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7 Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails

If you own an Ecommerce store, this is the most relevant post for you to read. It addresses your worst nightmare: Shopping Cart Abandonment.

No matter how smart and hard you work to attract your customers to the site but while guiding them through the purchasing process, only three out of ten shopping carts will end up generating an order.

According to a Forrester study, 88% of shoppers have abandoned a shopping cart without buying anything.

With statistics like these, it's clear that combating cart abandonment is a never-ending process. But, of course, it never comes to an end. But as a store owner, you must continuously improve and experiment to see which triggers produce the best results. There are various tactics for recovering customers that abandoned their cart.

In this blog, you'll find abandoned cart email templates to get you started, plus the best Shopify abandoned cart emails to inspire your own.


What are Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails?

Abandoned cart emails are follow-up emails sent to customers who have added things to their cart but have not checked out.

On the other hand, Email open rates for Shopify abandoned cart emails are high. On average, 45% of cart abandonment emails are opened. So, Abandoned cart emails are one method of converting lost business and turning a lost prospect into a brand advocate.

The big deal about abandoned cart emails is that they can be automated. So you can create a series that runs on its own – and recoup the lost revenue.


Best Practises of Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails

Your Shopify abandoned cart emails should instill trust, excitement, and urgency, resulting in an apparent desire to purchase your product. If you pay close attention to this emotional resonance, your sales will skyrocket.


cj discover fashion


The Abandoned cart emails should be simple. The basic structure is outlined below:

  • Cheeky subject line
  • Introduction copy
  • Items that were left in the cart
  • Discount or offer
  • Call to action(CTA)
  • Social proof
  • End copy

This outline will be helpful if you are sending automated abandoned carts. For example, The emails for an abandoned cart workflow could be formatted as follows:

  • Email 1: Cart reminder (sent a few hours after cart abandonment)
  • Email 2: Follow-up (sent after 24 hours)
  • Email 3: Promotional offer (sent a few days after email two)

There are also a few best practices to remember when crafting Shopify abandoned cart emails. The following are the essential components of an effective shopping cart abandonment email:

  1. Personalization: Your abandoned cart email is designed to increase sales by providing a compelling reminder. Therefore, the email should be branded and recognized as a helpful resource. Make sure to include the recipient's first name in your abandoned cart email, such as "[insert first name] >; we are saving your cart for you," or"> save xx percent on your order."
  2. Subject Line: The goal is for the abandoned cart email to be spotted and opened. Consider a subject line that promotes the product. For example, Your [insert product name here] Is Waiting!, A suggestive line (example: Do You forget Something? ), or A subject line that encourages curiosity (example: Here's a Gift Just for You).
  3. Call-to-action: The call-to-action button should be low-key yet strong enough to entice visitors to return to their shopping cart and seamlessly complete the checkout process. For example, Call-to-actions, such as 'View cart,' 'Continue shopping,' or 'Complete your order,' must be marked. 
  4. Clear Copy & Visuals: The copy should be concise and appealing enough to convince someone to make a purchase. An abandoned cart email with a snapshot of what's left in the cart will be a good approach. It can be an excellent method to awaken a shopper's memory and send them rushing toward the checkout.
  5. Social proof: You can include product reviews in your abandoned cart emails to entice them to buy. This will benefit you in strengthening your brand and inducing FOMO (fear of missing out) in customers who abandoned their cart.

Best of all, Your Shopping cart abandonment emails should be concise, with critical contents accessible above the fold to increase clickthrough rates. 

Now, let's look at the 7 best Shopify abandoned cart emails and why they work.

7 Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails


1.Craft Catchy Visuals

Customers are overwhelmed with boring sales emails, so making them laugh can help you stand out and boost their impression of your brand.

The Shopify Abandoned cart emails you send must promote your brand and create a memorable identity. It should simply stand out by appealing to customers who are bored of the same old marketing emails. Whether or not you recover the abandoned cart, make sure a buyer remembers you, which will, in turn, enhance your chances of a future sale.

Look at this example from Chubbies,




What's best in this email

Chubbies Shorts stands out with captivating visuals and engaging copy in their abandoned cart email. But, again, look at the context: it's catchy, it makes us think that we might not have finished my order, and the content is humorous throughout, with an eye-catching graphic relating to Chubbies' products. And the CTA is impossible to overlook.

2. Make your Copy Shine

The Shopify abandoned cart emails should not overwhelm users with information. Instead, it should focus on what is needed for the prospect to return to their cart and complete their order. So, make sure your abandonment email opens with a confident headline that clearly states the purpose.

An abandoned cart email needs an intriguing image filling the screen and a short phrase to pique a buyer's interest. Keeping it essential while also imparting some branding is necessary at this point because your buyer only needs a simple reminder to complete their transaction. Writing concise emails is an excellent approach to ensure that you keep the reader's attention long enough to accomplish this.

Look at this example from ASOS,



What's best in this email

ASOS email is stunning not only for its simplicity but also for how it makes the abandoned product the main center of your attention. It draws your attention by contrasting the product's brilliant colors with a black-and-white template. It is visually appealing and, most importantly, takes one line of tight body copy to make you concerned that your desired item is short and may sell out. 

3. Provide Social Proof

91% of individuals read online reviews. Furthermore, it has been established that social validation influences online shopping decisions. So, the most persuasive evidence you can present to persuade comes in the shape of reviews and testimonials.

If the buyers are not yet sure that your product will get the results they seek, you can nudge them with reviews and testimonials in your Shopify abandoned cart emails. With reviews, you can persuade the undecided. So, check your reviews and select the finest ones to add to piques your abandoned cart email. If you don't have any reviews, ask your customers.

Look at this example from Adidas,

adidas website


What's best in this email

Adidas email shows usernames alongside reviews to reassure recipients of their reliability. It also offers reviews with low ratings, which in turn increase customer trust in user reviews. Aside from that, the "Is Your Wi-Fi Okay?" messaging is amusing and engaging, and it establishes the standard for the rest of the email and piques customer's interest.

4. Tempt With Alternatives

Some buyers will add products to their cart while browsing, only returning later and reconsidering the purchase. Your Shopify abandoned cart emails can still be able to save these customers by providing alternative options.

So, craft emails to highlight various relevant items, allowing customers to compare products and explore alternatives without leaving the email. You can promote new things in your cart abandonment emails in two ways that will not distract from the main focus:

  • Provide add-ons for the core item.
  • Display many patterns or colors of the same product.

Look at this example from Birchbox,




What's best in this email

Birchbox's email positions the related items. It does not divert attention away from the products in the abandoned cart. It has also added customer reviews to entice them to buy.

5.Give A Clear Call to Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a link or button intended to evoke a quick response from the person who sees it. Make it as simple as possible for customers to respond to your Shopify abandoned cart emails. This entails including a clear, evident call-to-action that returns the receiver to the purchasing page. 

Instead of demanding, your CTA must appear with a clear message that encourages customers to go back to the cart. Also, You can implement a popup that appears when a customer attempts to abandon their cart.

Look at this example,


darien lara website


What's best in this email

This email has a sticky CTA button on the screen and a second button to complete the purchase. There are undoubtedly other CTA tactics to the abandoned cart email. We recommend A/B testing different variations to find what performs best for your audience.

6.Create Sense of Urgency

People will be more concerned with what they might be missing out on than what they can obtain. As FOMO serves as a powerful psychological trigger, using it in cart recovery emails is no different.

Informing prospects that they risk losing products in their shopping cart encourages them to complete their order. For example, Letting people know that their item is likely to sell out due to its popularity in the Shopify abandoned cart emails will urge them to complete the purchase.

Look at this example from Google Store,

Google Store


What's best in this email

Google Store's email engages customers with "Going, going, (nearly) gone" and "Our popular items sell out rapidly." They also feel obligated to complete their transaction to avoid missing out. It makes the user feel as if they don't want to miss out on anything.

7. Responsive design

If your email isn't mobile-friendly, it'll be discarded in less than three seconds. So, test your emails on mobile because it is likely where you will see your message first. If your Shopify abandoned cart emails aren't mobile-friendly, it'd have less of an impact on the bulk of your customers. Therefore, it is essential to have a responsive email that appears excellent on mobile phones.

Keep in mind that sentences can quickly turn into a text block on a narrow mobile device, so keeping content short and split up with photos keeps the email easy to read.

Look at this example,


london bridge website



What's best in this email

This email works well on mobile devices. Almost all of the viewing space is dedicated to product photos, ensuring that customers on any device are pulled to the products in their cart.

What's Next?

Figure out the reason why your customers abandon their carts. Then, take inspiration from these Shopify abandoned cart emails and act swiftly. This will recapture not only the lost sale but also their trust.

You can use BayEngage free for 14 days to discover more about abandoned cart email workflows to recover your lost sales. Our customer success team is available 24x7 to address any questions you have about our platform.


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