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Why Uline Sucks

If you’ve ever required shipping materials for your products and searched for companies that provided them, we bet you’ve come across Uline. 

Uline is a US based company that supplies materials for shipping including boxes, warehouse equipment, material handling equipment, etc. According to their website, they’re the “leading distributors of shipping, industrial and packaging materials to businesses throughout North America”.

However, there are several controversies surrounding the company and its policies. It’s claimed by many that the company pushes its political and religious agendas on their customers and buyers, which is wrong. 

Not just that. The company has been negatively reviewed for a wide range of reasons that we have listed below.

Their unasked-for catalog

A user on reddit raised an issue wherein they requested Uline to stop sending unnecessary mailings. Another consumer of the company argued on similar grounds stating that she has received a 700 pages long catalogue that ends with a note from the president of the company stating her opinions and takes on political issues.

While US laws do provide citizens the right to state their opinions, is a catalog the right place to ‘spread awareness’?More so, many consumers have requested the company to stop sending them such mailers as they will only end up in the trash can, but the company decided to turn a deaf ear. This is not just a tremendous waste of paper but also of millions of dollars that could be put into use for providing better services. 

Expensive shipping charges

An extremely disappointed customer of Uline claimed that the shipping charges are outrageously high. Yet another consumer stated that the customer service agent told him that they do not normally inform people about shipping or handling charges. He said, “I am appalled that they would withhold extra charges just because the customers don’t ask.”

Poor quality material

Customers of the company are also displeased with the poor-quality materials being delivered. This consumer who works for a hospitality management company claimed that a set of grid walls and display baskets they ordered broke within 60 days of receiving and when asked for compensation, the customer executive replied saying the warranty stands valid only for a period of 30 days.

Bad customer service

Of all the things that customers of Uline are unhappy with, the ignorant and arrogant way the customer executives answer tops the list. There have been many instances when an executive of the company simply chose to waive off a customer’s grievance. In one outrageous incident, a consumer called the helpline to complain about a missing item and was rudely replied to that he is in California and probably a Democrat expecting things for free.

The best alternative to Uline?

Uline is just one of the many companies that supply shipping materials. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. One company that promises not to disappoint you is Arka. We hold policies that ensure fair and just trade. 

Here are some reasons why we don’t suck:

Lowest Minimums: With Arka, bulk order is not necessary. We are glad to serve you with orders as less as 10 and promise to not compromise on quality or standards. We understand your needs and work to meet them.

Design your material: Why would one opt for basic brown or white packaging when you can design the exterior look of your shipping material free of cost? What’s more, once your order is confirmed, you will be assigned a dedicated designer to make sure your print is on point.

Quick turnaround: Once you place an order with us and approve your designs, you can expect to receive your package within 10 days. 

Better prices: We beat Uline on price every time - see for yourself!

Great customer base: Love for us is far and wide as renowned brands such as Shopify, Mattel, Crayola and more have placed their trust in us and so can you.

Eco-friendly materials: We respect nature in all its bounty and take all the precautions needed to cause it no harm. One such initiative is to use eco-friendly materials for our boxes that are easily recyclable. 

Need more reasons to love us? Visit our website and find out for yourself. 

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