Honeycomb Paper Mailer

Why Honeycomb Paper Mailer is Better Than Plastic Bubble Wrap

Climate change is having adverse effects on the environment. Consumers and producers are both making the switch to more eco-friendly practices and working to reduce their carbon footprint as it is the need of the hour. 

Honeycomb Paper Mailer


A recent survey from First Insight and Wharton’s Baker Retailing Center of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers found 68 percent consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products, this number is up from 58 percent from a survey taken in 2019. This shows the rapidly changing trend towards sustainability and eco-friendly products. 

When it comes to the packaging industry, consumers are seeking environmentally friendly products to reduce waste that ends up in landfills.

Global Waste Crisis

According to the Environmental Protection Agency in 2018, the U.S. generated 291.4 million tons of trash. It is actually 12% of the total waste generated in the whole world, only for a region that houses only 4% of the total world’s population.

Do you know that 1/3 of this waste is packaging material of some kind?

This waste ends up in landfills where all ugly things happen. Toxic gasses such as methane and ammonia are released in landfills. These toxic gasses suffocate the natural environment and impact our ecosystems worsening climate change and causing numerous health hazards. 

The awareness about this problem is rapidly increasing, causing more consumers to make eco-conscious choices to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. 

According to a recent Capterra research study, 75-80% of consumers say that they’re willing to pay higher prices, ranging from a little more to significantly more, for sustainable products in comparison to unsustainable products.

Demand For Eco-Friendly Packaging

The consumer pressure for environmentally friendly products and services is mounting. Consequently, the demand for eco-friendly packaging is also increasing. Brands want to invent packaging that is recyclable, reusable or compostable as there is a high consumer demand for sustainable packaging that doesn’t end up in landfills. 

As the demand for eco-friendly packaging skyrockets, brands are seeking sustainable packaging alternatives to meet their business and shipping needs. 

This article is about the honeycomb mailer. It will explain what the honeycomb mailer is and how it is a better alternative to the famous plastic bubble wrap. 


What is a Honeycomb Paper Mailer?

The honeycomb paper mailer is a new way to provide that extra cushioning that your product needs during shipping to ensure that it reaches your customers safely, without any damages.

Arka’s honeycomb kraft paper mailer is made out of a combination of recycled paper waste and FSC certified wood pulp, that is sourced from sustainably managed plantations. 

The recycled paperboard provides a rigid structure that is both durable and waterproof, while the honeycomb paper interior provides a layer of cushioning.

It is the honeycomb paper within the mailer that provides the  cushioning that protects your product during shipping. The honeycomb paper mailer is a new innovative breakthrough in sustainable packaging that allows brands to ditch the plastic bubble wrap that is harmful to the environment and less desired by consumers. 

4 Advantages of Using Honeycomb Paper Mailers

Honeycomb paper is a lightweight, durable and a cost effective alternative to plastic bubble wraps.

It is manufactured using kraft paper material. These kraft paper mailers are actually  inspired by the natural honeycomb core -  just like the way it is inside a beehive. Isn’t that cool?

The honeycomb part is sandwiched between two layers of recycled paper surfaces and it acts as a protective cushion for your products.

Here are some of the advantages of using honeycomb mailers.

1. Extremely Strong

You must be wondering how on earth can paper packaging alternatives in a honeycomb structure be strong? The answer is all in its design. 

Did you know that the honeycomb formulation is the same as that of the steel I-beam which is used in construction and civil engineering. The honeycomb structure material has a web of sheets or ribbons of material that are corrugated and then joined together in the same way in which  I-beams are created - with the I-beams being stacked one upon another and the stacks being spaced apart throughout the web.

Now you might be thinking how strong can a packaging solution made from paper in a honeycomb formation be? The answer is stronger than steel, pound for pound, which is why paper honeycomb packaging is such an outstanding innovation.

Its strength lies in the design, with the honeycomb core and sandwich layers acting as a traditional steel I-beam, frequently used in construction and civil engineering applications.

2. Super Lightweight

The honeycomb paper mailer is lightweight and is great for companies to reduce their shipping costs while at the same time seeking the benefits of its strong structure and eco-friendly design. 

3. 100% Recyclable

Arka's recycled kraft padded mailers are made from recycled paper and FSC-certified honeycomb and are both compostable and curbside recyclable.

The recycled paperboard provides a rigid structure that is both durable and waterproof, while the honeycomb paper interior provides a layer of cushioning.

The recyclable material of the honeycomb mailer is good for the environment and also a perfect fit for brands that want to meet the needs of their customers that are seeking eco-friendly packaging solutions. 

4. Cost-Effective

The manufacturing process of the honeycomb paper requires less paper and therefore the overall cost associated with it comes out less, making it a cost-effective environmentally friendly packaging solution for brands. 

honeycomb mailer

What Can You Package in a Honeycomb Paper Mailer?

Just as the traditional bubble wrap which is made of plastic and harmful for the environment,  you can package numerous items with the honeycomb paper mailer with the advantage of also protecting the environment. 

It is a great option for products that are fragile and delicate items. Here are some of the items that are a great fit for the honeycomb paper mailer: 

  • Glass bottles and droppers
  • Pictures, frames and mirrors
  • Kitchenware
  • Cosmetics

Disadvantages of Bubble Wrap

Here are some of the disadvantages of the plastic bubble wrap that is widely used to package fragile items:

    • Toxic Waste

When the plastic bubble wrap is discarded, it ends up in landfills and turns into toxic waste that is harmful to the environment.

    • Highly Flammable

Plastic bubble wrap catches fire easily and quickly due to the mix of plastic spheres and oxygen and it can be a major health hazard for users and employees in warehouses if the bubble wrap catches fire. It can also damage your product and cause financial loss due to damages. 

    • Environmental Problem

Plastic takes forever to decompose and so bubble wraps stay in landfills forever, creating environmental problems which are adding to climate change.

Fresh solutions like honeycomb padded mailer boxes are the best solution to replace the traditional bubble wrap to meet the increasing demand for environmentally friendly packaging from consumers and also to protect the environment. 

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5 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging

Going green with product packaging such as replacing the bubble wrap with the honeycomb paper mailer has innumerable benefits. 

Here are some of the benefits of eco-friendly packaging: 


1. Reduces Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted when consuming fossil fuels. Whether you believe in global warming or not, you can reduce your CO2 emissions.

By using sustainable packaging you can cut down on the carbon footprint as you will not be contributing to the carbon dioxide emissions in the landfills. 


2. Free of Toxins

Recyclable, reusable and biodegradable packaging is free of toxins and chemicals which are often a part of plastic packaging. 

Arka has a great variety of eco-friendly packaging options including a great replacement for the traditional bubble wrap, the honeycomb paper mailer. Arka also offers top-notch custom shipper boxes and custom mailer boxes that boost business image.


4. Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is when companies play a positive role in protecting the environment and make policies and strategies that have favorable outcomes towards social issues. 

Today, brands are focused on contributing to the wellness of the environment as there is a huge consumer demand for it as well. 

According to a survey, 77 percent of consumers reported that using materials that do not cause harm to consumers builds trust.

By seeking sustainable packaging solutions and using products like the honeycomb paper mailer over the traditional plastic bubble wrap, brands can do their part when it comes to their corporate social responsibility. 


5. Increases your Customer Base

A survey conducted by Trivium packaging in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group not only showed that there is a strong relationship between sustainable packaging and consumer's purchase decisions but also the fact that sustainable packaging increases business sales.

The majority of the respondents considered environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging to be important. And they are willing to buy from brands that practice sustainable packaging.

Also, 74 percent said they are most willing to pay more for sustainable packaging, and nearly one-fourth said they will pay more even if the price difference is over 10 percent.

All the research data and statistics prove that switching to eco-friendly packaging is the step in the right direction for companies. It is also a great way to earn customer loyalty and attract new customers. 

Times have changed now and companies need to do their part in protecting the environment to win the trust of their customers.


Eco-friendly packaging is a trend that all companies must adopt now. There are plenty of alternate eco-friendly packaging solutions available in the market that are actually much better and cost effective than the traditional packaging. 

Adopting sustainable packaging will help your brand attract more customers and also enable you to do your bit in saving the environment. 

Lastly, if you have any questions or need assistance in knowing more about Arka’s FSC certified eco-friendly products you can reach out to us at support@arka.com to know more. 

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