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3 Reasons Why Packaging Is Just As Important As the Product

A product must first look good to the eye to get the attention it deserves. In a Consumer Satisfaction with Product Packaging study by Meadwestvaco in 2014, 41% of consumers considered packaging to be an important product attribute.

First Impressions Matter

The importance of presentation in marketing cannot be overemphasized. A consumer’s perception of the product begins with the product package. Consumers’ decision to proceed with the product is determined by their judgment of its packaging. Putting your best foot forward in your product outlook is a contributing factor in their overall judgment of the product.

Brand Value

Packaging evokes emotions, and consumers’ feelings about a product to build a perceived value. This comes with perks such as loyalty, patronage, and recommendation.

Packaging can be used to tell your brand story or a part of it. The kind of packaging materials used, send messages about your brand value and worth. Packaging allows you to sell your product without being physically present at the store or online. Packaging gives you the opportunity to attract new customers, and reiterate reasons why existing ones should stick to your brand.


Damage is one of the major reasons why consumers return products bought on online stores. Damages often occur in transit before products arrive at consumers’ locations. A 2015 study by Voxware highlighting consumers’ attitude toward returns reveals that 45% of consumers who experience return issues with a seller are less likely to buy from that seller again. This explains the need for effective packaging in regards to product safety.

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why manufacturers of popular brands strive to continuously improve their product packaging design despite their already attained popularity. When a product packaging becomes obsolete to consumers, it’s only a matter of time before they begin to reconsider their affinity for such brands, and jump on to the next one that is more attractive.

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