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Why You Should Invest in Word of Mouth Marketing in 2023

Which of the following would you check out first: the salon that your friend highly recommended or the salon in an ad you see on social media? Most of you reading might check out the salon recommended by your friend, right? If this is your answer, that only shows how powerful word-of-mouth marketing is. 

WOM (word of mouth) recommendations are crucial marketing tools that any brand could benefit from since people often get these recommendations from people they already know, such as family or friends. With an existing connection and an element of trust, they find such recommendations valuable and trustworthy.

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The Proof of Its Success

Reading written reviews from strangers may be helpful, but hearing reviews from people you know is just different. In fact, according to a study, 83 percent of people trust their friends and family more than the advertisements they see. However, these people are not professionals, their words matter. After all, it is assumed that neither friends nor relatives would lie for financial gain or profit. At the end of the day, people are more trustworthy than businesses. 


Why Word of Mouth is So Powerful

Despite social media and other online platforms where people are constantly bombarded with advertisements, word of mouth remains a powerful way to influence people. This article will tell you why.


Reason 1: It Is Honest and Raw

Authenticity is the key to building people’s trust. WOM marketing is stronger because people can relate to other people more than they can to a business. You could leverage this to cultivate a stronger bond, respect, and better customer engagement with your market. The moment that people say something about a brand or service, others would know that they are only telling the truth just because it is their truth.

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Reason 2: It Creates a Domino Effect

People who are genuinely interested or impressed by your product or service will keep talking about it to other people if they remain satisfied or impressed. When other people give your offerings a chance and find the experience fantastic, they would do the same. Your word-of-mouth marketing would ripple through the community. 

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Reason 3: There’s No Ad Budget Spent On It

All those promotions are done without expecting anything in return. There are no payments involved in exchange for their honest opinions. By investing in your relationship with your customers instead of allotting money on an ad budget, you could cultivate your relationship and inspire them to talk about your brand in a positive light. You could strengthen your community engagement without spending much. 



As a brand, you should also look into this marketing aspect and see how you can maximize it in your business promotions. The power of word of mouth only shows how brands should prioritize authentic relationships with their consumers. Just make sure to always provide excellent service and clear values to encourage people to share their experiences. To increase customer loyalty you can also consider using sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options for your product! At Arka, we offer the best custom boxes for any niche: whether you need custom gift boxes or cosmetic boxes, we can help!

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