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The Effects Of Packaging On Consumers' Buying Decisions

The packaging provides the first impression of the product to the consumer. It is one of the strongest factors that influence their purchase decision. Research findings indicate that one-third of consumer purchase choices are based on packaging. In a market that is defined by competition, and a consumer who is under significant time pressure, it is the packaging of a product that moves the consumer towards or away from it.

In the study, "Packaging and purchase decisions: An exploratory study on the impact of involvement level and time pressure," Mark Speece of the Asian Institute of Technology and Graduate School, Bangkok University, provides empirical evidence of the role played by the various elements of packaging in a consumer's purchase decision. Color, size, design, and content, alongside innovation are crucial elements of packaging. They play a very significant role in engaging the customer's attention. Let us see how.



The color of the package is the first element that attracts the consumer's attention. Research shows that 62-90% of people's assessment and evaluation of a product is based on colors alone. 

A bold color or a color that stands out among the other packages are difficult to ignore. So, red is the color of choice for something that should not escape notice. Product categories are also traditionally associated with specific colors, like green for organic and blue for menthol or mint. Consumers develop associations between colors and brands. So, if the design bears the color associated with a particular brand that is well known or that they are loyal to, consumers will gravitate towards it.

A word of caution here is the fact that colors signify different associations in different cultures. So, one color may not suit all, and modifications may be needed based on cultural perceptions.

Attractive Layout and Clarity in Typography

When the color has captured the attention of the consumer, he moves closer to read the contents of the package. A cluttered layout, lousy fonts, and excess content dissuade them from exploring the product further. The package design that presents the crucial information about product characteristics, its benefits, and its method of use, briefly with clarity and precision in a layout that is appealing, always influences the consumer positively.

Effective Graphics

The use of icons, logos, and designs attract the consumer. If the product is a brand, then, naturally, the logo of the brand figures prominently on the packaging. Icons symbolizing the product characteristics in place of text enable a less cluttered layout and also conveys the information faster. Appealing graphics are very effective in attracting the consumer.

Size and Shape of the package

Research shows that larger packs attract the consumer faster because of the common perception that larger the size, greater the value. The study conducted by Speece bears out the fact that larger package sizes get more attention. The shape of the package also influences consumer response. Elongated packages have been found to attract attention faster than conventional shapes. Unusual and eye-catching shapes that appeal to the target category, like animal-shaped boxes for children or dainty boxes for teenage girls, always capture the consumer's attention.

The Quality of the Packing material

Packaging that uses premium quality material certainly looks more attractive. Packages that are improperly fastened or made from poor quality paper, with poor print values do not draw the consumer's attention. No one likes to buy cheaply packaged products. While the material of better quality is more expensive, it more than pays its way through higher customer acquisition. Statistics in a study showed that when the packaging of a brand deteriorated, 55% of the consumers left the brand and 36% shifted to other brands.

Innovation in design

A package design made with better technology always attracts customer attention. Innovative technology that makes the package easier to open, carry or store or a package that is adequately child proofed or a package design that minimizes the probability of breakage or spillage, attracts consumers at once.

More than 70% of purchase decisions are made at the point of purchase and a product on a supermarket shelf has less than three seconds to grab the attention of a consumer. Their decision to purchase or walk away from a product, prima facie, depends on what the customer sees in the packaging of the product. Consumers tend to transfer their judgment of the packaging, to the quality of the product. When they see a well-packaged product bearing all the relevant information, they assume the product inside also to be of commensurately high quality. A tacky package that carries little information does not hold out a promise of value.

The package, therefore, is a critical factor that describes the attributes of the product. Arka understands the importance of packaging in affecting the consumer's decision to purchase and addresses every aspect of design from aesthetics and appeal to functionality and efficiency. Backed by a team of highly competent designers, Arka is capable of designing a package that is sure to make consumers stop dead in their tracks.

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