5 Ways to Make Your Shipping Boxes More Brandable

5 Ways to Make Your Shipping Boxes More Brandable

Packaging is not just a custom box in which you ship your products; it is more than that. For a small comparison, let's take the MillerCoors beer brand. Their sales showed a 5% increase when they simply changed the beer can it came in. 

Another example is Trunk Club, which curates clothing for men and packages them in stylish trunks to sell. It caught the eye of Nordstrom and was acquired for $350 million. But, on the other hand, if a product has poor packaging, it can lead to a slide in sales numbers. For example, the Australian government has passed an order to remove any packaging design like a logo or font type on cigarettes. The packages are plain and come with health warnings and graphic images. This has reduced sales, and it is the lowest in the past 20 years. 


5 Ways To Enhance Your Brand Awareness

If you are a new brand in the market and want to create an impression or an old brand that wants to pack a punch by revamping the packaging, here are a few ideas:

Custom Shipping Boxes

At Arka, you can choose your custom boxes based on your product requirement. It reinforces your brand name and looks extremely attractive. Nobody wants to throw away pretty packaging, and they might re-use it for something else which will again reinforce your brand name in their memory. Unboxing videos are a rage on YouTube and other social media platforms like Instagram. These videos influence new buyers to shop with you. 

    Write Promotional Messages & Seasonal Greetings

    The advantage of using a custom shipping box is that it can be seasonal. You can play around with different colors, themes, messages, etc. For example, you can print trivia on the box and ask them to visit your website for more details.

    You can also give promotional codes for an enjoyable shopping experience. If you are a small business owner, you can give them personalized messages as well. The options are endless. It might be a small gesture but can go a long way in establishing your brand.

      Make Layers

      Suspense is always a good idea. Instead of one single box, you can add an outer layer and an inner layer, with different messages. It stands out among the usual boxes and leaves an instant impression.

      The best example of this type of box is a monthly subscription one. It is carefully packed with multiple things and hence, is packed uniquely. The monthly subscription box also invokes the curiosity of the customer and gives a long-term order. Another fine example is custom jewelry boxes which are always really pretty with multiple layers.

        Go Eco-Friendly

        A lot of people are conscious of online shopping these days because of the amount of waste collected. But there are a lot of home brands which are making sure the packaging does not end up in a landfill.

        We at Arka also provide eco-friendly boxes made in the USA, reducing the carbon footprint as well. To protect your package, there is a peanut that is made of corn-starch which is degradable as well. It is not exactly inclining with branding solution, but it makes the customer’s heart warm. They soon become your regular customers.

          Custom Package Tape

          After custom boxes, custom tapes are the most cost-effective solution while increasing your brand image. It adds an extra layer of security to your product while giving the brand message or logo. These tapes can be seasonal and can be used for conveying holiday promotional messages. Many eco-friendly options custom tapes are coming up which are not just attractive but conveys the message correctly.

            Final Thoughts

            Although these are very crucial points in packaging to give a stellar impression, the way your product reaches the customer is equally important. Simply pouring the peanuts or stuffing additional papers is not enough. Keep in mind that it must travel through all modes of transport before reaching the customer. Make sure you plan for a safe journey.

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