Customer Spotlight: Packaging Connection Between Mothers and Daughters

Customer Spotlight: Packaging Connection Between Mothers and Daughters

For the past 20 years, True Girl has been at the forefront of empowering young girls and their mothers, using powerful, faith-based lessons for the Christian community. The business, typically oriented around live, in-person events, adapted in the pandemic to offer a bi-monthly subscription box that facilitates conversation and connection around the same topics at home. 

True Girl’s mission is about nurturing the bond between mothers and their daughters, helping them navigate life's challenges with faith and understanding. And their subscription boxes— starting with their sustainable packaging— have become ever-important this holiday season; in partnership with Operation Christmas Child, True Girl subscribers are encouraged to repack the boxes with donated gifts for those in-need this year.

Adapting to Change: The Birth of the True Girl Subscription Box

When the pandemic brought the world to a standstill, True Girl's response was the creation of a unique subscription box. This innovative concept, birthed from the need to maintain connection when in-person events were halted, offers a blend of daily devotionals and thoughtfully curated items. Each box is a treasure trove, aligning with a specific monthly theme, designed to foster mother-daughter connectedness and spiritual growth.

“The look of the box is very important,” explains Shani McKenzie from True Girl; “We used the same designer [for the boxes] that created our brand, so we use all her elements.” Stringing those elements throughout, from the Worship Box to the Kindness Box, mean the True Girl community have a cohesive experience whether they’re attending live events or subscription box customers.

Targeting a Crucial Age: Focusing on Girls Aged 8-12

True Girl's focus on girls aged 8-12 is deliberate. This critical developmental stage, now heavily influenced by social media, demands a nurturing and truth-filled environment. True Girl steps into this space, offering guidance, support, and a safe haven for girls to explore and understand their identities in the light of God's word.

A Commitment to Sustainability: Arka's Role in True Girl's Journey

The collaboration with Arka brings a sustainable edge to True Girl's mission. The packaging, carefully crafted with beautiful designs and vibrant colors, is more than just a container; it's a symbol of True Girl’s commitment to the environment and community. These boxes, repurposed this holiday season in support of Operation Christmas Child, reflect a dedication to giving back.

Rather than sending in shoe boxes full of donated gifts, True Girl is encouraging the girls to repack their custom boxes (from Arka) that McKenzie reports “Operation Christmas actually like better.”

In response to the rising economic pressures, True Girl adapted its packaging strategy. By standardizing designs while maintaining the quality and essence of their boxes (and their contents), they've managed to keep their monthly subscription cost affordable for their customers. This strategic move, supported by Arka's flexible and sustainable packaging solutions, ensures that the message and mission of True Girl remain accessible to all.

Looking Ahead: Engaging the Community with New Initiatives

McKenzie shares that the True Girl subscription boxes are often gifted during the holidays by grandparents or aunties looking to support the young women in the family in their journey through faith and womanhood.

For this year’s Black Friday they have sales offering bonus items for the buyers, gifting products that they have in overstock— a sustainable way to move old inventory whilst also rewarding customers. True Girl is also discounting tour tickets for their in-person events, ensuring there is something for everyone.

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