3PL Feature | Who Are River Plate Inc?

3PL Feature | Who Are River Plate Inc?

River Plate Inc’s history spans over three decades in the fulfillment industry. Established in 1992, initially as River Plate Trucking, the company has evolved from a family-owned messaging trucking entity into a comprehensive fulfillment, logistics, warehousing, and distribution center. Specializing in the beauty industry, including skincare, cosmetics, haircare, and toys, River Plate Inc has adapted and grown alongside the e-commerce boom, becoming a cornerstone in retail, wholesale, and e-commerce fulfillment and distribution. Their journey of innovative approach and dedicated commitment to their clients' product operations, makes them an indispensable part of any supply chain network. 

Moreover, River Plate Inc is a green fulfillment center, committed to environmental sustainability through practices like recycling waste, efficient energy use, and the use of non-toxic materials. This commitment not only reflects their operational efficiency but also their dedication to contributing positively to the environment.

Where Are They?

River Plate Inc operates out of Simi Valley, California, in the Los Angeles area, a location that enables them to efficiently manage and distribute products across various channels. This location, combined with their end-to-end services, positions River Plate Inc as a key solution for businesses seeking to streamline their logistics operations in one of the nation's busiest commerce hubs.

Work with Them, If You're This Kind of Brand

River Plate Inc is the ideal partner for businesses ranging from family-owned e-commerce ventures to large corporations looking for quality fulfillment services that align with growth objectives. Their no-minimum-order policy and sensitivity to budget constraints make them a flexible and customer-centric choice. They offer a wide array of services including e-commerce fulfillment, pick and pack, custom kit assembly, cross-docking, warehousing, distribution, and comprehensive freight logistics, along with core support services like inventory management, shrink wrapping, and blister packaging.

For brands that prioritize environmental sustainability, exceptional customer service, and a comprehensive suite of fulfillment solutions, River Plate Inc offers a partnership that promises growth, efficiency, and a significant reduction in fulfillment and shipping costs. Their customer testimonials and long history of success stories attest to their ability to meet diverse business needs with precision and care, ensuring that your brand is not just a client but a valued member of the River Plate Inc family. Arka customers get a discounted monthly fee!

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