5 Reasons To Choose Arka for Your Custom Packaging Project

5 Reasons To Choose Arka for Your Custom Packaging Project

Packaging has become one of the things you need to sell a product today. As a business owner, this is not the time to box your product in bland and boring material.

As a matter of fact, a lot of businesses are raising their budget to meet up the trends in packaging. Right now, flexible packaging is the rave of the moment. The industry is even worth 34 billion dollars.

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Old, traditional, boring packaging ideas are slowly leaving the scene and custom packaging has taken over. Customers also have different factors that drive their decisions. For 80% of buyers, environmental factors have a huge role to play. 

This is not a time to sit back and watch. It is a time to compete to keep your customers and you need the best custom packaging company on your side to win.

With Arka, you can rest assured that your packaging will always be relevant. In this article, we are going to show you five reasons why you must choose Arka for your custom packaging.

What is Custom Packaging?

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Custom packaging is simply packaging that is designed specifically for your company and product. It is meant to fit the brand’s product perfectly and aims to raise customer satisfaction and brand awareness.

A custom package will generally include a custom logo, the right package size dimension, colors, and a brand message, though the brand or the packaging company may decide to add any other thing to the list.

For many business experts, custom packaging is what makes you stand apart from the others in the same market.

You are at risk of getting a negative response from your customers if your box or packaging is boring.

It is important to understand that custom packaging will cost you more than standard packaging.

However, custom packaging often turns out to be the key difference between your product and your competitor’s product. If you still doubt me, check out the following statistics:

  • In 2019, Ipsos conducted a study on the impact of packaging design on customers buying behavior.
  • The study found out that 72 percent of American consumers purchase because they are influenced by the packaging design.
  • Another survey reported that 61 percent of customers are willing to repeat purchases of a luxury product if it came in premium packaging.

Customers no longer pay for your product alone, they want the best of everything, including packaging, shipping, and delivery. It is a whole new ball game that you must be willing to play.

Do Not Give The Right To Produce Your Custom Packaging To Just Anyone

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Unlike standard packaging, custom packaging is a great way to ensure your business, but like insuring a property, you need the help of a reliable and credible insurance company.

The truth is, you may spend so much on custom packaging and still struggle to make an impact in the market.

The pre-condition for using custom packaging to increase intention rates, customer loyalty, and brand advocacy is by having the right packaging company do your custom packaging for you.

The next time you are going to be investing in custom packaging, we want you to go for the best in the industry and we know that Arka is the best.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Arka

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Here are five reasons why you should choose Arka for your next custom packaging project

1. Affordable and Flexible

Arka designs beautiful custom boxes and packaging at an affordable price. Our custom packaging options are vastly cheaper than what you pay at Packlane.

A full printed 6x6x2 at Arka costs $1.57 for 250 boxes, whereas the same size costs $1.70 at Packlane.

In addition to this, we offer a competitive rate and excellent quality for all items. The prices for all items are displayed on the website and there is no additional cost. There is no setup fee, no up-front cost. 

Our custom boxes are already optimized for shipping rates and we even crowdsource orders into weekly batches to facilitate low-volume orders. We also provide customers with a variety of minimum ordering options. 

You don’t have to wait till you are buying a large quantity, you can order for the minimum quantity available for the product.

You can order as little as 10 boxes for more flexibility. Arka is currently offering the best pricing for branded and unbranded packaging anywhere in the world.

Customers can also get an additional boost via our discount codes, promotional codes, promo codes, and offer codes.

These offers allow you to make purchases on the site except where the use of the code is prohibited.

2. FSC Certified Materials

All Arka products are manufactured here in the USA. We have been providing the best packaging service in America for over a decade, and our experience in the industry is evident in the quality of services we deliver.

Arka also provides the same services to customers outside America. We want the world to have a feel of good quality packaging.

We source recyclable and quality materials for packaging. And our products are made up of 100 percent recyclable content and there is still more. Our kraft boxes are compostable, you don’t have to worry about destroying them.

Our products are FSC certified using the gold standard in sustainability. Arka is committed to the fight against depleting natural resources.

Consequently, we practice certified clean processes at our facilities and every member of our team fully understands this.

3. Easy To Integrate

Apart from the flexibility that using Arka provides you, another reason why you should go for Arka is its ability to work with other platforms you use.

It does not matter what you are selling or where your market is, Arka will eliminate every uncoordinated process from your product packaging.

Whether you are running a Shopify store or another e-commerce platform, Arka is here to help your business wow your customers.

Arka can easily integrate with software you already use such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Ecwid, and ShipBob, and the list is growing with Square and others to come soon.

In addition to this, the emergence of our custom packaging app has made things a lot easier. With our packaging and supply app, you can design your box in just a few clicks. 

All you have to do is to select the type of box and material you would like and determine the size and quantity you want. Then brand with your company color, text, and images for free.

4. You Control Your Design, Arka Ensures It Is Perfect

At Arka, we believe that every customer knows exactly what they want, and it is our responsibility that the customer gets the best out of their product packaging.

While many packaging companies decide how your product packaging should look like, we allow you to choose your designs.

Our easy-to-use 3D interface allows you to customize your box the way you want it. You can create and experiment with different themes by saving them as creations.

The good thing is, we will still be here to help you cross-check your designs before production. We want to make sure you have exactly what you want before we print and ship.

Arka is still your number one plug for both custom and standard packaging. Our products are very much competitive than Uline for stock packaging and much better for corporate citizens. 

If you want unbranded boxes, we still have you covered. And we are going to make them available at a very cheap price.

5. Enjoy a Variety of Packaging Custom Options

Arka offers you a list of custom packaging options that are second to none and you don’t even have to order all at once.

At our company, every customer is important. Even if you order small quantities, we will still give you that special treatment and experience.

We are very willing and capable of handling any order ranging from customized boxes, mailers, poly mailers, including packaging accessories like tape, tissue papers, and stickers.

The beautiful part is that you can choose any design you want, or allow a group of experts to do it for you.

Arka's customer service team is currently the best in the industry because they help reduce the stress of creating the perfect package for your brand, by making sure that everything you need is made available in the shortest time.

Let’s look at some of the custom packaging options available on Arka.

A. Custom Folding Carton Boxes

Custom carton boxes are becoming very popular in packaging. Most businesses are keying into this packaging option because of how effective it is in protecting the product and selling the brand’s image.

These boxes are generally used for a subscription box and direct-to-consumer industries delivery.

Arka’s lightweight custom folding carton boxes with sharp digitally printed colors are the best custom carton box you will get anywhere in the US. The boxes are very durable and they come with a secure top tuck.

With our sleek designs and modern packaging technologies, Arka custom carton boxes can be your sure plug for creating that uncompromised unboxing experience.

B. Custom Poly Mailers

If you have ordered apparel online before, there is a chance that you have received a product in a poly mailer.

Most times, these custom poly mailers are quite bland, which is a terrible way to send a product.

Our custom poly mailers are not just durable they are also made of 100 percent polyethylene exterior. The smooth surface makes labeling your shipment easy.

These poly mailers are waterproofed and strong enough to protect non-fragile products. You can order customized poly mailers starting from an MOQ of 3,000 at $0.61 per unit.

C. Custom Tape

Instead of shipping your products in a blank box, you can brand your box with custom tape. They are designed to hold your packages closed for shipments.

Arka offers you a 1-2 color option. Meaning you can still make enough impression with just a custom tape.

This is one of the ways our custom packaging will always be compatible with your company’s packaging budget.

D. Custom Tissue Paper

Tissue papers are turning into a common packaging material in the industry. However, you can turn these delicate thin papers into something special by printing on them.

At Arka everything is possible and our custom tissue paper is only one of the possibilities. We offer premium quality printing in any color and we make use of It standard white paper.

E. Custom Stickers

Our custom stickers come in full-color printing on white paper sheets. All stickers also come in a rounded square shape. Custom stickers have many benefits: can help enhance your packaging and improve sales, etc.

You can get your stickers 2-3 weeks after the design is approved by our team of experts.

Benefits of Custom Packaging

Generally, packaging should add value to your brand, protect your product and provide satisfaction to your customers.

However, most types of packaging do not live up to expectations, as they are only capable of protecting the product. This is what you get with most standard packaging options.

Unlike standard packaging, custom packaging was developed to foster business growth by improving customer’s experience, brand awareness, and encouraging more patronage.

Here are some of the important benefits of custom packaging:

1. Better Brand Advocacy

The way you package your product is the way they are going to view your brand. If your packaging choice is boring and inferior, customers will say less positive things about your brand.

Custom packaging has the potential of increasing brand awareness, value, and reputation.

In a market where people are looking for unique and customizable products, custom packaging can give you that extra advantage.

However, you need the right plug for your custom packaging to be as effective and that’s why we recommend Arka anytime, any day.

Custom packaging is not just about putting colors or designs together, it is about knowing what works, and leaving a strong impression on your customers.

At Arka, we can create the right connection needed to foster long-term business relationships between you and your customers.

2. Better Customer Satisfaction

In every business, customer satisfaction is very important. It is the only thing that will keep your brand in business after some time.

With custom packaging, you may have found out a very simple way to leave your customers satisfied and encourage repeat business.

From choosing a unique design to adding visually pleasing colors and prints, let your customers enjoy the positive message you are trying to communicate.

3. Better Protection

Everyone wants their product to be intact by the time it arrives on their doorstep. Packaging also involves making sure that your product is secured and safe until it reaches the customer.

The truth is a bland corrugated box might not guarantee your product safety, especially when the box is not the perfect fit for the product. Standard packaging may protect your product, but custom packaging will do the job here.

In custom packaging, everything is tailored towards giving your product the best inner and outer covering. Custom packaging ensures that your product gets to the customer in good shape.

In addition to this, customers will enjoy the visually custom mailer box that protects the product.


Arka has proven to be a leader in the industry over the years. Their products and quality service delivery is top-notch and affordable.

Don't let anyone discourage you from partnering with Arka today. Try Arka, save your business today.

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