Are Honeycomb Mailers Better than Traditional Bubble Mailers?

Are Honeycomb Mailers Better than Traditional Bubble Mailers?

With the shift in costumer’s buying practices and preferences, eco-friendly packaging is no longer an add-on in the e-commerce industry. Due to the harmful environmental impact, businesses now avoid using traditional bubble mailers or plastic bubble wraps. 


Nearly two-thirds of plastic waste comes from plastics with lifetimes of under five years, with 40% coming from packaging, 12% from consumer goods and 11% from clothing and textiles. 


With consumer scrutiny, businesses are more aware of their choices. Brands are seeking greener alternatives to meet their business and shipping needs. 


Brands have found suitable alternatives where bubble wrap, previously used for packaging items, has been replaced with sustainable alternatives. 


With honeycomb and bubble mailers making their way to the packaging industry, implementing green practices has become a mainstay. 


Kraft paper, poly bubble mailers, padded envelopes, mailing envelopes, kraft bubble mailers, etc., are some greener alternatives to traditional packaging practices. The need for eco-friendly packaging increases with the demand for sustainable products. 


One of the questions we often get asked is:


Are honeycomb mailers better than traditional bubble mailers?


This article will provide a detailed account of using these two packaging options. You will see honeycomb or compostable bubble mailers are better and greener than traditional plastic bubble mailers. Hopefully, we will end this long debate. 

Table of Contents

1. Are Traditional Plastic Mailers Eco-friendly?

2. Arka’s Bubble Mailers: An Alternative to Bubble Wrap

3.What is a Honeycomb Paper Mailer?

4.Advantages of Using Compostable Bubble Mailers


5. Are Honeycomb Mailers Better than Plastic Bubble Mailers?
Protective packaging
100% recyclable

6. Conclusion

7. FAQs

What is an eco-friendly alternative to bubble mailers?
What are traditional bubble mailers or plastic bubble mailers?
Is honeycomb paper better than bubble wrap?
Is honeycomb paper recyclable?

Are Traditional Plastic Mailers Eco-friendly?

Traditional plastic mailers are not eco-friendly as they are made through extrusion. The small plastic pellets are made flexible by melting them down. The heavy use of chemicals and the potential for pollution make them unsuitable packaging materials. 


Traditional plastic mailers are made with polyethene, a durable plastic film. They are not biodegradable. Polyethene can take a very long time to decompose (if they do). All the plastic comes from refining crude oil, a non-renewable resource. 


It can cause habitat destruction. 


The mailer is moisture-resistant, thin and lightweight, reducing shipping costs. No tape is needed with peel & seal bags; the shipping labels can go directly onto them. 


But it is hard to recycle plastic wraps due to the thinness of mailers and their adhesive materials. The end user cannot dispose of the mailer in curbside programs. Some recycling facilities need the proper channel and resources to recycle them. 


So, traditional plastic mailers are not eco-friendly. 

Arka’s Bubble Mailers: An Alternative to Bubble Wrap 

Bubble mailers are an envelope with bubble lined inside that provides cushioning. They are self-sealing shipping mailers, and their outside is made of paper or plastic. 


It is perfect for packaging and protecting sensitive and fragile items during transit. The air-filled bubbles provide better cushioning than standard shipping envelopes. 


Arka’s compostable padded mailer is made from renewable bioplastic film. They break down into healthy compost, leaving no microplastics. You can find a variety of sizes of compostable bubble mailer envelopes at Arka. 


Our self-seal bubble mailers conform to all significant compost certifications, including OK Compost Home and AS 5810. As they are durable and waterproof, large and small businesses can use them for items requiring protection. 


So, Arka’s bubble mailers are a suitable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic wrap 

What is a Honeycomb Paper Mailer?


A honeycomb paper or honeycomb packaging paper is a kraft paper lined with cushion wrapping. With the lined paper cushioning, fragile items stay safe during transit. 


The honeycomb structure refers to its hexagonal shape. It joins an array of hollow tubes or cells squeezed between two solid cells. 


Arka’s honeycomb kraft paper is made from recycled paper and FSC-certified honeycomb. The rigid structure of the honeycomb packaging paper comes from recycled paperboard that is both durable and water-resistant. They are compostable and curbside recyclable. 


It is a cost-effective packaging solution, and its honeycomb paper interior provides a layer of cushioning. 


The brown honeycomb paper wrap is an eco-friendly packing material that benefits both the environment and the brand. It helps businesses connect with their customers. 


Moreover, it is easy for the end user to dispose of (unlike plastic mailers). They can simply put it in a curbside recycling bin. 


Honeycomb paper wrap is a new innovative packaging material that enabled businesses to ditch plastic bubble wrap.

Advantages of Using Compostable Bubble Mailers 

Traditional plastic wrap was a popular packaging material. However, since the advent of green packaging, businesses have been trying to minimize the use of plastics. 


It is one of the suitable shipping supplies that protect the product. However, in the end, it is still plastic, which is not sustainable packaging and has a harmful impact. If your business wants an eco-friendly alternative, switch to compostable bubble mailers. 


Following are some advantages of using Arka’s compostable bubble mailers:


You can catch your customer’s attention with our bubble mailers. They might not provide the same unboxing experience as shipping boxes, but they can still impress the consumer due to their sustainable quality. 


They are highly customizable, so you can keep your brand story intact. It is easy for consumers to recycle it. 


There is a variety of bubble mailers at Arka for our customers. Brands use bubble mailers to ship jewellery, cosmetics, essential oils, skincare products or even books. 


You can find self-adhesive metallic mailers with a shiny exterior for a luxury feel. Since they are light in weight and do not take up space, they are ideal for shipping items in bulk. 


Do not worry about customization, as we take care of it. 


Since bubble mailers are light in weight, they do not add to the shipping costs. Moreover, you can save a lot in other ways too. For instance, if your customer is dissatisfied, they can return the mailer by sealing them quickly. 


It helps reinforce the brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on your customers. 


Being environmentally friendly makes our product stand apart from traditional bubble mailers. Since bubble wraps take longer to decompose and sometimes do not, our compostable bubble mailers are eco-friendly. 


Our mailers offer an eco-friendly packaging option that you cannot find in plastic wraps. It provides cushioning needed for safe delivery, and brands prefer to utilise this packaging material since it is a more sustainable option. 


So, for these reasons, our compostable bubble mailers are better than the traditional plastic wrap that harms the planet. 

Are Honeycomb Mailers Better than Plastic Bubble Mailers? 

Yes, honeycomb mailers are better than plastic bubble mailers. 


Honeycomb kraft paper is an effective solution to packaging that is durable and an excellent alternative to plastic wraps. They are made with kraft paper materials and inspired by honeycomb core. It feels like an inside of a beehive. 


Following are some advantages of using this eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap. 


You might be wondering how a paper wrap roll can be rigid. 


Well, the answer lies in the honeycomb structure. 


It has a web of sheets, and its formulation is the same as the steel I-beam used in construction and civil engineering, making it a strong material. 


The protective packaging keeps the product safe so you can have happy customers. They are rigid, and the adhesive is strong, making them suitable for shipping items. 


It is light in weight, which helps companies reduce shipping costs. They keep the shipment safe and help you deliver the product safely. Unlike plastic wraps, the companies also seek the benefits of its eco-friendly design. 


Plastic wraps are also light in weight, but they are hard to recycle and not eco-friendly, which leaves a wrong impression. Since customers lean more towards eco-friendly packaging, businesses must make the shift.


Online shopping has become popular since the pandemic. Businesses strive hard to provide a great online retailing experience. For online sales, online stores should invest in lightweight packaging that is sustainable and customizable. 

Protective packaging 

The kraft paper wrapping has a lined cushioning that keeps fragile items safe. Businesses strive hard to keep their product safe and use protective cushioning wrap rolls to serve the purpose. 


You can use our mailers to ship apparel, cosmetics, glass bottles, droppers, pictures, frames, mirrors, kitchenware, etc. They keep the product safe without compromising branding. 

100% recyclable 

Kraft padded mailers by Arka are made from recycled paper and FSC-certified honeycomb that are compostable and curbside recyclable. 


The honeycomb paper interior provides a protective layer, and its rigid structure comes from recycled paperboard. They are durable and waterproof; consumers can dispose of them in curbside pickup. 


Since it is made with recyclable material, it is 100% recyclable making it a sustainable packaging material for online businesses. It is also perfect for brands looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions for their customers. 


The amount spent on manufacturing the honeycomb paper is cost-effective as it requires less paper and thus less expense. 


In addition to this, the overall shipping and handling fee with less storage space also helps companies save more. For this reason, it has become a preferred packaging material for many brands. 


Eco-friendly packaging is pertinent for the success of the e-commerce business model. Traditional bubble mailers are not sustainable, making them a poor packaging material choice. Using Arka’s compostable bubble mailers gives you a better alternative to plastic mailers. 


Green packaging like honeycomb and compostable bubble mailers will help you attract more customers and save the environment. If you are looking for eco-friendly packaging alternatives, let Arka help you. We have a wide variety of sustainable packaging. 


What is an eco-friendly alternative to bubble mailers?

Following are some eco-friendly alternatives to bubble mailers: 

  • Arka’s compostable bubble mailer
  • Honeycomb paper mailer
  • Kraft paper
  • Recyclable Bio PE vacuum bag
  • Recyclable Bio PE standup pouch
  • Blank mailer
  • Blank poly mailer 


What are traditional bubble mailers or plastic bubble mailers? 

Traditional plastic or plastic bubble mailers are made with polyethene, a durable plastic film that can decompose over a long time. They are not biodegradable or eco-friendly. Heavy use of chemicals and potential pollution makes them unsuitable packaging materials. 


Is honeycomb paper better than bubble wrap?

Yes, honeycomb paper is better than traditional bubble wrap. Honeycomb paper is a sustainable choice of packaging, while traditional plastic bubble wrap is not eco-friendly. 

Is honeycomb paper recyclable?

Yes, honeycomb paper is recyclable. Arka’s honeycomb kraft paper is made from recycled paper and FSC-certified honeycomb. They are compostable and curbside recyclable. 

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