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7 Reasons Why User-Generated Content Works in Email Marketing

Imagine harnessing the power of ‘word-of-mouth’ and directing it to accomplish specific company goals—that’s user-generated content (UGC). UGC is when the voice of the customer and the brand join hands to boost customer and business growth.

7 to 8-figure eCommerce brands would owe a good chunk of their success to the voice of their loyal customer base. After all, 84% of consumers trust what customers like them have to say about a product, service, or brand.

Listening to your customers is one of the prime ingredients for future-proofing your online store.

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Important UGC Stats You Should Consider


A good chunk of media younger consumers consists of user-generated content. Millennials tend to proactively research the items they buy online, given their higher fluency in internet culture.

  • When discovering new products, 48% of consumers say that UGC is more effective in promoting product awareness. 

Having your customers voice their thoughts on your products is the best way to promote those items to newer customers. Earn newer customers’ trust by letting them know about your products through other customers like them.

  • For 41% of consumers, even just seeing one to four reviews would be enough to encourage them to buy the product.

It’s already enough for your customers to see even just a handful of reviews on your products. What matters to them is that they get at least a good idea of what to expect from your products.

While more reviews mean more insights for your customers, don’t hesitate to start highlighting UGC that you already have—no matter how few.

  • Younger audiences, specifically millennials, say that UGC is 35% more memorable than conventional marketing media.

When was the last time you remember a super-specific product that blared its annoyingly catchy jingle on TV 3 times in a row? Yeah, you remember one or two products, but not fondly.

Conventional marketing tends to feel more calculated, measured, and scripted. However, UGC gives off a more natural and human feel.

Product demo videos, customers of all shapes and sizes sharing their thoughts about what they bought—nothing beats just hearing from another human being.

Sales campaigns make the sales, no doubt about it. However, squeezing in content emails in between your sales campaigns can make a huge difference.

Content emails are the butter to your sales email bread. It adds more flavor to what you’re selling in the first place—expanding your customers’ perceived value of your products and services.

Let’s say you’re sending a series of emails. Email #1 is your product highlight email. Email #2 can be your content email with UGC that highlights the value of the product Email #1 is selling.

Your customers will gain a better understanding of the product you’re pushing—enticing them to buy it even more.

UGC can give customers that much-needed nudge when contemplating a purchase. It’s that extra visual support that reassures your customers that they’re making the right choice buying the product they see in front of them.

UGC such as user testimonials, product reviews, and even video testimonials work best as product page companions.

  • 71% of consumers say that UGC plays a huge role in their decision-making process when shopping online

Not only is UGC a great supplement for your sales emails, it can also seal the deal for your customers.

UGC adds a much-needed human touch to online shopping. If brick-and-mortar stores have staff to explain and clarify product information to customers, your online store has UGC to do the same.


User-Generated Content Email Examples


  • Customer Testimonials with Product Photos

Highlight customer testimonials alongside pictures of their products. This is one of the best ways to put your customers’ voices into the spotlight.

Reading their thoughts on your products plus seeing those products outside of the four corners of their product pages adds more authenticity to your user-generated content.




 Here are some snippets of Celtic Serenity’s UGC they included in their emails:


  • Content Email with Customer Reviews

You can also combine in-house content with user-generated content in your emails. UGC is especially effective in enhancing the message your content is conveying. 

Pair relevant customer reviews with your signature storytelling for a highly engaging content email experience.



  • Product Rating Style UGC with Result Photos

Here’s a fun and creative UGC format from ForChics. Their UGC highlights customers rating their skincare products.

Experiment with different creative formats to continue making your UGC more dynamic, organic, and engaging for your customers.


User-Generated Content is a Must-Have for Your Marketing Efforts


Not only will UGC help you boost conversions, but it’ll also help your customers feel heard and acknowledged. UGC in email marketing can help you establish deeper connections with your customers.

It caters to your new customers, existing customers, VIPs, and it benefits your marketing efforts. Besides, UGC can already cover a good chunk of your content marketing efforts—helping with your content production!

UGC plays a vital role in your lifecycle marketing as well. Since it emphasizes customer-centric marketing, it can be a part of your overall brand future-proofing strategy.

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This guest post is written by Chronos Agency.

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