luxurious sense to your tea products? Metallic finishes may be the best way to do that. They can give your product a sophisticated and elegant feel which can easily boost its value (read: price). Those metallic finishes should be the main design element because they can ensure uniqueness! 

brook37 tea packaging design

Credits: Butterfly Cannon

black brook37 tea packaging design

Credits: Butterfly Cannon

Windowed Tea Packaging Ideas: Showcasing the Elegance

This is probably our list's most unique and interesting tea packaging design. Its purpose is to showcase the tea leaves within the packaging. They will see the color and quality of the tea leaves before even buying the product. That way, people can easily determine whether your tea features quality or not. Yet, some people do not know to recognize a good tea. That’s why we recommend you invest more time in educating people. 

greenlife tea packaging design

Credits: Filip Nemet

Biodegradable Tea Pyramids 

As we said, people demand packages made of sustainable materials. Yet, sometimes, just using those materials is not the point. Customizing them in a way that will impress your target audience should be one of your goals. You can craft tea pyramids made of biodegradable materials to make them visually appealing. A pyramid is a unique shape that allows you to experience a variety of tea packaging ideas

pyramid tea bag packaging

Credits: Peter Hewitt

Iced Tea Packaging Ideas 

Ice tea packaging design has slightly different requirements. Your package will need to include instructions for brewing and serving over ice. That’s why these packages usually require illustrations and textual content. Be sure to use packaging materials that consumers can easily store in the refrigerator! 

hoop iced tea packaging design

Credits: Bullish

hoop tea packaging design idea

Credits: Bullish

Loose Leaf Tea Packaging Ideas 

The aesthetic look and appealing design are less concern for loose-leaf tea. Instead, the loose-leaf packaging ideas should be more focused on “technical elements.” The materials you use must ensure that this type of tea always remains fresh. Just like with iced tea, you should also explain to people how to brew this type of tea. That’s especially valuable for people who haven’t tried that beverage before. 

guayusa tea packaging design

Credits: Design Move

guayusa tea packaging idea

Credits: Design Move

Herbal Tea Packaging Ideas 

All types of herbal teas come with a soothing sense. That’s why your packaging should contain calming and natural colors. Adding images of key herbal ingredients and communicating the health benefits by adding textual content can bring good results. Experiment with different herbal tea packaging ideas until you find the perfect mix. 

the herbal tea packaging

Credits: Sumin Woo

irving tea packaging

Credits: Aneta Dworzyńska, Bernadetta Burek

Green Tea Packaging Ideas 

Things with green tea packaging ideas aren’t complex at all. You should add different shades or green, while the packaging should have an organic texture. That way, you will highlight the main benefits of green tea and its freshness. In addition, use imagery of tea plantations which can reveal more details about the origins of your product. 

matcha tea packaging design

Credits: Sergio Laskin

steep lab herbal tea packaging

Credits: Steep Lab

mamalan tea packaging by Midday

Credits: Midday

oolong green tea packaging design

Credits: Senchy

Origami-Inspired Tea Boxes 

You will hardly see brands using this type of tea packaging idea. Origami-style tea boxes can ensure a wonderful unboxing experience. These boxes are functional and eye-pleasing at the same time. The level of uniqueness they bring will boost your brand identity and make your brand different.

Japanese ocha tea packaging

Credits: Sose Ohanjanian

Tea Packaging Accessories

After analyzing different tea packaging ideas, it is worth mentioning that there are some accessories you must use. These accessories will ensure that your brand’s value will only go up. Here are three of them that you should use! 

Tea Strainers: Say Goodbye to Sediment

People would appreciate your effort to prevent sediment from escaping into the brewed tea. The only way to guarantee something like that is the usage of innovative tea strainers. Despite being functional, they should also be stylish! That’s why you should focus on those stainless-steel mesh or silicone tea strainers. 

Tea Infusers: Brewing Made Easy

Just like tea strainers, tea infusers must ensure comfortable tea-consuming. Consumers love those tea infusers that are easy to use and clean. Try to customize them as well and offer those that come with playful themes and shapes. The brewing process will be much more interesting with those elements. 

Tea Bag Organizer: Neatly Store Your Bags 

Tea bag organizer is a powerful accessory that can significantly increase the value of your brand. It ensures the appropriate organization of tea bags and serves as a fancy kitchen decorative piece. Our only recommendation is to add labels and compartments of different tea variants. 

Final Thoughts 

All these tea packaging ideas can be beneficial for your brand. You can combine more of them until you find the one that perfectly suits your brand. Their purpose is to impress people, grab their attention, and boost your brand’s value. They also represent the main protection of the tea quality and freshness. So, what do you think? Which of these ideas seems the best? 

FAQs on Tea Packaging Ideas

What should be included in tea packaging? 

There are multiple tea packaging ideas that you can apply to make your products look different and boost their value. There is no precise answer to the question. Adding elements that will make the packaging visually appealing and functional is essential. That way, you will ensure an amazing unboxing and customer experience! 

How can limited edition packaging benefit my tea brand?

It will make a certain number of people feel special. Also, the limited edition packages can easily become viral. People will post them on social media, which ensures free word-of-mouth marketing. With this easy trick, you can improve your brand awareness!

How do I know if the tea packaging is eco-friendly?

The details about the packaging materials should be stated on the packaging surface or on the labels. These packaging materials must be easily recyclable and harmless to the environment.

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