4 Ways to Win Consumer Loyalty with Bespoke Packaging

4 Ways to Win Consumer Loyalty with Bespoke Packaging

Are you having a hard time getting loyal customers? Perhaps you need to pay closer attention to your packaging. The 2017 Paper and Packaging Consumer Trends Report by Asia Pulp and Papers shows that one in three consumers would rather patronize brands offering sustainable packaging than those that don’t. This reiterates the importance of packaging in consumer buying behavior.

4 Ways Bespoke Packaging Helps to Build Loyal Consumers

Understand your consumers

Winning consumer loyalty begins with understanding the consumer base. It’s not enough to use good packaging materials; good is relative, and that’s as a result of differences in individual consumer taste.

Identifying the demographics and psychographics of consumers can help you figure out packaging patterns that resonate with them. Just as men and women have different preferences due to their biological constructs, millennials and baby boomers are on different sides of the coin as a result of their age gap. When you make use of packaging patterns that resonate with millennials for baby boomers, you are asking them to patronize someone else.

Add a personal touch

The best packaging materials aren’t necessarily the most expensive but those with a little extra touch. If it’s just another packaging box, consumers might as well get it from any other seller. To keep them loyal to you, something has to give. Implement results from your audience analysis by personalizing your packaging to suit their tastes. It could be the colors, fonts, typography or even the texture of the material. Little things can make a big difference.

Be eco-friendly

American consumers are concerned about the state of the environment. 94% of them believe in environmentally friendly packaging solutions. A great way to be in their good books is to share their sentiments, and one way to do this is by adopting eco-friendly packaging options.

Recyclable packaging is the way to go. Environmental conscious consumers don’t want to be associated with brands that make use of non recyclable packaging materials. They are also advocating for the use of biodegradable packaging in the absence of recyclables. Not adhering to eco-friendly standards will inadvertently make you lose consumers after their very first purchase.

Create an impression

Gone are the days when packaging boxes were just bearers of the message. Now, they are part of the message. Create an aura about the product to make the consumer feel special. Having spent their money on your product, putting efforts into its packaging is a big way to say thank you. Add some finishing effects. A simple ribbon tied as closure could be the difference that makes a lasting impression. A handwritten “thank you” note could make a consumer feel appreciated, and encouraged to patronize you again – this is good for business as research shows that returning customers spend about 67% more than first-time customers.

Trends are evolving – and consumers’ taste in packaging is tagging right along. In a rapidly growing e-commerce society, bespoke packaging gives you an edge over the many competitors.

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