Arka's Inclusive Packaging Solutions For A Successful Packaging Line

Packaging is important for protecting products and creating memorable brand experiences in the changing world of e-commerce.  With packaging solutions, brands have found means to fulfill their packaging needs. 

Packaging for customers is the first touch-point. Nobody likes to open an overly taped box. Pulling out scissors every time clam-shell packaging arrives at the doorstep is frustrating. A significant design flaw can frustrate your buyers and make your product inaccessible. 

In recent years, the concept of inclusivity in packaging design has gained significant traction. A human-centric design has gained popularity, enabling e-commerce businesses to stay relevant and build customer loyalty. 

According to a June 2020 survey, 42% of responding Americans wanted to see more racial diversity in advertising. 

A packaging design has moved beyond the aesthetics and functionality purpose. It now also focuses on accessibility and inclusivity. It appeals to a broader audience and meets their diverse needs and preferences. 

This blog post will explore the importance of inclusive packaging and its relevance for e-commerce businesses. We will explore how inclusive design can help companies reach more people and talk about how inclusive packaging improves brand image.

1. What is Inclusive Packaging?

2. Why Inclusivity is Important for E-commerce?

Broad Customer Base
Legal Compliance
Positive Brand Image
Customer Experience
Reduced Returns and Complaints
Market Expansion
Global Competitiveness

3. Arka Approach to Inclusive Packaging Solutions

Biodegradable materials: Commitment to sustainability
Adaptive design: Ensuring accessibility for all
Assistive Features: Aiding Accessibility
Cultural sensitivity: A global approach
User feedback: A collaborative journey
Different religious backgrounds: Respecting beliefs
Festive packaging: Celebrating together

4. Case Studies: Leading the Way in Inclusive Packaging

5. Conclusion

What is Inclusive Packaging?

Inclusive packaging respects and includes people from different cultures, religions, and social backgrounds. It is when product packaging is designed and presented in a way that considers these differences. 

The goal is to make packaging that is respectful and inclusive of different religious and cultural beliefs. It should be easy to understand, not offensive, and attractive to many different people.


Inclusive packaging design considers the needs and preferences of consumers. It ensures that the packaging is accessible and attractive to a wide range of people. 


Before we dive into the specifics of inclusive packaging, it is essential to understand the broader concept of inclusive design. 


Inclusive design aims to make things accessible to many people, regardless of age, ability, or background. The innovative solutions of a packaging company help brands create a seamless unboxing experience. 


In e-commerce packaging, inclusive design principles can be applied to various aspects, including shape, size, color, and materials. 


By adopting these principles, businesses can design packaging accommodating diverse customers, ultimately increasing their appeal and accessibility.

Why Inclusivity is Important for E-commerce?

Creative packaging solutions serve as a means of communication with a broader audience. The approach within the packaging industry is shifting from prioritizing aesthetics to giving the designs a meaningful voice. 


Inclusivity is a journey that requires consistent action to form a tangible solution and lasting impression. From personal care products to packaging bulky items, brands should create custom packaging solutions with inclusivity at its core. 


Here is why inclusivity is essential for e-commerce businesses. 


Broad Customer Base

E-commerce businesses serve a global and diverse customer base. Inclusive packaging ensures that products are accessible and appealing to a wide range of consumers, regardless of their abilities, cultural backgrounds, or preferences. 


It can lead to a more extensive customer base and increased sales.

Some laws and regulations in many regions require businesses to provide accessible packaging to people with disabilities. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to legal consequences. 


Inclusive packaging helps e-commerce companies stay compliant with these laws.

Positive Brand Image 

E-commerce companies prioritizing inclusive packaging demonstrate their commitment to diversity and social responsibility. This positive brand image can enhance a company's reputation and attract socially conscious consumers. 

Customer Experience

Inclusive packaging improves the overall customer experience. It ensures that customers of all backgrounds and abilities can easily receive, open, and use the products they order. It leads to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Reduced Returns and Complaints

Inclusive and user-friendly packaging reduces the likelihood of customers receiving damaged products or experiencing difficulties opening packages. This, in turn, lowers the rate of returns and customer complaints, saving e-commerce businesses time and money.

Market Expansion

By embracing inclusive packaging, e-commerce companies can tap into niche markets that are underserved by other businesses. For example, offering products with Braille labels or eco-friendly packaging companies can reach customers with specific needs or preferences.


Inclusive packaging can also align with sustainability goals. Eco-friendly packaging materials and designs minimize waste and appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.  It focuses on sustainability and drives e-commerce businesses toward more responsible practices.


Sustainability or reusable packaging is one of the means to impart a positive brand image. It also helps build trust and loyalty among customers who appreciate a brand's commitment to inclusivity.

Global Competitiveness

In the highly competitive e-commerce landscape, businesses that invest in inclusive packaging can gain a competitive edge. Meeting the diverse needs of customers can set a brand apart from competitors and help attract a larger market share.


Arka Approach to Inclusive Packaging Solutions 


In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, businesses continually search for innovative ways to connect with a broader and provide a branded experience. A vital aspect of this endeavor is packaging.


Arka is an industry leader in North America. We have stepped up to provide businesses with customized inclusive packaging solutions that are eco-friendly and cater to a broad and diverse customer base. 


Arka understands that inclusive packaging is the key to success in the modern marketplace. Here is how we are making a significant impact with our customized inclusive packaging solutions:

Biodegradable materials: Commitment to sustainability

Arka understands the urgency of adopting sustainable packaging solutions. With biodegradable materials, we aim to reduce waste and minimize environmental pollution. 


Our commitment to sustainability is not just a buzzword but an integral part of our product line, setting us apart in the industry.

Adaptive design: Ensuring accessibility for all

Arka's expertise extends beyond prototyping– we create adaptive and user-friendly packaging. Whether customers have physical limitations or specific cultural preferences, Arka's designs ensure everyone can access and appreciate their products. 


Our focus on adaptive design extends to corrugated packaging, folding cartons, and reusable packaging, providing small businesses and large corporations with tailored solutions that cater to a diverse customer base.

Assistive Features: Aiding Accessibility

Going beyond conventional packaging, Arka incorporates assistive features that enhance user experience. Pronounced labels, easy-to-read fonts, and ergonomic designs are just a few examples of how Arka makes life easier for individuals with diverse needs. 


This commitment to inclusivity extends to all stages of the packaging life cycle, from design to production.

Cultural sensitivity: A global approach

Arka recognizes that we live in a culturally diverse world. Our packaging solutions are designed with cultural sensitivity in mind. 


We use colors, symbols, and language that resonate with specific cultural groups, ensuring that packaging is inclusive and deeply appreciated by consumers from diverse backgrounds.


 This approach makes Arka's solutions suitable for a global audience.


User feedback: A collaborative journey

Arka values user feedback like no other. Actively seeking customer input, we use this valuable feedback to fine-tune the designs. 


The user-centric approach ensures that packaging not only meets but often exceeds the needs and preferences of our customers, helping businesses create a stronger connection with their audience.

Different religious backgrounds: Respecting beliefs

  • Inclusivity in packaging considers consumers' religious beliefs and strives to avoid offensive or insensitive designs or messages. Arka uses a packaging design that does not offend people with different religious beliefs. 
  • For instance, it is vital to consider using certain symbols or imagery that might conflict with the beliefs of specific religious groups. Such considerations show respect for the diverse customer base and help build a positive brand image.

Festive packaging: Celebrating together

  • Many religious communities celebrate various festivals and holidays throughout the year. Brands can be inclusive by offering unique packaging designs or limited-edition products that align with these celebrations. 
  • For example, packaging related to Diwali, Christmas, Ramadan, or Hanukkah can make customers from these religious backgrounds feel recognized and appreciated.

Arka's customized inclusive packaging solutions add the efficiency that many businesses seek. Whether you require stock packaging or completely customized solutions, Arka's industry experience and commitment to inclusivity have you covered.


Case Studies: Leading the Way in Inclusive Packaging

Several brands have successfully embraced inclusive packaging, setting examples for the industry:

Apple's commitment to accessibility is evident in its packaging design. They use tactile elements, like raised lettering and easy-to-open boxes, making their products more accessible to individuals with visual or motor impairments. This approach has earned them recognition for their inclusive design practices.


Olay North America launched the "Easy Open Lid," a prototype developed in collaboration with and for individuals with disabilities. It paved the way for inclusive skincare packaging. 


Kellogg is known for its commitment to language inclusivity. They provide packaging in multiple languages, ensuring their products are accessible to non-English-speaking customers. This approach has helped them expand their global reach.


Kellogg has pledged to integrate NaviLens codes into all its U.S. corporate facilities by 2023, enhancing accessibility and navigation for blind and low-vision employees. 


The company has successfully implemented these codes in its global corporate headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan.


Inclusivity in packaging is essential for fostering goodwill and respect among customers from different religious backgrounds and abilities. With inclusive packaging solutions, brands can appeal to a broader consumer base and establish themselves as socially responsible organizations. 


Arka is much more than just a packaging company. Our focus on inclusivity in packaging ensures that your products stand out in the market and positively impact the world. Work with us for a more sustainable, respectful, and inclusive packaging design for your products.

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