USPS Says Delivered But No Package!

USPS Says Delivered But No Package!

With the USPS Postal Service handling over 23.8 million packages a day, it's inevitable that some problems will arise sometimes. You may wonder: Why is my package being delivered late? ...... or sometimes, although it's not common, you'll find that the USPS package tracking page says your package was "delivered", but you didn't actually receive it. 

In today’s article, ShipSaving will explain in detail how this happens and what you can do when you want to know where your package is.

When You Can Not Find Your Package

If you have just noticed that one of your packages is showing as delivered but not received, we recommend that you check several other locations around your location. USPS may not deliver your mail or packages to your door; the carrier will then place your items and any packages contained therein directly into your mailbox. If any heavier packages do not fit inside, the carrier may have to place them on the ground next to it instead.

In most cases, the mailman will leave the package around the perimeter of the Ship-to address. However, if the parcel is valuable or it requires your signature, the courier may bring it back to the post office so you can go there to receive it later. 



There are several places you can look for your package.


  • Front Door
  • Back Door
  • Garage or porch
  • Inside your mailbox
  • At your apartment package storage location
  • At your neighbor’s house

USPS package says "delivered" but you didn't receive it

While it can be frustrating to say this, sometimes USPS really delivers packages to the wrong address and there is no way to file a claim with the Postal Service because the insurance that comes with the Priority Mail service does not apply to accepting claims for any package that the USPS marked as "delivered".


In other words, Shipping insurance protects the sender from costs associated with damage, theft, or lost package during delivery by the carrier. 


If you send a package with advanced third-party insurance, such as the third party insurance offered by ShipSaving - Shipsurance, for different services and coverage amounts will make a claim for you. 




If your package was lost, these are steps you can take


Contact USPS Directly

First, you should contact the USPS before you do anything. ShipSaving recommends that you visit your local post office or try to speak directly with the mailman who services your area; if anyone can provide some insight about a delivery, it's your mailman!


Submit a Missing Mail Search Request

Another option is to submit a missing mail search request to the USPS. Since USPS recalls old package tracking numbers every 6 months, sometimes USPS will incorrectly mark a package as "delivered". In this case, submitting a missing package search request can "activate" the package tracking number in the USPS database.


Ask USPS for a GPS Location

Did you know that the USPS keeps GPS information for every package they deliver? Every time the USPS does a final delivery scan of a package, their database captures the exact GPS information! The GPS will show Exactly where the Package was delivered to, not necessarily where it was supposed to be delivered.


Therefore, the last option for finding a lost package is to call your local post office (or just go there) and ask for the GPS location scan information for the lost package. When the carrier scans the package using their handheld scanner it is recording the GPS coordinates.  The post office is generally not very forthcoming with those coordinates if they lose something. 


When you provide them with the package's tracking number, USPS will be able to tell you the GPS location where they scanned and delivered the package, within a 6-foot radius. This may help narrow your search!


Final Words

The tracking number is the most efficient way for shippers to track a package. So keep it properly after every shipment you send!


If you're worried about losing your tracking number, try ShipSaving, the shipping discount software. All your shipping information and tracking numbers are saved online and can be easily rechecked!


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