What is Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing and Why is it so Important?

How many times do you check your email daily? Even if you decide not to look at your email for a day, you cannot resist the urge as you are curious to know what has come into your inbox.

More than 94% of people send or receive emails on a daily basis. Email Marketing is based on this simple concept of reaching your clients through email and making a profit out of it by advertising your products or services.

In this article, we take you through the nuances of email marketing and why it is considered so important for running your business successfully.


What is Email Marketing?

Email listing is a potential ingredient for your business development. You can reach your clients through newsletters, announcements, and updates which can generate business leads for you thus increasing the revenue of your business. Email marketing can help you in customer retention as well as connect to prospective customers.

The key components that make a successful email marketing campaign are:

  • Direct Email – Promotional Emails sent directly to both current and prospective customers
  • Email Placed Ads – Business Marketing advertisements placed in emails sent by others.


How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email Marketing is effective as it reaches customers fast than other sources. It works well with customers because of the following reasons:

  • You can target specific audiences
  • Your marketing can be based on your target demography, email composition, etc.
  • You can directly sell your products to customers
  • You can easily build relationship and rapport, customer loyalty and trust
  • Your marketing and product sales can be supported through other channels

The email marketing campaigns can be monitored after sending out emails to customers. Using the response from customers, web analytics, downloads, search inquiries and response to promotional events, the data can be further analyzed in many ways and the results are used in increasing your sales.


Importance of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is targeted towards the return on investment; hence, is considered important for marketing your business.

Using email for marketing serves the following purposes:

  • Email serves as the source of the link of your product website to the customer.
  • It can help you to keep in touch, to introduce new products and earn customer’ loyalty.
  • Email can be easily tracked and tested with different offers or subjects to see if they work or not.
  • You can reduce other marketing costs by eliminating the sending of costly product catalogs to the customers.


How Can You Make Effective Email Marketing Campaigns?

Your Email Marketing Campaigns may be the perfect starters for a successful relationship with your customers.

To initiate successful Email Marketing Campaigns, you can apply the following ideas:

  • Create an engaging drafted subject line for your marketing emails to catch the attention of the customer. The subject should appeal to the reader’s interest and should instill the curiosity to read.
  • Use the keywords in the subject as well as content so that the email can be easily found when the customer does a search in his/her inbox.
  • Create your messages to be user-friendly and professional.
  • Share your experiences and case studies to make the emails sound real to customers.
  • Promote real offers in the email and provide timelines in bold for the customers to easily remember.
  • Don’t waste customers’ time by writing lengthy paragraphs. The email should have just one intention; mention one subject and call to respond.


Challenges in Email Marketing

Sending emails is a great way to do your marketing campaigns but there are many challenges in using this marketing tool.

  1. The major challenge is the collection and maintenance of customers’ email addresses.
  1. Spam and spam filters are a major threat to email marketing.
  1. Growing your subscriber list can be a challenge owing to the inability to maintain customers’ details.

Email marketing using appropriate permissions is the best way to avoid legal issues. An opt-in list can be qualified and is the less risky method to use as the customers opt to be placed on a mailing list rather than being forced to make a purchase or enter his/her details in a registration form. Your organization should ensure that the emails you send out do not violate the spam laws or else your emails will go into the customers’ spam folder.

Although there are challenges in operating email marketing campaigns, the positive impact of the Internet on your business model outweighs the challenges and present email marketing as a valuable tool for promoting your brand.

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