12 Tips To Set Up a Successful Instagram Account

12 Tips To Set Up a Successful Instagram Account

In this modern technological era, we have different goals, different dreams, different aims, and different preferences. Some people like to be anti-social to an extreme extent. Yet, some people love to see cameras flashing on their faces and they yearn to be famous.

Are you a person who wants to be Instagram famous? Well, lucky for you, your dream can become a reality. You may think that it is not possible under any circumstances. But let me tell you that if you aspire to it, you can surely get it.

But why Choose Instagram?

Why would someone want to choose Instagram when there is a pool of social media places and numerous sites where you can develop yourself and achieve popularity and success? The answer is simple.

Instagram is a place where you can interact with your friends and fans, on the whole, on another level. You have indeed got Facebook. But when we look at its users, we come to know that only the millennials are left on Facebook.

So what happened to the Gen-Z? Well, it all shifted to TickTock and Instagram. Instagram provides you with a place where you can perfectly showcase yourself and your products without it being too over-the-top.

Instagram is the backbone of social media nowadays. If you want to be successful specifically on Instagram, I am going to tell you each and everything you need to know to be Insta- famous and Insta-successful.

1. Plan your desired content beforehand

Like I said before, plan what you want to see. When we go through Instagram profiles, we see different types of content. Some content catches our attention, yet at the same time, there are types of content that leave no mark on us. Find out what you want to post and stick to that content strategy.

2. Write an attractive bio that best describes you

One of the secrets of a successful Instagram account is a great bio. Your bio is like your mirror. Suppose your account is private. What’s the first thing that the person will read on your profile? It is your Instagram bio.

Make sure that your Instagram bio is the best portrayal of yourself, and yet it leaves a mystery that wants the user to follow you. Do a little research and make sure that you love your bio yourself too.

3. Choose An Aesthetic For Your Account

We like things that please our eyes and soothe our OCD. Let’s admit that nobody likes a messy Instagram account. Some accounts are only successful due to their aesthetic feed and creative color palette. 

Notice how these profiles have consistent color palettes throughout? 

Decide which colors you want on your Instagram profile. Even if you cannot select the color palette, try putting a theme to your pictures. Let me give you a simple example. You can either put collages, use a single filter on all pictures, or give a white border to each picture.

4. Leverage striking pictures for your feed

You can either use the pictures captured by someone else, repost the already available pictures or you can create your content. But what works best? 

Let me tell you what the audience likes. People want to see originality and creativity, and that can only be achieved if you put original content on your Instagram feed. Take your very own pictures, give them a good edit, and rock those pictures by displaying them on your Instagram feed.

Instagram is the only place that lets you put a link on your bio. Make the most of it! You can either create a blog and put a link to it. Or you can create a website and add the link to your bio. 

Most successful influencers and pages always have links on their bio. Here is are a few examples:

Not only does it add authenticity, but it also acts as a call to action button. It is both creative and innovative. 

6. Always include relevant hashtags to increase your visibility

When we go through our Instagram explore page, we can see that certain people have put a list of hashtags under their posts. Have you ever thought about the purpose of it?

Well, hashtags can play an important role in the fame of your account. When people search on Instagram, they also search for trendy Instagram hashtags. When talking about how the Instagram algorithm works in 2021, Adding hashtags to your posts is one of the most effective ways to reach more people on Instagram, which means more “views” for the Instagram algorithm to take into account. Also, the nature of Instagram hashtags is changing with the addition of enhanced hashtag search features.

For example, if you searched for the hashtag #healthyrecipes in the past, you would only get posts that included that tag. But with the enhanced hashtag search features, you'll be rewarded for using a hashtag consistently in lots of posts, because Instagram can now refer to other healthy recipe posts from you even if #healthyrecipes is not part of the posts. 

The Verge wrote, “Instagram will let people search the keywords themselves, meaning posts that feature healthy recipes should surface, even if the specific tag is missing.” 

In a recent study, Social Insider examined 650,000 Instagram posts to determine how hashtag-use affected their performance. What they found was that overall, posts with 7 or 30 hashtags hidden in the caption got the most engagement. 

So if you are using a good Instagram hashtag strategy consistently, more and more of your posts will be associated with those hashtags.

7. Give your audience what they want

What does your audience want? What does it demand from your page? Figuring this thing out is most essential, and how should you know about it? Well, let's just see it as a simple example. If you are running a makeup page, your audience will like to see makeup tutorials and makeup product reviews. Likewise, you can use this thing to your benefit and provide the audience with what it wants.

8. Maximise creative content on Instagram stories

Don't leave your Instagram stories empty. Never! Even if you don't post daily, you should always be active in the stories and put a story daily. Tell your followers that you are alive and happy!

9. Go live from time to time

The best way to interact with your followers is to go live. Isn't it wonderful that you get to know your followers? You will be surprised at how much it can help you. You can interact with your followers, and thus you can recognize what content they want to see in the future.

10. Don't leave your highlights empty

Well, haven't we covered the story part? Yes, we have. But that doesn't mean that you leave your highlights empty. Try to put your best stories on the highlights portion, and you can even give a theme to your highlight covers. There are endless possibilities once you get to explore them!

11. Leverage IGTV videos 

See that little TV icon in the corner? Don't leave that little fellow standing there. Use it to make sure that you are giving in your full effort. You can make IGTV videos of absolutely anything! Can't think of content to post? Try following a Tik-Tok challenge.

12. Stay Consistent As Hell

Don't give up! Although it sounds a little cliche, you can’t give up. You will have times when your post will have zero engagement, and you will face situations where people will report your account. But this doesn't mean that you will stay back. You need to fight for yourself.

Building a successful Instagram profile requires both effort and consistency. Do this, and watch your followers and engagement grow organically. 

After all, if you want it, you can have it.

*Cover Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

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