3PL Feature | Who Are The Swifthouse?

3PL Feature | Who Are The Swifthouse?

The Swifthouse, established in 2009, has cultivated a team of 15 full-time, career-oriented professionals. This depth of experience means that they excel in balancing the personalized attention of a smaller firm with the professional scalability of a larger one. Swifthouse specializes in direct-to-consumer (DTC)//direct-to-business (DTB) order fulfillment and Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) preparation. By leveraging full time, experienced employees, they avoid rookie mistakes and ensure each client's business is intimately understood and supported. Their commitment is to be more than a service provider; they aim to be a partner in your business.  They embrace communication and efficiency to minimize the need for constant interaction while maximizing your operational productivity.

Where Are They?

Operating out of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, The Swifthouse is positioned to offer its comprehensive logistics services to a wide range of clients, whilst providing an advantage in logistics growth.

Which Brands Should Work with Them?

The Swifthouse is the ideal partner for brands that prioritize not just the fulfillment of their products, but also the growth and strategic diversification of their distribution channels. Handling everything from receiving, prepping, storing, to pick/pack and ship directly to your customer, including but not limited to Amazon (FBA and FBM), Walmart, eBay, and your own Shopify store. Their full-service approach is complemented by an industry-leading customer support service, ensuring a dedicated Account Executive is always at hand to manage logistics optimization, shipment tracking, and billing. 

With a strong commitment to global responsibility, The Swifthouse also prioritizes reducing environmental impact by reusing boxes and packing materials, demonstrating their dedication not only to their clients' success but also to sustainable business practices. As such they’re offering the first month free for Arka customers!

How To Connect

Email Dave@theSwifthouse.com to get started

Mention “Arka” to get your first month entirely free

Need packaging?