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10 Tips For Creating Unforgettable DTC Unboxing Experiences

A lot of businesses are getting ready for holiday sales, and you should not be left out, especially when a lot of experts have predicted upscale patronage from online shoppers. But that's not our focus here.

It is one thing to increase sales and another to make customers come back for more. The second is more important for every business.

Having a network of loyal customers is every brand's dream. However, the problem is how to make that happen. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

In this article, we will show you how to guarantee repeat business with tips to create an unforgettable DTC unboxing experience.

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What is The Rave About Unboxing?

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If you’re wondering why unboxing is so much of a big deal, this segment will help. It is general knowledge that people love gifts and opening them. 

At least 27% of Americans state that they watch unboxings and product reviews every week. 

So, it is not surprising that the second most-viewed Youtube channel does a lot of unboxing. Popular Ryan’s World channel features its creator unboxing and playing with toys.

The channel has since 2015, pooled about 47.23 billion views. A huge 59% of viewers spend time watching influencer haul videos.

This involves a shopping spree, and the content creator talking about the items. Clothes are the popular items in this sector. 

Modern buyers depend on online reviews to guide their shopping choices. A survey suggests that the reason for reviews is to share customer experiences with others. 62% of shoppers have found these online reviews helpful, as a result. 

In the US, online reviews rank only second to the search engine as a source of verifiable information.

Instead of speaking to a shop attendant, customers will rather search for reviews on their phones. This has led to about 23% of customers using social media to help with their holiday sales.

What Does This Mean For Businesses?

First, that your branding is everything. We have seen now that the unboxing experience is a big one for customers. 17% of buyers in the US check online reviews before buying any item. 


  • What is the first impression they get from unveiling your products? 
  • How do you also make your products desirable enough to drive conversion?

We care about the growth of your business. Also, we want to help you to create an unforgettable unboxing experience. Here are a few tips you should try out:

1. Use Branded Boxes

Unboxing experience should focus on packaging in a box and not custom poly mailers or Kraft papers. So, for now, I'll be talking about the type of custom box that will make a good impression on customers.

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When a customer receives a delivery in front of their doorstep, the first thing they want to know is where it came from.

Sadly, you are not there to answer the question. But a well-branded box can do the talking for you. You'll be missing an opportunity to build brand recognition if you use plain boxes.

2. Focus on Your Outer Packaging

Here's one thing a lot of people fail to understand. There are two types of presentations in packaging. The first is how you present your product, and the second is how the presentation of the product is presented.

Many of us focus only on the first, and that is why our packaging ranks low in customer fulfillment. A lot of people just litter labels all over the place, and that can ruin all the efforts they've put into packaging.

Here are a few questions to ask before sending the box out there. How much does my outer packaging say, are my labels, stickers, or other information at the right position, what message are they sending, do they communicate the brand standards?

Ordinarily, these questions are answered by experts or your 3PL firm. Sadly, many of them make the same mistake. For this instance, having a sticker at the bottom of your box is a no-brainer, yet we see these on boxes often.

Sometimes we even see stickers that are too small or too large on custom boxes. All of these make your packaging score low. Ensure that your social media handles are included.

To avoid this mistake, make every message on the packaging count. If you are telling your customers about how you shipped the product, make it simple and clear.

Avoid abbreviations and use standard printing designs for your labels. Digital prints like flexo and litho can be great, but they may be too expensive for starters.

You can check Felix Gray's packaging ideas for your box. Ensure that your box is sturdy and strong enough to house your package.

3. Create a Narrative with Interior Arrangement

If your package does not stand out, there's less chance that anyone would want to take a video with them. It doesn't mean you should throw everything into a package that requires much less. Be simple enough but don't forget to be creative.

How your product is arranged within the box determines how visually appealing the box will be. The arrangement is one of the ways to make a good first impression. You may want to use die-cut inserts to give your box a structured look; extra trays can also help here.

Also, ensure that the size of your box is not too large or too small. If your box size is too big, you'll either waste too much in buying packaging materials for it, or you'll leave so much space unattended.

4. Use Visually Appealing Packaging Materials

It’s an adage that says people eat with their eyes first. What this means, is that the more attractive something looks, the more people will get drawn to it.

So, your items must catch the attention of the customers at first glance. When it comes to packaging, every detail matters, even the color you choose is important. You don't want to come out too boring.

Understand that custom tissue papers, tapes, or crinkled papers can work to your advantage. There are other packaging materials you can include in the list. All you need to do is to ensure there is harmony in the end.

5. Communicate A Brand Message

Creating memorable unboxing experiences is about creating a brand message that can reinforce the experience even when your product is not there. Something customers would always identify you with.

If your packaging is not communicating your brand's message, then you've missed out on a big opportunity. Remember, a lot of people spend a fortune to tell the world what their brand represents.

For instance, Bombas' return policy and customer support option are a major force in the growth of their business.

Great packaging can do the job of a campaign or advert for half their prize. Isn't that amazing. Send a strong message and turn your customers into loyalists this holiday in the following ways:

  • First, you have to maximize the space in and outside your box. If you're committed to customer satisfaction, let them know by saying that you're willing to accept refunds on legitimate claims.

    As simple as it sounds, these can make your customers trust you.

  • If you care about their environment, start by getting an FSC certification for your packaging materials. Make sure your customers know how your packaging materials are sourced.
    No one would believe you care for them if your packaging depletes their environment.
  • Instead of using only fillers, add inserts or a short note about your business and services. Keep it simple enough, and make sure it sounds personal.
    You may also include something free. Let them know they are going to get more buying from you.

E-commerce has fewer touchpoints compared to purchase from brick-and-mortar stores. This means you have to take the available touchpoints seriously. Attractive packaging would work wonders on customer's perceptions.

6. Keep It Personal

Personalized messages are more effective than we think. The problem is, many sellers don't even know how to personalize their packaging. Here are a few tips on how you can:

  • Insert a simple thank you message or an appreciation note with the name of the customer.
  • A warm "how to do it yourself" note can also be great.
  • For holiday sales, you may want to send a note describing the mood of the season.

It is easy to overlook the effect that a personalized technique, like a handwritten note, can have on a customer. Sometimes, it is the singular thing that makes the customer feel special.

Placing a personalized message in your customer’s delivery sends a clear message to them. It shows that you value their patronage and the time that they invested in buying your products.

7. Don’t Only Sell, Give More Value

Customers want to know whether you're only interested in selling your products. Most times, we think sales are all we need when we need customer loyalty. Don’t leave it at sales, make an effort to give back to the customer. 

The good news is, nobody can determine what you give. You don't have to spend a fortune. Make your customers desire to come back.

You can attach a care guide to the package. If you sell hair extensions, for instance, you can add a care guide to help them. This also goes for other times, show them how to store and care for the item they have bought.

This will go a long way to show that money is not your driving force. That you also want them to have a worthwhile experience from the item that they have bought.

You can also open a helpline to address their fears and concerns. Encourage them to write back or reach out to you.

8. Push Your 3PL Firms

This is for businesses that use a third-party warehouse for their fulfillment plan. If you are one, ensure that your supplier gives you the best.

There's no harm in controlling what goes in or out of your box, plus you're paying for the service.

Make sure you test your product package with your product inside before shipping them. You may want to check out our YouTube video for more on creating an unforgettable DTC unboxing experience.

9. Add A Free Gift

There’s nothing customers love more than getting two for the price of one. Imagine buying a box of chocolates and finding an extra bar in it. 

This will increase the chances of you buying from the brand again. This is the feeling you should evoke from your customers. 

The reason for great service is to guarantee returning customers, so encouraging them with free gifts goes a long way. As the popular saying goes, “It’s the little things that count.”

So, the extra touch is sometimes what makes the difference in your packaging. 

Giving back to your customers will make them feel valued. It will also increase their love for your brand and guarantee you more sales. 


Creating a memorable unboxing experience requires planning and making the right decisions. In this article, I've shared some tips to guide you on this journey of customer fulfillment.

Remember, everything can count in packaging, but not everything does count, and our tips focus on what counts. You can be sure that your customers would want to repeat business with you after now.

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