Customer Feature | Rockstar Cannabis: Lighting Up the Stage

Customer Feature | Rockstar Cannabis: Lighting Up the Stage

Rockstar Cannabis are making a name for themselves within California's cannabis culture,  with its unique take and meticulously crafted products. The journey of Rockstar Cannabis, encapsulates a brand deeply rooted in the ethos of the rockstar lifestyle— brash, confident, and utterly unapologetic.

Rockstar's mission is about cultivating a community that resonates with the rebellious spirit of rockstars—those who linger backstage, live for the afterparty, and embrace the B-sides of life. "Our people hang out backstage at the big show or in back alleys”. This ethos is not just a tagline but a living, breathing identity that fuels their approach to product creation and brand experience. Their brand is a rallying cry for those who seek more than just a high; it's for those who yearn for a sense of belonging and an echo of their inner rebel.

Rockstar Cannabis is setting the stage for a revolution in how cannabis is perceived, presented, and purchased. We got the chance to speak to David Crowther, their creative spark. As part of Zoot Services, the sales and marketing arm of Rockstar Cannabis, David brings a wealth of creative expertise from the realms of film, television, and post-production into the cannabis industry. His journey with Rockstar began with a focus on branding, product design, and development, culminating in the creation of Rockstar's signature product packaging. The launch of their inaugural 2.3-gram Mega Blunt and the subsequent rollout of mini Blunts, vapes, concentrate pre-rolls, variety packs, and tinctures showcases their commitment to quality and innovation. Yet, what sets Rockstar apart is not just what they create but how they present it to the world.


"We're using Arka boxes to distinguish ourselves and differentiate ourselves" —David Crowther


Rockstar Cannabis's approach to packaging is in their commitment to making a memorable first impression. In partnership with Arka, they've developed bespoke boxes that not only house their products but also serve as a tactile extension of their brand identity. This custom packaging has become an instrumental part of Rockstar's branding ensemble. Their packaging focus highlights the importance of custom design on transforming their product presentations into show-stopping experiences for dispensaries and consumers alike. 

Arka's user-friendly, design-forward platform enabled Rockstar to swiftly materialize their packaging concepts into tangible, impactful first impressions. The gradual release of Rockstar's product lineup has become an integral part of their branding strategy, generating anticipation and buzz within the community. This phased approach mirrors tactics employed by successful brands in other industries, such as beauty and personal care, where constant innovation keeps the brand in the public eye. 

Sustainability is a personal commitment for David and influences the materials and practices adopted by the brand. This dedication to green methods is woven into the fabric of their operations, from packaging choices to product development, aligning Rockstar with the growing demand for responsible businesses. 

“One of our main pillars is sustainability and is somewhere I go to as a person.”


David's advice to other brands in the cannabis space is to leverage their unique perspectives and experiences, regardless of their industry origins. "Capitalize on the skills that you have and what you bring", underscoring the value of diversity and innovation in a nascent industry ripe for disruption.

Rockstar Cannabis is not just selling cannabis; they're offering an experience, a statement, and a community for those who resonate with the spirit of rock and roll. As they continue to roll out new products and expand their presence, Rockstar is paving the way for brands aspiring to make their mark with authenticity, boldness, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Rockstar Cannabis and Arka's collaboration shows the power of aligning brand ethos with actionable, sustainable practices. It's a reminder that in the fast-paced crescendo of the cannabis industry, standing out requires not just innovation in products but in how those products are presented to the world—responsibly, memorably, and with an unyielding commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility.

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