E-commerce Packaging Trends 2023

E-commerce Packaging Trends 2023

It’s a new year, and with it comes new trends! And the choices are plentiful!

Your packaging choices have a massive effect on the success of your online business. We at Arka are here to help. We have researched the best packaging trends around. These trends will add to the success of your business in this new year, and for years to come.

Online shopping has taken over storefront shopping. We must keep up with the latest trends to stay competitive.

 small plants starting to growPhoto by Francesco Gallarotti


Along with leaving a light carbon footprint, we want designs that will catch the eye. So now, we present to you, our picks for raising your sales and saving our planet.


Digital picture of Albert Einstein by Abdlarhman Taymour

Photo courtesy of Abdlrahman Taymour

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” -Albert Einstein


Why, you may ask, does ‘sustainability!’ get an explanation point? Well, it is by far the most important thing you can take away from this article.

Never before has there been such a push by the customer to go eco-friendly. People are becoming more aware of the hazards of global warming and environmental health. The numbers are rising for those of us who would like to leave our planet in better shape. Not only for us, but for the generations to come.

Today there are many sustainable options available. It is not only our desire to do better with our packaging requirements, perhaps it is our duty. 

Over flowing garbage into our streams by alexander-schimmeck on unsplash

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck

“The Center for International Environment law indicates that packaging accounts for 40% of the global demand for plastics.” - Forbes

Now, that is a lot of plastic to be responsible for! Let’s find a way to make it better, we are in this together.

Plant-Based vs. Plastic

One of the simplest things to do with your E-commerce packaging is to go eco-friendly. Quit all your plastic and go for plant based. Not only are plant-based materials better for the environment, but they are renewable. Check out this great article on Forbes and the future of packaging.

Corrugated Boxes

These are boxes made almost entirely of recycled materials. In fact, 70%-100% of it is made entirely of recycled materials! Yay! These boxes are versatile and come in many sizes. It’s that simple. Make sure you are stocked with blank boxes and poly mailers! We’ve got insanely good deals on corrugated boxes! We even beat Uline’s prices!


Smart Packaging  

a label for packaging that can show temperature, time and let you know if your package has leaked or been open. photo by timestrip

Photo courtesy of Timestrip


Technology has finally come to the packaging game. Smart packaging is where your box will have an indicator telling the consumer what is going on inside. From temperature, freshness to leakage you will know what is going on prior to opening it. 

No one wants to open a leaky box. Or get a melted or spoiled package. With this, at the very least, you will know what is going on with your package. This reduces the risk of getting goop or smelling something rotten, or worse, eating it!

It is pretty cool how fast technology is progressing. Pushing us ever closer to the Star Trek era! Ha-ha, at least we hope it’s more Star Trek than Blade Runner!


Did you know that 74% of people are willing to pay a higher price for materials that are recycled? That is significant enough to make the change to recycled materials. This may seem like an old school tool, but it still carries weight with your customers.

Seed Paper

heart shaped seed paper, once planted in soil will grow into a flower, herb or veggie Photo by seed flower paper

Photo courtesy of  Flower Seed Paper

Wow! Plants can grow from the packaging you would normally throw out! What?! It’s true. Papermakers have actually been making seed paper since 1941! This idea is so fun and easy, even kids like it!

Plantable paper is a biodegradable eco-paper that is made with post-consumer materials. That means no trees were harmed for this paper! This paper is then embedded with seeds. After you are done with the paper, you plant it in dirt and voila! Herbs, veggies, or flowers grow in its place.

There is no waste whatsoever! Can you imagine all the plants instead of garbage in the landfill?! Would you rather drive by a forest instead of a landfill? Yes, we will take the forest please. 

Sunlight shining in on a serene redwood forest. Photo by luka migiel-

Photo by Luka Migiel


Cat using cardboard scratching post you can make yourself by upcycling  your old cardboard boxes photo by Allison Murray

Photo courtesy of Allsion Murray

Photo courtesy of Allison MurrayIt is so rewarding to turn a plain paper box into a work of art! We have heard back from customers that their boxes were just too pretty to throw out. Folks can use your pretty packaging for later use. Perhaps they can turn it into a box for their jewelry, crayons or whatever the mind can think of!

Two fun and easy things to do with that old box is to turn it into a drawer divider, or a cat scratching post! Here’s a great article on 25 different things people can do to upcycle their old boxes.

One has to start somewhere. You can start by changing your packaging into something sustainable. You can be the one that makes this world a better place!


Now we have given you some insights into becoming a more sustainable E-commerce packaging company. We can now move onto the trends in design. Ready to get those creative juices flowing? Let’s go! 

Fine Art

A bottle of Sangria with a beautiful Asian style Fine art work label by Ossobuko.           Photo of Brisk Iced tea in Artistic green and yellow waves on the packaging. Photo by Andrea Leon

                      Photo courtesy of Ossubuko                                                     Photo courtesy of Andrea Leon 

Fine Art is usually associated with high end luxury items. Dressing your products in fine art is quickly becoming popular.

It could be the brush strokes of art that you like. Maybe you like the splashes from Jackson Pollak? Or are you more of a modern art person? Either way, you choose what art speaks to you. You could even do it yourself! 

We have a great staff here that can help you with your design needs! It does not matter whether you love fine art or you just want to show the luxury of your product. Fine art design is surely to give your customers some beauty to enjoy.

Story Driven

Thanks to millennials, story driven packaging is an ever-popular choice.

People want to buy something with meaning. They like a cause, something to connect with. Your story on your packaging can entice a customer to bring it on home, and keep coming back for more. After all, putting meaning behind your company does make a noticeable difference.

People like to feel good about their buying choice, why not give them a reason. This goes especially true if you have a heart felt story behind your company. Particularly if your story touches someone’s heart, you have made a friend. In this way, you are building a relationship with your customers. If they feel they know you a bit more, this ensues trust. And like we always say, who better to buy form than a trusted friend!

Geometric Designs

Packaging Box with Geometric design by Arka

Photo by Arka

Neat lines, sharp edges, with a hint of mystery, this is geometric design.

There are no limits to what you can do with geometric designs. Be it an abstract design, or dramatic portrait.

You can even have the design interlocking to form a leading line. This line can direct the eyes to a particular direction. You can combine the shapes with images or objects. You can then align them to each element to produce a cool effect!

You can even use geometric shapes using just a line for a more subtle, gentle effect. You can probably tell we here at Arka love geometric designs!

Technical & Anatomical Designs

The trends are not just bold colors and artistic designs. The trends point to art that looks like it has been taken straight out of a textbook or off or a blueprint of some sort.

Three Vodka cans with Lobster skeletons as the design. Photo by Emir Alicic

Photo courtesy of Emir Alicic

These are another eye-catching method of sales. The “Wait, what was that?” effect. Usually, people are intrigued by this unique method of showing off your product. It definitely can stop a person in their tracks. They are curious about what you are selling inside this interesting package.

Amusing Characters

Characters can bring life to your products and make them memorable!


Photo by Arka

They can also share your story. Characters are also a super easy way to link them to your product. Just think of the Gieco gecko! Or Mickey Mouse, the Kool Aid man. When you see them, you know what product they represent. Not a word needs to be said, and you know what they represent.

Orange box with Anime Girl for Bokksu with Asian wiring. Photo by Arka  Blue packaging box designed with little brown owl encouraging you to read. Photo by Arka

Photos by Arka

This cartoony, almost comic way of associating your mascot with your product has been a time old tradition. And this tradition is making a comeback.

Solid Colors

These packages are working with a smaller palate. Despite that, they can really make your product pop! This is especially true because they tend to use bright, bold colors-very eye-catching! In a sea of mixed colors or solid whites, your solid bold color packing can absolutely make a product stand out.

Studies show that people often prefer an easy solid color choice to a mixed bag. This is often the case in the midst of a hurried or less than spectacular day. People opt for the simplest design.



Olive & Sinclair chocolate bars in vintage designs

                                             Photo courtesy of Olive  & Sinclair                                                       Photo courtesy of Withered Skin Remedies 


Vintage designs with a new burst of originality are here!

After the year we have all had, it is no wonder that we are all looking back to “the good ol days”. You know, when you could hug your friends and have dinner with your whole family. Yes, nostalgia is going to be huge!

These designs are unique but somehow could have existed for your great grandmother. The goal is to make the design unique to your product with that old time flare. The reassuring feeling of nostalgia is a trend that might never end.

Picture Perfect Symmetry

Three bottles of cold brew chai with symmetrical designs. Photo by Mj Vass

Photo by Mj Vass

Some designers may be into the wild and crazy beauty of their designs, this angle is one of tidiness and clarity.

Within the chaos of this crazy world, these designs give a sense of calm and peace. Like our bold, solid colors, these designs create a feeling of grounding. A certain peaceful perfection usually only associated with nature.

Variable Data 

Six beer cans with colorful and varied designs on cans. photo by Arka

Photo by Arka

This is another concept making a strong comeback! One product line, with a multitude of variations. This is a particularly fun and playful way to display your products.

Pints of variable decor on cruelty free Ice cream pints of Nada Moo brand. Photo courtesy of Nada Moo

Photo courtesy of Nada Moo



Name Front and Center 

Four Retro designed soda cans from Northern soda company. Photo by Pepper Pack Company

Photo by Pepper Pack Company

This concept takes your logo to an all new height. It allows your name to be the center of attention. You can have crazy fun fonts. Or you can do something totally sophisticated. It is up to you.We really like the design for these sodas. Here they have not only used fun fonts, but it is also a retro style. 


Clear Views

Four Bottles of Boylan Soda on the grass, photo by Boylan Soda.

Photo courtesy of Boylan Soda

One of the  many trends that seems to keep people happy is transparent packaging. Consumers like to see what is in the package. And with transparent packaging, they get a clear view of what is going on inside. 

Whether it is soda, or a bag of beans, giving your customer a sneak peak seems to entice them to purchase.  


Final Thoughts

Without a ton (or any) of face time with your customers, it is your packing that is going to do the talking. 

You want to make sure you are memorable and something they want to go back to. Not just because you have a fabulous product, but because your packing adds to the experience.

So pick and trend! Pick more than one and combine them. Someone has to be the trend setter, why not you! Share your ideas with us, we would love to see your creations. In fact, we would love to help you create them too! Go ahead also and check out high-quality custom mailer boxes and custom shipper boxes that help elevate brand awareness.

Most importantly, remember to have a blast!

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