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How Custom Packaging Can Improve Amazon FBA Business’ Performance

With vibrant colors and converting messaging, custom packaging can help define your brand and boost your sales.

The order you’ve been anxiously awaiting has finally made its way from an Amazon warehouse to your doorstep. The excitement you feel is reminiscent of Christmas morning since, after all, you’re about to open a gift thoughtfully selected for you, by you. However, unlike on Christmas morning with the colorful wrapping paper and shiny bows, you see just a simple brown box. Your excitement is somewhat muted by its lackluster and unoriginal appearance. 

This very customer experience is exactly why custom packaging matters. With the right branding strategies and creative thinking, a thoughtfully designed package with interesting graphics, colors, and messaging can build excitement about your product and improve brand perception. When you choose to do this for your Amazon FBA business, you’re choosing to stay ahead of the vast majority of sellers that merely opt for basic packaging. 


Why Use Customized Packaging?


There are many reasons to consider using custom packaging for your products. Not only can unique packaging look aesthetically pleasing, but it can also boost your business’s performance in significant ways. 

Here we list some of the best reasons to use tailor-made packaging for your Amazon FBA business.


Big brands are currently doing it 

Well-known and reputable brands always use their own styles of packaging complete with logos, brand colors, and even interesting text and graphics. If you choose to do this as an Amazon seller, your buyers will perceive your products as having the quality of a more popular and established brand. 


Improve the customer experience

Why not give your customers that Christmas morning feeling they deserve? With innovative and exciting packaging, you’ll build more anticipation for the product that’s inside.


A simple way to improve CLV for your eCommerce business

When customers trust and value your brand, there’s a better chance they’ll return for more. In turn, custom packaging can reduce customer acquisition costs for returning customers, given the positive experience they’ve had with your simple packaging choices. If you would like to learn more about Customer Lifetime Value check out this article by Hubspot.


Allows you to promote your brand 

Utilize packaging space for marketing purposes. You can connect customers with your social media handles, promote discounts, and much more with strategically placed text on your labels and packages. 


Custom packaging has its logistic advantages

From cost savings to increased supply chain efficiency, custom packaging offers many logistical benefits. Getting your items to Amazon takes several steps, simplifying this workflow with custom packaging will save you time and money. We discuss many of these advantages in detail below.


Stand Out from The Crowd and Optimize Conversions


There are potentially thousands of items on Amazon just like yours, so what efforts are you taking to stand out? In order to differentiate yourself, it’s important to provide unique branding, messaging, and offerings for your customers. Luckily, custom packaging enables you to do all of this and more. 

If you want to get noticed, it’s important to be bold and original. For example, take a look at these protein supplement products:

amazon products

The packaging used for each of these different supplement brands doesn’t look entirely different from one another. In fact, they all include an identical white tub with similar color schemes, images, and typography on the labels. 

Now imagine beautiful packaging with unique labels on both the front and the back that includes interesting graphics and designs. Without a doubt, this would increase your click-through rate based solely on the intrigue around your aesthetic choices.

When you create beautiful packaging that’s unique and thoughtful you’ll gain positive reviews from loyal brand customers because they’ll be proud to buy your products. As good reviews pile up, so too will your conversion rate which results in increased revenues and a more profitable business. 


How Custom Packaging Can Boost Conversion Rate


Unique packaging will get your products noticed. Striking colors and attractive designs will draw more eyes to your listing giving you a better chance at boosting conversions. Since all images for Amazon FBA products must have a uniform white background, striking packaging colors will make your listings stand out even more. 

Visually appealing pictures/packaging are the ones that get noticed and therefore it’s no surprise that they increase click-through rates. This also enhances your chance for increased positive reviews because a good-looking product leaves a lasting impression.

Custom packaging is only the first step to optimizing your Amazon listings. Advertising, copywriting, creatives & formatting are equally as important. Consider an Amazon Consultant to ensure you’ve optimized every aspect of your listings.


Custom Packaging Provides a Memorable Customer Experience


Customer Perception

Remember that Christmas-like feeling of opening a gift? You can recreate those exact emotions for your customers when you use custom packaging. A memorable unboxing experience increases brand value and conveys a perception of quality. 

By developing and using distinctive packaging, your customers will notice that you went the extra mile to give them an unforgettable experience. For this reason, many customers are more likely to buy items with unique packaging because it also conveys a sense of trust. When you put more effort into your design choices, you show that you care about your product and your customers, and therefore show that you must be delivering something good. Consequently. This will increase customer retention. 

arka eco friendly packaging



With striking custom shipping boxes your product will get noticed. This ensures you build a distinct and recognizable brand that people will remember.

If you’re selling private label, unique packaging differentiates you from other private labels selling the same thing. When you’re competing against sellers with the same products, it's absolutely critical that you differentiate yourself by offering your customers something more. Incorporating customized packaging is a simple way to stand out visually and enhance the customer experience.

Custom packaging can also double as a free marketing tool as you can include text or insert cards that direct customers to your social media, blog, or, mailing list channels. Utilize tech for your packaging too! QR codes that direct to giveaways and discounts can increase engagement with your brand and boost customer retention.


How Your Packaging Choices Affect Logistics


Would you believe it if we told you custom packaging can actually make your business processes run smoother? Below, we outline exactly how and why this happens. For more information on prepping your products for FBA check out this guide.


Custom packaging Can increase efficiency within your own supply chain as well as at Amazon. When you choose packaging that’s easy to assemble and doesn’t blend in with the crowd, packaging, and sorting can be done quicker at the warehouse.


Do right by the environment and choose packaging that’s both sustainable and practical. As a matter of fact, surveys suggest amazon customers want more sustainable packaging and will choose greener brands whenever they can.

Choosing packaging that’s plastic-free, recyclable, and made from recycled materials can significantly reduce your amazon business’s carbon footprint. 

If you’re not sure where to start, check out Arka’s beautifully-designed sustainable packaging. Their packaging also holds the FSC Certification for Sustainable Packaging.

Cost Savings

Optimizing packaging for your specific product’s dimensions will save your business money in the long term. With customized packaging, you will be able to maximize space requirements with custom dimensions. Unsurprisingly, when you ship less air, you’ll also allow for more units to be stored in the fulfillment center.

Amazon Packaging Certifications

Get your packaging certified by Amazon. This certification ensures your packaging is frustration-free for their warehouse workers and meets all Amazon’s guidelines.




There are clearly many excellent reasons to use custom packaging for your Amazon FBA business. By optimizing logistics, tailor-made packaging can increase short-term and long-term margins. Additionally, thoughtful design details show you’re investing in the customer experience which builds trust in your brand. It’s also important to note that stunning packaging choices will increase listing visibility and boost conversions.

Custom packaging helps you stand out from a massive crowd of online sellers and with the right choices, a simple change in packaging can significantly optimize your business’s processes. At Arka we help create eye-catching eco-friendly packaging that boosts business growth.

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