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Step 2 - Size

Length, width, depth

6" x 6" x 2"

7" x 5.5" x 1.25"

8" x 5" x 2"

9" x 6" x 3"

9" x 8" x 2"

10" x 8" x 4"

12.5" x 10" x 4"


Step 3 - Material

Brown outside

Brown inside

White outside

White inside

Glossy White outside

Glossy White inside

Step 4 - Quantity

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Step 5 - Customize

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The Mailer

The preferred packaging choice for the subscription box and direct to consumer industries. The Mailer style box offers an uncompromised unboxing experience. The Roll End Lock Front with Dust Flaps and Cherry Locks (RELF) mailer is used in almost every facet and genre of consumer goods: food and beverage, electronics, apparel, books, office supplies, and hand tools. No die cutter or print plates required for orders below 2,500 boxes by utilizing our digital presses. We can accommodate larger orders by switching to our flexographic presses. Customize your color, text and logo of choice! Made in the USA.

Made in USA

Keeping business within the USA is important for us. Your custom printed boxes are supporting American jobs and are manufactured in the good old US of A!

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