Custom Packaging for Small Businesses: How to Elevate Brand Identity

Custom Packaging for Small Businesses: How to Elevate Brand Identity

Packaging design for the e-commerce industry is a game changer. Custom packaging for small businesses is more than just a means of protection. It helps build a lasting impression, fosters deeper connections, and tells your brand’s story. 

Using high-quality packaging materials enhances customer experience, which is essential in building brand loyalty. It is a method of taking your business to the next level. 

But how do businesses use custom packaging to elevate brand identity? 

As a small business, getting noticed is hard and custom packaging helps you build brand identity. Small businesses should try everything in their power so their product gets seen next to their competitors. 

Product packaging with a customized experience is one of the ways that can help your products get noticed. Small businesses should consider this important aspect, as incorporating custom packaging has many benefits. 

Custom packaging gets you off on the right foot with customers. It helps you build your brand, creates a lasting impression, tells customers about your products, and attracts potential buyers. 

Custom packaging for small businesses is essential for success. Whether you are selling online or in-store, you can elevate your brand identity with custom packaging.

In this article, we will learn how custom product packaging can elevate brand identity for small businesses.

Table of Contents 

1. What is Custom Packaging?

2. How Can I Make Custom Packaging for My Small Business?

3. How Custom Packaging Elevates Brand Identity?

Effective marketing tool
Enhanced protection
Sets you apart
Eco-friendly packaging
Improves customer experience
Tells your brand story
Boosts brand visibility

4. How Does Arka Help with Custom Packaging for Small Businesses?

Select your product
Select dimensions
Select materials
Select your quantity

5. Tips for Creating Custom Packaging for Small Business

Adorn plain packaging
Choose sustainable packaging
Add freebies
Themed packaging
Add a personal note

6. Conclusion

7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can custom packaging help in a business startup?
How do you choose the right packaging for your business?

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging differs from standard packaging in terms of its design and impact. With custom dimensions, labels, colors, and messages, small business owners can give a great unboxing experience to their customers. 


How does it help with brand identity?


Well, custom packaging does more than just protect a product. It sends your customers a message of care and value they appreciate. They feel valued, which helps in building brand loyalty and identity.


Custom packaging for small businesses is a great marketing tool that helps create a lasting impression. It is an excellent way to establish brand identity. 


With recyclable packaging options, businesses can safely choose eco-friendly packaging and impress customers. 


As small businesses try hard to compete in the competitive market, custom packaging helps them highlight their product and give customers a great unboxing experience. Creating brand recognition and loyalty is crucial to the success of e-commerce. 


Moreover, custom packaging boxes reflect a brand’s values by depicting its choice of packaging materials. By choosing eco-friendly packaging solutions, brands make it clear to their customers that they are an environmentally conscious business. 

How Can I Make Custom Packaging for My Small Business?

Small business packaging is an effective tool that, if used right, enables businesses to increase their customer reach and revenue. Depending on the packaging needs, custom packaging has the power to create an excellent first impression.


Retail packaging gives businesses a chance to stand out. As product boxes are the first tangible items that customers interact with, small business owners should ensure it is worthwhile. 


Designing a great unboxing experience gives you a chance to build brand loyalty. If custom packaging boxes appeal to your customers, it positively impacts them. An eye-catching design that catches your customers’ attention enables them to remember you. 


Creating custom product boxes means designing a box with your brand‘s logo, picture, patterns, shapes, and other unique elements that align with your brand story. 


As a small business owner, you take the opportunity and create a packaging design that delivers the product safely and creates brand identity. In addition, you can have a loyal customer base that helps you establish your credibility. 


A packaging supply store like Arka helps you with your custom packaging needs. We have multiple packaging supplies like mailers, shipping boxes, kraft papers, tissue papers, poly mailers, custom inserts, etc., that help small businesses elevate their brand identity. 


Custom packaging gives small businesses all the freedom to experiment with the design. Make sure you make the best use of this opportunity to impress your customers. 

How Custom Packaging Elevates Brand Identity?

Customized packaging keeps customers excited about a brand. A visually appealing design gives a personalized customer experience that makes an impact. 


It gives repeat business and increases customer awareness. It shows customers the effort that the business has put into making an ordinary box outstanding. 


As a small business owner, you need to find ways that can help you showcase your brand and stand out in the crowd. You can build a lasting relationship with customers by choosing cost-effective packaging supplies and custom solutions. 


Adding a personal touch to your packaging can impact your business, and you can position yourself firmly in the market. It elevates brand identity as customers appreciate the small details and efforts. 


Instead of standard and ordinary packaging, you can use a custom packaging design that perfectly fits your product. 


Given how intense the competition is out there, elevating small business identity is crucial. Custom packaging allows small business owners to find their place in the market. 


Following are some ways to show how custom packaging elevates brand identity. 

Effective marketing tool

Social media is a cost-effective tool that enables businesses to reach many people. Moreover, it provides a great platform to showcase your products without spending a fortune on marketing. 


Using the best design tool and choosing a combination of colors that depict your brand story is crucial to having an outstanding custom design. You can use custom designs to increase brand awareness. 


Packaging has become as important for a small business as the product itself. You can design simple cardboard boxes and give your customers a great experience they can remember and share on social media. 

Enhanced protection 

Custom packaging gives products enhanced protection, letting businesses earn customers’ trust. With custom boxes, products stay protected during shipping, and businesses benefit. 


For fragile items, products can be delivered in custom boxes, as standard shipping boxes do not offer the protection that such items require. Delivering a product safely is crucial for the success of a business, and custom packaging offers you to do it. 


Depending on the product type, businesses can customize box styles and add custom inserts for cushioning. The inserts adorn the packaging and help deliver the product in one piece. 

Sets you apart

Consumer behavior has changed over the years, and many people assess the quality of the product by analyzing the product packaging. It influences the buying decision, so custom packaging impacts the business. 


As a small business owner, you can use custom packaging to stand apart from your competitors and attract more customers. Designing an eye-catching, attractive custom box creates a lasting impression and reflects your company’s mission. 


So, custom packaging helps small businesses stay ahead and apart from their competitors, elevating brand identity. 

Eco-friendly packaging 

A study reveals more than a third of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainability as demand grows for environmentally-friendly alternatives. Demand for sustainable packaging has increased with changes in consumer behavior and preferences. 


Customers are more aware of their choices and prefer businesses that opt for eco-friendly packaging. They are even willing to pay extra for sustainable product packaging. 


Small business owners should carefully source their materials and use desirable recyclable packaging. It is an effective way to impress customers and increase brand awareness. It also tells customers about a brand’s mission. 

Improves customer experience 

Packaging is all about improving customer experience so they can return to you for more business. Putting your customers first should be a priority, and giving an unforgettable unboxing experience elevates brand identity. 


Designing a package that aligns with your brand’s mission provides customers with a branded experience. If they like the experience, they are more likely to engage and return to you. 


Small businesses should look for ways to enhance their packaging and improve customer experience. Make sure your packaging design aligns with your brand’s mission. 

Tells your brand story

Telling your brand story is an effective way to form a deeper connection with your customers. Your brand story is unique, and custom packaging allows you to tell it. 


As a small business owner, you can highlight qualities unique to your brand and identifiable by customers. 


The color palette you use and how you write the brand message are ways to enhance your brand story. Mailer boxes, kraft papers, custom mailers, cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, bubble mailers, etc., are customizable and help strengthen brand identity. 

Boosts brand visibility 

Social media is a powerful tool; if businesses can impress customers with their product packaging, they can reach many potential buyers. 


As a small business owner, you aim to let customers identify you among thousands of products. With custom packaging, you can achieve it as it is unique to every brand.


 40% of consumers will share an image of your packaging on social media if it is unique or branded. 


By designing an impressive custom package, businesses can make customers feel valued. They also recommend a product to other people, which is beneficial for the growth of a business.


Custom packaging is like a gift box; when it arrives at the doorstep, customers feel excited about opening it. If impressed, they would share the experience with others, which helps boost brand visibility. 

How Does Arka Help with Custom Packaging for Small Businesses?

At Arka, we take care of your packaging needs. We understand that creating a brand identity is essential for small businesses. Custom packaging for small businesses is a way that helps them find their place in a competitive market. 


Designing a custom box is simple at Arka. Let us walk you through some basic steps so you can easily design your next custom box. 

Select your product

Understanding the product and the type of packaging needed is essential. We have a wide range of products that you can choose from. Small businesses can select from custom stickers, packaging tape, paper bags, cardboard, mailers, corrugated boxes, etc. 


Once you have selected the product and custom inserts, you can design the custom box. 

Select dimensions 

After you have finalized the product, you can select the size and dimensions so it is a perfect fit for your product. We have different ranges of dimensions. 


Custom packaging is specific to the product, differentiating it from standard shipping boxes. Flimsy packaging does not create a good impression, so you must select the right size. 

Select materials

Arka lets you choose different materials for products. For instance, we have white, brown, and white kraft mailer boxes. Each mailer box is unique in terms of its design and impact. You can select the one that best suits your product. 


Give your customers a phenomenal unboxing experience by designing an eye-catching custom box. You can also select the outside and inside colors of the box. Our design tool is easy to use, so you do not have to struggle.  

Select your quantity 

Once you have made all the changes and finalized the product and material, you can select the order quantity. We are transparent in terms of our prices. Once you select the quantity, you can see the price and make a bulk purchase. 

Tips for Creating Custom Packaging for Small Business

Custom packaging for small businesses helps elevate brand identity and lets customers identify the brand among thousands of products. Here are tips from a packaging expert that can help small business owners up their packaging game and establish brand identity. 

Adorn plain packaging

Plain and boring packaging does not attract customers. While it is a better choice than plastic, using it as it is will not attract customers. Take plain packaging and add brand colors, stickers, and shades that can make it noticeable.  

Choose sustainable packaging 

As an eco-friendly packaging supplier, we cannot stress this enough. With the increasing demand for green packaging, businesses opt for sustainable products. As a result, small business owners also move along the same lines to get noticed and elevate their brand identity.


Many customers choose to do business with brands that use sustainable packaging. Using biodegradable packaging or recycled products are ways to show your concern for the environment and your effort to save it. 

Add freebies

Customers always love the idea of getting more. Adding freebies to your packaging makes it memorable and makes your customers feel valued. It is also cost-effective to get your brand noticed, and customers value the purchase. 

Themed packaging

One of the ways to get noticed is to follow a packaging theme. Create a theme around your product, which might appeal to buyers who want to get their hands on all your products. 


Themed packaging benefits small business owners with limited-time products like subscription boxes. 

Add a personal note

For small businesses, a personal note or touch goes a long way. Add a small thank you note inside the packaging to help customers know that you value them. 


Custom packaging for small businesses is a way to stand out among their competitors. It helps improve customer experience, which elevates brand identity. A customer-centric business is 60% more profitable than one that does not focus on its customer base. 


Packaging should capture your customer's attention with its visual and aesthetic appeal. Let Arka help you with your custom packaging so you can build a lasting relationship with customers and elevate your brand identity as a small business. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can custom packaging help in a business startup?

Custom packaging for small businesses is a way to get noticed and elevate brand identity. Following are some custom packaging benefits for small businesses: 

  • Encourages social media share
  • Enhanced protection 
  • Improves customer experience 
  • Boosts brand visibility 
  • Tells brand story

How do you choose the right packaging for your business?

When choosing product packaging for small businesses, ensure you understand the product. You should know the right dimensions to make packaging a perfect fit for your product. Add unique design elements to your brand to stand apart from competitors. 




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