Extreme Billionaires: High-Risk and High-Cost Adventures of The World's Richest

• Flying around the moon is the most expensive and risky activity undertaken by billionaires like Charles Simonyi.

• Space travel, costing $55 million, is the second most expensive activity, with 622 participants reaching Earth's orbit.

• Although the shocking Titan Tour crash, a high-risk deep-sea expedition to find long-lost shipwrecks costs only $250,000.

• Richard Branson is the most risk-enjoying billionaire, trying everything from moon flying to Blue Origin space flight.

Flying around the moon is the most costly and high-risk activity undertaken by billionaires such as Richard Branson and Charles Simonyi. Looking for more of these high-adrenaline activities, experts from ARKA conducted research to find recent thrilling high-risk activities that have captivated the interest of billionaires worldwide. The study aims to identify and categorize a list of activities according to their associated costs and level of risk, as well as the billionaires who have attempted them.

The list of risky activities, along with further information.

Activity Price Riskiness Number of People
Fly Around the Moon $150,000,000 Very high risk 24
Space Travel $55,000,000 Very high risk 622
Blue Origin Space Flight $28,000,000 Moderate risk 31
Trip to the International Space Station (ISS) $20,000,000 High risk 244
Scuba Diving in the Mariana Trench $750,000 Very high risk 3
Hunting Rhinos $275,000 High risk 1
Deep Sea Diving to Shipwrecks $250,000 High risk N/A
Trip to the South Pole $100,000 Low risk 25,000
Climb to Everest $55,000 High risk 6,098
Shark Diving $5,000 - $7,000 Moderate risk N/A

Flying around the moon is topping the list of costly, high-risk activities that billionaires enjoy undertaking. Not only does this activity come with the highest risks, but it also comes with an impressive $150 million cost. Billionaires like Richard Branson and Charles Simonyi have enjoyed this trip, with overall 24 individuals having attempted it so far.

Space travel is the second most costly activity that has captivated many billionaires. It also ranks as the second most risky activity on our list, costing $55 million. Over 622 individuals, including billionaires Guy Laliberté, Charles Simonyi, Mark Shuttleworth, Dennis Tito, and Jeff Bezos, have traveled to the Earth's orbit.

Like the previous activity, Blue Origin space flight comes third on the list of most costly activities that billionaires tried. Although moderately risky, it has a significant cost of $28 million, captivating billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Hamish Harding, and Richard Branson, along with the 31 people who have tried it.

The trip to International Space Station (ISS) ranks fourth for both riskiness and expense, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Despite the serious risks and cost of $20 million, trips to the ISS have been taken by 244 people, including billionaires Dennis Tito, Charles Simonyi, Yusaku Maezawato, and Guy Laliberté.

Scuba diving in the Mariana Trench comes fifth on the list of costly activities that billionaires tried. Although it costs $750,000, which is relatively lower than the previous activities, it's still considered a high-risk activity. Only 3 individuals, including billionaire James Cameron, have dared to dive deep and uncover the ocean's mysteries.

The controversial and risky activity of rhino hunting claims the sixth position on the list to attract billionaires. This activity is legally permitted only in Namibia and South Africa. Although the total number of people trying this activity is unclear, 81-year-old Lacy Harber is the only recorded billionaire who has paid $275,000 for the opportunity to hunt an aged black rhino.

Even with the shocking Titan Tour crash, hunting for shipwrecks of the Titanic in the ocean's depths is only the seventh most costly activity out there. Billionaires like Hamish Harding, Shahzada Dawood, Richard Branson, and Paul Allen have all been hooked by this deep-sea tour to discover long-lost shipwrecks. This very high-risk adventure costs only $250,000.

Ranked eighth on the list of costly activities that billionaires enjoy is exploring the majestic South Pole. It falls into the category of low-risk activities costing $100,000. Many adventurers, including billionaires Hamish Harding, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg, have enjoyed this journey.

Ranked ninth on the list of costly activities that billionaires enjoy is climbing Mount Everest. It falls into the category of high-risk activities costing, on average, $55,000. Over 6000 adventurers, including billionaires Mukesh Ambani, Richard Branson, and Bernard Arnault, have enjoyed this journey.

Lastly, shark diving ranks tenth on the list of costly activities that billionaires enjoy. With prices ranging from $5,000 to $7,000, this trip is a relatively affordable option. It presents a moderate level of risk, making it an ideal choice for adrenaline enthusiasts. Billionaires like Mark Cuban have taken on this thrilling experience.